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Brand: Golden Dragon
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Substance: Testosterone Cypionate

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Testoged-C 1ml (Golden Dragon) is an anabolic and androgenic steroid, which has a sufficiently powerful effect, and most importantly, gets wide use in bodybuilding. At its heart is the active substance Testosterone Cypionate is that it is possible to understand the title. It represents the effective power and masonary drug.

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The features of the drug

Testoged-C (1ml) properties and dagadarthi is a potent steroid hormone. The origin of this testosterone ester in oil-based parenteral doses (intramuscular injection).

Testosterone Cypionate has a long history of use in Amateur and professional sports. But few know that initially it as a direct analogy, from short to prolonged testosterone Propionate testosterone enanthate, is designed specifically as medicines. And most of them still remain relevant in traditional medicine (androgen insufficiency, impotence, growth retardation, osteoporosis and some other indications). They are indispensable for the hormonal replacement therapy (HRT).

Next, point by point:

First, the effect Testoged-C 1ml. He in a short time it has anabolic, anti-catabolic and androgenic effect, resulting in such improvements as the recruitment of muscle mass, increase endurance, enhance recovery, increase strength, strengthen the skeletal system, increased libido and increased appetite, as well as leading to the development of primary and secondary male sexual characteristics. Objectively, this is the most important for men and athletes results of the drug.

Second, side effects Testoged-C 1ml. Their character can be androgenic or estrogenic. In particular probable: increased aggression, acne, water retention, fat accumulation, insomnia, gynecomastia, hair loss, decreased libido or testicular atrophy. But, if you follow the recommendations (dose, frequency, duration), the pronounced side effects are unlikely to have an effect. And with heavy course you can always connect Anastrozole (1mg Citalopramhydrobromid or equivalent), Mesterolone (Provimed or equivalent) and Gonadotropin (Profasi 2500 IU or equivalent) to minimize the risks.

Thirdly, the conditions of storage Testoged-C 1ml. The whole vial must be protected from children and Pets (for their safety) and store in a dark and dry place (temperature not higher than room temperature). Other conditions secondary.

Steroid course

Testosterone Cypionate is one of the most popular steroid hormone among foreign bullies, but local athletes every year it is getting more and more popular and in high demand. However, some of its application is still difficult. We will help you to understand this question.

Who can recommend Testoged C 1ml? Novice or experienced with sports pharmacology in athletes, for which the main objective is the increase of muscle and development of muscular strength. Potentially the drug is effective in any physical sport, bodybuilding starting and ending with hockey.

What dose is needed? Effective dosage of testosterone Cypionate is chosen individually. It is necessary to consider such factors as the tolerability of the active substance and age. Average dose for men is 400 to 800 mg per week, equivalent to 2-4 ampoules a week. And women are the testosterone esters is contraindicated because they have too high androgenic activity. Even a low dosage can cause for female virilization (deepening of the voice, sweating, hypertrophy of the clitoris and some other symptoms).

What frequency is optimal? The drug has a long half-life, therefore, does not require regular injections. Typically, to obtain high-quality results is 2 injections a week, for example, 200 mg (1 ampoule) on Monday and Friday.

In turn, the duration of the course Testoged C 1ml can reach up to 8-12 weeks (plus 2-3 weeks to withdraw from a course and 3-4 weeks for post-cycle therapy, if necessary). For sporting purposes it is not actually used in solo, and conduct combined courses of varying difficulty. The synergistic effect of several active substances allows to achieve results much faster and safer than abuse of a single drug.

Give 2 examples of combinations:

● Testoged-C (1ml, Golden Dragon) with methandienone in tablets or capsules (Anabol 15 and analogues), – simple power and masonary course, which is designed for beginners with sports pharmacology in athletes.

● Testoged-C (1ml, Golden Dragon) with oxymetholone tablets or capsules (Androlic or equivalent) and methenolone enanthate (Primobolan Depot 10ml or equivalent) – extremely powerful power and massoniana combination.

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Customer reviews

Steroid profile indicates that we have a pretty powerful and relatively safe drug: anabolic index of 100% of endogenous testosterone, an androgenic index of 100% of endogenous testosterone; half – life is 5 to 7 days, the full action – 2 to 3 weeks, detection time from 3-4 months; aromatization Yes, high decrease in synthesis of testosterone, Yes, strong; progestogenic activity – no, no; hepatotoxicity – no, no.

Reviews about Testoged-C (1ml, Golden Dragon) directly confirm this. From customers, he gets mainly positive reviews. Of course, if you try, you can find negative opinions. But, as a rule, they are the consequence of errors that were made in the preparation or conduct of the course. Testosterone Cypionate is a favorite of many sports steroid. With appropriate quality to compare is not every similar.

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