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Rapid digestibility of the protein.

High digestibility of protein.

German quality.

Whey protein is a type of protein that is derived from liquids in the manufacture of cheese.

Whey protein not only has highest biological value among all other types analogues, but the most rapid and high digestibility. Given all the characteristics of a complete protein contains a full range essential for humans amino acids (it is worth noting that it contains more amino acids (BCAAs) than other sources of protein).

Athlete wanting to quickly and comfortably build muscle, it is vital to maintain a constant positive nitrogen balance and amino acid levels (protein derivatives) in the body. That is why the diet of an athlete, includes 5-6 meals per day, to a greater extent this is problematic because not everyone has so much time on food, in this case, the aid, the athlete will be coming protein shakes, particularly whey protein.

The maximum need of the person with normal level of activity in the protein 1-1.5 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight per day. For athletes, sportsmen or people in Postojna physical activity and especially if the athlete to be on a course of steroids, the body’s need for protein greatly increases from 3 to 4 gr. protein per one kilogram of body weight per day.

To achieve the best possible results while taking whey protein, should take care of the content of zinc in the body. Zinc and chromium tend to increase the effectiveness of insulin, transporting amino acids into your muscles.

Whey protein drink in 4 parts: morning, noon, after workout and before sleep. In the morning he needed to restore the level of amino acids, day – to maintain the balance, after exercise as a means of replenishing your stamina. Before going to sleep need to night your body didn’t need necessary protein.

Any side effects from taking whey protein was observed.

Production: Germany (www.milei.de).

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