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Strombaged tablets is an effective drug steroid with high anabolic activity and moderate androgenic activity, which is a oral form of stanozolol. The drug can be effectively applied in sports practice, for example, in athletics or bodybuilding, with the aim of improving muscular strength, endurance, burning fat and getting quality muscles.

Production Strombaged tablets 10 mg does Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer, recently appeared on our market. The GD product range is quite wide, from testosterone to injectable methandienone for oral administration. The company’s products are in good demand among Russian athletes.

Pills Strombaged and their properties

The active substance of this tool is the steroid Stanozolol. It is an anabolic that was developed in the mid-20th century (in 1962-m to year) company Winthrop Laboratories presumably for therapeutic application. Note that structurally Stanozolol is a derivative of testosterone modified to increase anabolic properties and reduced androgenic properties. It has a 320-percent anabolic activity and 30 percent of the androgenic activity of endogenous testosterone.

Pills Strombaged, based on the steroid (Stanozolol) can have a unbearable help the athlete in improving athletic performance. Their correct reception, combined with appropriate exercise and nutrition, can lead to significant improvements in physical form and even strengthen the athlete’s body:

• Development of strength (explosive power);

• Increased stamina of the athlete;

• Improving the quality of the muscles (increasing the prominence of muscles);

• Pronounced fat burning effect;

• The removal of excess fluids from the body;

• Increase in appetite without false feelings of hunger.

It is important to say that the action Strombaged tablets fast enough. The activity of the drug are usually felt almost immediately after the start of treatment and at the end of the course gives a pronounced improvement. However, this reality is long. The period of its activity was about 8 hours since the last consumption of pills/tablets. Therefore, to achieve the desired effect of taking the drug is recommended on a daily basis.

It should also be noted that Strombaged 10mg is able to be not only useful, but also a certain side effects. In particular, athletes that use this steroid remedy, you may experience high blood pressure or increased cholesterol levels in the blood, and also stanozolol oral toxicity to the liver.

In conclusion: in the framework of sports pills Strombaged can effectively use not only men, but women as well. That’s just athletes are recommended to receive only a small dosage. The girls should not exceed the daily dose in 5-10 mg, otherwise you may give to know the signs and even the side effects of virilization, including: changing the shape of the body, improving oily skin, body hair, face and body.

And one more thing: the possession of such pharmacological agents as a precaution should be out of the reach of children and Pets. Securely hide it, and keep at room temperature in a dry and dark place.

How to take pills Strombaged

In the framework of the sports (bodybuilding, athletics and other disciplines) this drug can be effectively used to obtain high-quality muscle, burning fat and increasing strength endurance. In this case I can use it not only men but also women. True athletes do not exceed a daily dosage of 5-10 mg of steroid, otherwise you can disturb the effects of virilization.

In turn the recommended for men dosage Strombaged tablets is 10-50 mg daily (respectively 1-5 tablets daily). Make the drug should be on a daily basis because he did not very long duration time – 8 hours. Also note that the courses on the basis of this steroid means lasting on average about 6 full weeks.

Important: a course of tablets Strombaged almost never performed solo. Athletes usually combine the drug with other anabolic androgenic steroids, from testosterone to trenbolone esters. This is done in order to get the best results at the end of the course. Which steroids can be combined with this drug? It all depends on your experience, financial capabilities and objectives.

The rate of application of the steroid compound trenbolone (Tri-Trenabol or a similar drug) could be right up to experienced athletes wishing to achieve drying. Regimen can be selected the following: trenbolone mix about 200 mg per week (5 weeks), Stanozolol 40 mg daily (6 weeks). For post-cycle therapy (7-9 week) Tamoxifen 40 mg per day (also recommended to take Tribulus).

Course Strombaged 10mg Trenbolone Acetate Testosterone Propionate, lasting approximately 6 weeks, can give good results in increasing strength, endurance and burning fat. Take steroids is possible according to this scheme: 50 mg trenbolone Acetate put in a day, 100 mg testosterone Propionate also the day, 40 mg stanozolol daily.

Overall, if You are planning to hold tablets Strombaged, we recommend you to visit our Forum. Here, asking the questions, you can get sensible advice and useful tips from consultants AthleticPharma (this and experienced sports doctor and master of sports in weightlifting, and even a professional trainer in body building).

Reviews about the pills Strombaged

If you want to know about this anabolic means think athletes who have already ordered it and experiencing it in practice, then, again, visit our Forum. As with the recommendations here You will be able to freely communicate with consultants and “peers” who will share their experiences and information they have.

If you read the reviews about Strombaged tablets, we can come to the conclusion that it is quite an effective steroid drug with a pronounced anabolic activity and moderate androgenic activity, which can contribute to improve the quality of muscles, enhance endurance with strength, fat burning and even increase appetite.

Note the reviews about Strombaged tablets 10 mg and that the drug is well suitable for both beginners in the sport, just starting their way and already hardened athletes who do not take experience in the application of sports pharmacology. It goes well with different properties steroid funds, testosterone Propionate trenbolone before, and thus can be usefully applied to athletes of various experience and qualifications.

If the application You are not new, and You already ordered the pills, the opinions about them in this case you can leave on the Forum or in the shop. Also feel free to comment about the service and overall work AthleticPharma. For us, every opinion matters, and if he’s not peppers the rules, then other visitors can’t miss it.

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