Thyroid Liothyronine (T3) 25mcg

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Substance: T3 (liothyronine)

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Thyroid liothyronine (T3) 25mcg from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co (ZPHC) is a hormonal drug, a thyroid product, characterized by a fast and pronounced effect. As a sports doping it is effective for the purposes of enhancing metabolism and burning of fat, so it gets used mainly on the courses of drying. Athletes typically use it in solo and in combination (for optimum effect): combine with steroids, fat burners, peptides.

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Thyroid liothyronine (T3): details of the properties

The active ingredient of the drug is liothyronine. It is a synthetic thyroid hormone, levo isomer triyodtirozina (T3) is bioidentical to its natural counterpart. Liothyronine is characterized by exactly the same as triiodothyronine (T3), positive and side effects.

Like most anabolic steroids, tireoidnye hormones are initially synthesized and developed in the form of pharmaceutical preparations not for sports use. Originally, all this medicine that are still used in traditional medicine. So, liothyronine is prescribed to men and women with hypothyroidism, myxedema, thyroid cancer, hypothyroid obesity, endemic or sporadic goitre.

What action Thyroid liothyronine (T3) has the systematic use in sports purposes? The effect of the drug complex:

Accelerating the metabolism;
Increased heat production;
Fat burning;
Suppression of appetite;
Stimulation of the Central nervous system;
The prolongation of wakefulness;
Increase of capacity.

As a result of multiple laboratory research for medicine and due to long-term practical application in bodybuilding it was found that liothyronine, first, stimulate the growth and development of the body, increasing metabolism and promoting fat burning, and secondly, stimulates the Central nervous system, increasing motor activity and accelerating thought processes.

What due to Thyroid liothyronine (T3) possible side effects? It is a nonsteroidal drug, so the risk of androgenic, estrogenic or progestagenic side effects (from acne to gynecomastia) are completely excluded. On the other hand, in the predisposition of the body and abuse of the probable complications such as tachycardia, fever, anxiety, insomnia, tremor, sweating, dry mouth, and even diarrhea. In other words, before the course it is necessary to exclude the official contraindications, and the application – stick to the recommended dosage. Overdose require symptomatic treatment.

Who can recommend Thyroid liothyronine (T3) 25mcg from ZPHC (Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co)? Athletes of various levels of experience – from beginners to professional sports. However, he remains relatively safe and effective not only for men but also for women in sport. Liothyronine has no androgenic activity, as a consequence, there is no danger of virilization of the female body.

Storage conditions: keep away the drug from children or Pets, keep at temperature not exceeding 25-27 °C. protect from light and moisture.

Thyroid liothyronine (T3): the course and dosage

Thyroid liothyronine (T3) is used in bodybuilding as a fat burner. Usually, it is used in combination with anabolic steroids (up from testosterone Propionate trenbolone Acetate), peptide hormones (from CJC-1295 DAC to the GHRP-6) and a variety of fat burners (from clenbuterol to ephedrine).

The working dosage is selected individually. On average, athletes are not recommended to take more than 100-150 g (4-6 tablets) a day. The norm is 50-100 mcg per day consumed at one meal or divided into equal doses at different times of the day, for example, 25 micrograms in the first and second half of the day.

Note: 25-100 mcg liotironina ≈ 100-400 mcg of thyroxine. The fact that triiodothyronine (T3) is the biologically active form of thyroid hormone, which is produced in minuscule compared to tetrajodtironina (T4) concentrations (20-40% and 60-80%, respectively) and has a major effect.

Contraindications Thyroid liothyronine (T3): hypersensitivity to the active substance and the components in the composition, untreated hyperthyroidism, cachexia, coronary artery disease (ischemic heart disease), untreated adrenal insufficiency, and others. Liothyronine is prescribed with caution in children and older age, diabetes mellitus, tachyarrhythmia, tachycardia, angina, cardiac failure (required correction doses).

Consider the example of a combined course, as the use of Thyroid liothyronine (T3) for sporting purposes. The rate of drying (no longer than 6-8 weeks): liothyronine (50-100 µg / day) Testosterone Propionate (100 mg every 2 days, you can replace Methenolone enanthate – 300-400 mg / week) Oxandrolone (50 mg per day, can be replaced by Turinabol – 40-50 mg per day) clenbuterol (40-120 mcg per day, was escorted by receiving ketotifen).

Thyroid liothyronine (T3): the reviews on the net

As the reviews online characterize Thyroid liothyronine (T3)? Opinion about the drug on the Internet is mainly positive. It is described as relatively safe, and most importantly effective, at least in compliance with the recommendations. They say that the product Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co from China at least not inferior counterparts from other companies.

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Thyroid liothyronine (T3): the purchase and the price

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