Thymosin Beta 4 (Canada Peptides)

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Thymosin Beta 4 is a peptide hormone production of the company Canada Peptides. It is relatively safe and effective for humans. How sports the drug is used mainly in the treatment of injuries and to accelerate recovery (in connection with specificity of action not suited to the role of a stimulant or anabolic). This peptide has no specific sex effect (estrogenic or androgenic), respectively, may without any consequences also be used by men and women in the sport.

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Details about Thymosin Beta 4

The basis of preparation of the same name it is the name of the active substance (thymosin beta 4; also TB-500; laboratory cipher RGN-352). It is a synthetic analogue of the natural peptide hormone which is found in all animals, including human, cells. It is characterized by a predominantly cathodic action.

Thymosin Beta 4 initially is drug. Drugs of this peptide are widely used in traditional medicine to accelerate the healing of injuries and other damages, which are formed on the background of weakening of the body (official indications may vary). TB-500 is also popular in veterinary medicine: it was used as a doping racehorses, and not only. Despite popular belief, the fact that its application can be confirmed by liquid chromatography.

For the first time thymosin beta 4 was obtained by selection from the extract of the thymus (animal and human body), but today it often is recombinant.

What is the effect of the drug? First and foremost, the action leads to:

● Accelerate recovery of muscle, skin, ligaments, and joints;
● Angiogenesis, respectively, improving nutrition of the muscles;
● The mitigation and elimination of inflammatory processes;
● To improve the mobility of joints, stretch ligaments;
● Treatment and rehabilitation of the nervous system.

And in addition can be recorded: an increase in the secretion of luteinizing hormone, consequently, increased synthesis of testosterone; and enhancing the sensitivity of tissues to insulin. It is also established that the preparations of thymosin beta 4 are cardioprotectors, reducing the risk of myocardial infarction and restoring it (myocardium), even after ischemia.

Thymosin Beta 4 has a pronounced reparative potential in many tissues of the human body. On the other hand, since it has no proven anabolic or androgenic effect, use it for bodybuilding, for example, in order to gain muscle mass and increase strength, is unreasonably (at least in solo). This is a restorative drug!

How to use Thymosin Beta 4?

There are 3 popular regimens that allow effective use of Thymosin Beta 4:

1. Download – for 1 month in a loading dosage (2-6 mg per week), breaking it down into several similar injections on different days (say, 1-3 mg Tuesday and Saturday).
2. “Support” in 1-2 months of maintenance dosage (2-4 mg per week), also breaking it down into several similar injections on different days (say, 1-2 mg Tuesday and Saturday).
3. “Download/support” – within 2-3 months, for example, starting with a loading dose (10 mg per week) for the first 5-6 weeks to support dosage (not more than 10 mg a month) over the remaining time.

In other words, workers dose, frequency and duration of use are selected individually, it is impossible to select the ideal way that would fit everyone.

How to build a Thymosin Beta 4? First, cool the bottle to room temperature. Second, slowly inject the sterile liquid for injection, so it gently pours down the side of the bottle. Third, carefully place the resulting solution, but do not shake (or put it on some time in the refrigerator, without interfering in the process of dissolution).

Note: supplied with Thymosin Beta 4 (for orders of 5 bottles) are not only a box with the instruction manual, but bacteriostatic water (10ml). It is a sterile liquid preparation for injection, which most other solvents recommended in addition to the peptides. If necessary, you can use the analog, for example, physiological saline (sodium chloride 0.9%). It allows you to freeze divorced Thymosin Beta 4 for up to 30 days. Without freezing the liquid peptide remains stable at about 8 days. All this, if they complied with the conditions of storage, otherwise degradation of the drug will be much faster.

Where do I put this? Typically, injections are performed intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Thymosin Beta 4 is intended for parenteral use, oral is not used.

Important: this peptide is almost peculiar side effect. Even the systematic introduction of several doses exceeding recommended, there was not one really serious side effect. Rumors attributed to drug Thymosin Beta 4 carcinogenic properties. However, according to the study, Tang MC, Chan LC, the worst they can act as a mediator or a marker of the tumor, but not its cause!

Reviews about Thymosin Beta 4

As the reviews describe Thymosin Beta 4 (Canada)? To sum up, it is positive at least, of such a nature have a message of local athletes. There are such opinions as: “Taking on the course with the deck, to treat joints, very helpful”, “Really felt that the movement became easier. It is at least a signal that the peptide works,” “I won’t speak for everyone, but he never saw that thymosin someone not logged in”, and many others.

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