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PT-141 – to date, this is the only synthetic aphrodisiac that has a positive impact both on men and on women. In medicine and heavy sports the drug is primarily used in medical and therapeutic purposes to counter sexual dysfunction.

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What is PT-141: a description of the characteristics of the drug

At the core of the peptide is the active substance bremelanotide, a synthetic peptide hormone, developed by the pharmaceutical company Palatin Technologies. Structural and partly on effects of PT-141 is a peptide analog of such funds as Melanotan II. However, unlike the Melanotan, bremelanotide is primarily used to stimulate erection and increase libido, not to maintain and sunbathing. If you give a more precise scientific definition, the drug is a metabolite of Melanotan with no amide C-terminal.

The action of PT-141 has one very important feature, which deprived analogs of this aphrodisiac, namely: it can be freely used by both men and women, regardless of physiological parameters (the only contraindication to use is the age, the drug is not recommended to persons under 18 years of age).

In contrast to this driving force an erection, as Viagra, and other drugs of similar category, the peptide PT-141 is showing its effect not only on the vessels of the genital organs, but also directly on the libido, it improves the quality of sexual life and sexual activity.

Properties of PT-141, a result confirmed in laboratory and clinical research:

• The drug improves the functioning of genitals (heals erectile dysfunction) due to the impact on blood vessels;

• Peptide in the injection provides the increase of sexual activity (treats disorders of libido);

• Causes increased tanning, quality and duration, due to the production of additional melanin melanocytes.

During the initial laboratory and clinical studies the drug was administered intranasale, resulting in a number of subjects who took PT-141 in the form of a spray, there is a serious side effects, particularly high blood pressure. However, since August 2009 began to be tested a new method of injection, injection, eventually proven and the need for the application (when using subcutaneous injections side effects do not occur even during long-term use of the drug).

Drug testing is still going on and it is too early to speak about final results. But, some data has already been confirmed by researchers and not be questioned. It is known that women taking the injections can be made absolutely safe, and moreover with a tangible benefit. The drug is introduced into the female body through injection, causes the same positive effects as in a man’s body.

According to the results, we can conclude that the only disadvantage of PT-141 (bremelanotide) is the inability to freely buy it at the pharmacy (the drug is released only by prescription). However, this is not such a problem, because you can buy it on the Internet. The price of The product also should not be an obstacle, it is considerably lower than that of similar funds. Viagra and the other driving force of erection and sexual activity are at least 2 times more expensive.

Storage PT-141 10mg is quite normal. If we are talking about the period of several months, then keeping closed the drug is needed in a dark and dry place at a temperature of around 4 degrees Celsius. At a temperature of minus 18-20 degrees, the powder can be stored up to several years (for safety the storage temperature is recommended to reduce even more down to minus 40 degrees). Important: shelf life of product is 24 months, during which the peptide can be used without loss of efficiency and without causing harm.

How to take PT-141 effectively?

The introduction of the drug to stimulate erection and enhance sexual activity, though specific, however, will not require from You any special knowledge in medicine or years of experience.

Before to inject PT-141 it is important to understand that the effect of the drug after it is injected is maintained for eight to ten hours. The effect of the drug develops within the first two to three hours, reaches a peak at the fourth hour, and then gradually on the decline.

The dissolution of the drug preparation and injection is no big deal. For starters, before you breed PT-141 should raise the temperature of the vial to room indicators (need half an hour to put it in a dark place outside the refrigerator). Also, before preparation of the solution in the bottle should be let in the air (for a few minutes, he Naseer will not harm the powder, and in solution it has no influence to exert will not). Fluids for injection should be so that it was dripping on the inside of the bottle without falling to powder. To mix the drug to accelerate the process of dissolution is not necessary, put it in the fridge for a while to go by itself.

By itself, the solution, on which to base Your course of peptide PT-141, a rather stable and can be stored in the refrigerator up to 20 days (inclusive), with an average temperature 2 to 4 degrees Celsius (no freezing).

What kind of water for injection to choose? There are several options. In particular, pursuing a policy of PT-141, you can use a bactericidal water, which contains benzene alcohol that destroys bacteria and extends the period of storage of diluted drugs. You can also use plain sterile water for injection or saline (0.9% solution of sodium chloride). The application of the physical solution is justified by the fact that the means obtained with its help is possible to one month to store in the freezer (solution it is recommended to dial into the syringes and then freeze and thaw before use one syringe).

The use of PT-141 made using insulin syringes with a division by 100 units. It is safe and reliable. The injection in most cases are placed subcutaneously, rarely intramuscularly. The optimal single dose for injection varies from 0.5 mg to 1.5 mg to Start taking shots with the minimum recommended dose, if it will be slightly effective, gradually increase the dosage until you get the desired effect on the body. Conduct the course using intranazalnoe the method of administration is not recommended because this method of reception is associated with a risk of side effects.

Reviews about PT-141 as the driving force of the erection

This peptide is a relatively new pharmacological agent. However, its novelty in any case did not affect his popularity. The reviews of this peptide is not difficult to find on the Internet, and they all have positive character.

First and foremost, athletes and ordinary buyers, leaving feedback about the drug, noting its incredible efficiency. In fact, it is almost the only driving force of an erection, the impact of which can have a positive effect on sexual activity.

Write reviews about PT-141 (bremelanotide) not only men but also women. Having studied the opinions of the fairer sex, it can be concluded that this peptide is the first tool on the market, equally well affect the sex life of both men and women.

Do not forget about the secondary effects of the drug. Because, as you say the reviews about PT-141 in bodybuilding, the drug keeps the sun, improving its quality and durability, which is extremely useful for athletes preparing for competitions or demonstrative performances.

Contains reviews about PT-141 and the Forum of our shop. Here, You can easily specify the details of the course of therapy, to learn about its side effects and how it affects the body. To leave a review about the product or about our service can be anyone, so visit the Forum at least in order to ensure our integrity and the quality of drugs on the shelves of our website.

Where to buy PT-141 safely?

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