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Tamoxifen was the “North Star” belongs to the group of anti-estrogen drugs. It blocks estrogen receptors, preventing the appearance and development of tumors, in particular, symptoms and gynecomastia in men.

The effect of the substance includes restoring testosterone production, obstruction of fluid accumulation and decrease “bad” cholesterol.

Tamoxifen company North Star

The active substance was developed in 1971 and became the first representative of the class selective modulators of estrogen receptors. Currently, manufacturers are producing tablets for medical use in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer in women and men. The structure of the drug is a nonsteroidal substance derived triphenylethilene with a complex structure.

The value of tamoxifen (10mg/tab, tab 40) from North Star may vary greatly, but in our store it is always available. The drug is notable for a high oral bioavailability, well absorbed in the stomach and reaches maximal blood concentrations in 2 peak. The first peak occurs in the first 1-6 hours after ingestion, the second approximately 24-48 hours. In General, the circulation of the drug in the blood reaches the large span of time, he appears within a few weeks depending on the dose.

Tamoxifen side effects the “North Star” is quite rare, more or less pronounced. It should be noted that the side effects are observed in all drugs-class selective modulators of estrogen. The main impact we have on the endocrine system but does not manifest any androgenic or antiandrogenic effect.

For men side effect may be to reduce the testicles, prostate and seminal vesicles, which may result with prolonged use of the drug to impotence and infertility. Pills can cause liver, reduce the levels of glucose and leukocytes, cause stagnation of bile. Most of the side effects are likely only if a large overdose. So athletes who observe the recommendations, with a small probability to face serious violations.

In the domestic cities to buy Tamoxifen and easy with our online store, and indeed the analogs of the drug widely represented, so each buyer will surely find yourself the most suitable product. It is important to remember that this antiestrogen does not stop the aromatization process, but blocks the estrogen receptors, so that the free estrogens are unable to join them. So, converted into estrogen Testosterone remains in the blood and could cause some backlash, which in some cases is fraught with consequences.

This Tamoxifen is as effective as the counterparts, he is indirectly responsible for stimulation of fat burning process. Often athletes use it directly before a competition, adding their muscle dryness (density and prominence).

Tamoxifen was the “North Star” in bodybuilding

The drug is widely distributed among bodybuilders, powerlifters and weightlifters. This is due to the fact that many steroid courses cause aromatization process, which leads to edema, gynecomastia, and other troubles.

Using Tamoxifen is manufactured by North Star, in bodybuilding, the athletes are working to prevent side effects or eliminate already appeared the occurrence. The drug is an integral part of most steroid courses. Many of the reviews of athletes in bodybuilding and confirm that the drug dries the muscles, gives an additional elasticity and rigidity, while not showing on the tests. Another reason for the use of such tools in the bodybuilding is its ability to return to normal production of natural testosterone, which decreases dramatically after a course of anabolic steroids (many, but not all).

Daily dosage begins with 10 to 20 mg and may reach 30-40 mg. the Issue of selection of dose is individual. As the duration of reception, this parameter largely depends on the severity of the current policy and status of the host.

Tamoxifen North Star: reviews

The drug has a deservedly good reputation as an antiestrogen, preventing the side effects of steroids. Athletes who ignore them subsequently forced to turn to surgeons to address problems with gynecomastia. While the responses of athletes who took the drug, noted the absence of any side effects associated with aromatization of the steroids and their conversion into estrogens.

Our website features a Forum where feedback about Tamoxifen “North Star” leave the real people and experienced sportsmen. You can personally communicate with the authors opinions and learn more of their experience of treatment. Also on the Forum there are specialists ready at any time to answer questions.

If You need a course of steroids, reviews on tamoxifen company North Star will help You to ensure its effectiveness. Do not neglect or disregard treat potential side effects of steroids. Besides, some athletes found individual response to even the most light on steroids.

You can leave your comments about tablets on the Forum, if you have already had the experience of their application. Your comments will be especially interesting to novice athletes or fans, only decide on their first steroid course.

The reviews in General characterise Tamoxifen (the North Star) as a fine-estrogen, is safe in reasonable doses. He just needs those who do not want to worry about the appearance of gynecomastia and related side effects.

Tamoxifen (North Star): prices

In various pharmacies and online stores cost of the drug may differ materially. Our online store offers the best price on the farm, with minimal mark-up. A large number of intermediaries sellers of drugs usually leads to the fact that the cost of products becomes high. We work directly with manufacturers or their direct suppliers, so can provide affordable rates for athletes of almost any income.

The price of Tamoxifen tablets from the company North Star (North Star) in our online shop does not change, and if it does, it is only beneficial to the client side. Plus, when you make a large order, Your cost of goods can become more profitable due to the action of discount (bonuses from gifts to discounts of 20%).

Choosing where to buy a drug, pay attention to the reputation of the seller. Too low prices drugs are a symptom of poor preparation.

Where to buy Tamoxifen from North Star?

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