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Testosteron-C BodyPharm is a strong steroid drug with prolonged action, which can be effectively used in sports practice as a doping means. Has a strong effect and is recommended for athletes to achieve muscle mass, increase stamina, growth, strength and other characteristics important in the sport improvements.

The steroid can also be effectively used for medical purposes. Identical preparations in this area are regularly appointed in violation of the functions of the reproductive system, sexual underdevelopment, in a period of male menopause, in the treatment of acromegaly and hypertrophy of the prostate in men. Reception with care can be prescribed and women, particularly at menopause (if there is development of vascular or neurological disorders), ovarian cancer and even cancer of the breast.

Properties Testosteron-C BodyPharm

The active ingredient of the drug is the most popular abroad, the air of testosterone – Testosterone Cypionate. Among the local athletes, the demand is also quite high, but definitely not the same as in the US and other Western countries where it is among the most common and popular steroids on the market. In properties it is most similar to testosterone enanthate, they can be called interchangeably.

Testosteron-C, providing the effect capable of providing multiple important for the athlete to improve. First and foremost, it promotes significant muscle mass and also improving endurance and strength using. Other significant effects should be allocated to the stimulation of regenerative processes, the effect of pumping, improving vitality and increasing desire to train, decrease or eliminate joint pain. The course may increase libido.

This steroid drug is a powerful anabolic and androgen, both activity are high: the anabolic activity is exactly 100% of endogenous testosterone, androgenic – 100% of testosterone. The validity of the inherent long – about 15-16 days after the injection, so there is no need in high frequency applications. The half-life of about 6-8 days.

Can Testosteron-C 250 mg cause side effects? There are some risks. So, due to the relatively high androgenetic may appear relevant side effects, such as greasy skin or pimples acne. Because of aromatization, in turn, may experience excessive water retention and a predisposition symptoms of gynecomastia. Probable is the decrease of the own making testosterone.

Testosteron-C 250 in connection with what effect, it is recommended to apply primarily to men. Women are not advised because of the risk of masculinization. Female athletes who use this drug may experience skin changes and body shapes of male type, rising tone of voice, body hair and other symptoms virilnoe syndrome.

If you wish to explore further the properties of the drug, we recommend to visit our Forum, which presents a detailed description of the active substances of the courses and the overall sports pharmacology. Here You will be able to obtain the necessary information.

In conclusion we will add that Testosterone-C should be stored at room temperature in a dry place (do not expose to extreme temperatures, light and moisture). The drug must be kept out of reach or hidden from children and Pets.

Course Testosteron-C BodyPharm

In sports, this steroid drug can be used effectively on massonary courses. For use it is recommended not only in strength sports but in many other disciplines, if necessary pronounced muscle growth and increase strength.

The recommended dosage Testosteron-C may vary depending on the needs and experience applying, but the average is about 250-500 mg per full week. Accordingly, the concentration of active ingredient You will need 1-2 ml of the drug for the specified week dosage. Experienced athletes can use a few large doses – around 750 mg per week. Abuse of the drug is able to shift its action to the side side effects.

The average duration of steroid use, that is, the duration of the course is about 8 weeks. Injections on the course are usually performed 1-2 times a week.

In sport the course Testosteron-C BodyPharm often performs in combination with other steroids. To improve results it can be combined effectively with a variety of steroid, starting and ending Boldenone nandrolone Decanoate. The choice of a particular ligament AAS can be influenced by many factors, first and foremost is the experience of the athlete, his goals and available finances.

Thus, the use of Testosteron and C methandienone is one option for achieving a quick set of muscle mass. In conjunction with nandrolone it is possible to achieve a pronounced muscular growth. In combination with stanozolol this drug can be used for quality muscle growth and fat burning. There are many other popular combination of courses is effective.

To spend the use of Testosteron-C BodyPharm an effective way may require the advice of experienced athletes. If You really need the advice of a qualified, then be sure to visit our Forum. Here You can get answers of the consultants AthleticPharma to questions.

Reviews about Testosteron-C BodyPharm

The opinion of the athletes who have already used a particular drug, a highly regarded, since the official instructions for use of pharmacology in sport does not exist, and you have to rely on the experience of “colleagues” to learn the strengths and weaknesses of pharmacy, working dosage and other important details.

A reliable source where you can study reviews about Testosteron-C BodyPharm, leave your opinion and chat with other athletes, is our Forum. Here you can quickly register without spending two minutes to find the desired theme and the desired information of interest to the pharmacological means.

If you talk about what are the reviews on Testosteron-C, they are mainly positive and describe it as a pretty good drug. In other words, this Testosterone Cypionate, which when properly used will provide him the due effects, from muscle growth to improve General vitality.

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