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Sibutros is a non – steroidal drug PharmaCom Labs (Pharmacom), effective appetite suppressant during weight loss: directly or indirectly exerts the anabolic and androgenic action, but shows a pronounced anorectic effect. Because he is not specific on the floor by the impact, is considered to be relatively harmless for men as for women.

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Sibutrex 15: description of properties

The drug has an active substance sibutramine. For medicinal purpose is medical the anorectic means of enhancing the feeling of satiety. Refers to a group of medicines used in solo or used in an integrated supportive therapy in overweight: prescribed to patients with a body mass index of 27 kg/m2 with additional risk factors like dislipoproteidemia or diabetes type II, and patients with a body mass index of 30 kg/m2 no additional risk factors.

Structurally Sibutral (sibutramine) has similarities with the class of amphetamine: similar in chemical structure but differs substantially in properties (at least that is not a narcotic drug that causes addiction).

Sibutral is a drug of Central action: is an inhibitor of dopamine reuptake (≈ 16%), serotonin (≈ 53%) and norepinephrine (≈ 54%), as a result of increasing concentration which stimulates the Central and peripheral nervous system, causing saturation and suppresses appetite.

The beneficial effects of Sibutra (subject to recommendations):

• Blocks the presynaptic reuptake monoaminergic mediators in the Central nervous system;

• Increases the level of anorectic and reduces the level orexigenic neuropeptides that are;

• Increases saturation;

• Reduces appetite;

• Activates the sympathetic effects of peripheral nervous system;

• Increases energy consumption.

Side effects of Sibutra (in violation of the recommendations/disposition): anorexia, headache, insomnia, dry mouth, constipation, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and some others. These complications were identified during the placebo-controlled studies sibutramine, the active substance of the drug, and confirmed all its products.

Important Sibutral effective for weight loss due to appetite suppression, but not completely safe. Sibutramine relates to prohibited for free distribution and use of medical facilities: approved by the FDA for the treatment of obesity in 1997 year, but in 2010, the year added to the WADA list of doping substances; therefore, its use in the preparation or during the competition carries a risk of detection and, as a result, disqualification.

Note that in some sources it is reported about the ability of the products sibutramine cause of a mental disorder until the suicidal direction of thinking. But the information is contradictory, and whether her trust is unknown.

Sibutrex 15: a course of tablets

The use of Sibutra (sibutramine) is potentially as effective for easy weight loss and treatment of obesity. But only if the recommended dosage, frequency and length of use of the drug. The abuse of the useful effect of the substance is weakened, and side effects on the contrary increases.

To optimally choose dose of Sibutral individually, according to need and tolerability by the body. The average permitted quantity of about 10 mg per day (2/3 tablets a day), but if necessary it can be increased (≈ 15 mg – 1 pill daily) or reduced (≈ up to 5 mg – 1/3 pill a day).

Treatment Sibutram carry out a long – course of 6-12 months, which is most using fully sufficient to achieve marked progress results with no critical health effects.

The course of Sibutral most effective in conjunction with exercise and a low calorie diet. Upon termination of the management of sports lifestyle the likely return of excess weight. In other words, when you end the pills, the refusal of the workouts and nutrition possible rollback of the achieved results.

Contraindications to the use of Sibutra (sibutramine): mental illness, addiction, cardiovascular disease, closed angle glaucoma, hypersensitivity and children’s age for both sexes; hyperplasia of the prostate in men; pregnancy and lactation – in women; and some others.

To accept Sibutral went without any problems, recommend pre-screened, eliminating the potential consequences, and to consult, receiving individual instruction. With the latest can help Forum of our online store, where visitors meet qualified professionals who are familiar with the use of sports pharmacology: from a master of a dispute in powerlifting to a sports doctor.

Sibutrex 15: customer reviews

This is a fairly new drug in the market of sports pharmacology, however, its active active substance – sibutramine, a well-known domestic and foreign athletes. As clenbuterol it came to the sport from medicine, where it is used for the treatment of diseases of varying severity (but if the latter is assigned in medicine for non-sport purposes, the first is for identical).

Reviews confirm that Sibutrex (Sibutros) is relatively harmless to use in the absence of cardiovascular pathologies. Potential side effects be considered passing: symptoms disappear with time or after stopping the course (without harm to health). Scientists say that a person incurs a higher risk of suffering from excess weight than taking anorexigene.

Ambiguous statements about the alleged narcotic nature of the substance is wrong. This speculation, which arises due to strictly control the distribution and reception of sibutramine due to its popularity as a sports doping. He only structurally similar to narcotic substances (see amphetamines), and is characteristic of anorectic drugs (like lorcaserin).

Sibutrex 15: buy, price

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