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The drug is a steroid agent with androgenic activity is mostly used in sports and medical practice for various tasks. In sports, particularly bodybuilding and other disciplines, it is used mainly in the course of AAS to increase the level of free testosterone in the blood and to prevent aromatization related side effects.

Provironos 50 is available under the brand name PharmaCom Labs (China). This is a fairly common and well-known in sporting circles, the underground manufacturer pharmacology, is able to boast an extensive range of products, from various oral and injectable steroids anti-estrogen to actually means.

What is provironos?

The active substance in the basis of this drug is familiar to many athletes, and not just the steroid Mesterolone. It is a derivative of testosterone, which has a sufficiently strong androgenic properties and mild anabolic properties (respectively 150% activity of testosterone and 40% of the activity from the testosterone).

Note that Provironos based on it, like the Mesterolone, is valued by several of its effects, one of which is the promotion of increasing the concentration of free testosterone in the blood (almost no effect on the production of its own testosterone in the body, and it increases free Testosterone). Is this effect due to the inhibition of the activity of SHBG.

The second significant action provironos is the suppression of aromatization. It is known that the drug is good inhibitor of aromatase, preventing the conversion of steroids into estrogen in the male body. Thus, in practice, it can help the athlete to prevent the development of estrogenic side effects (excessive accumulation of fluids, gynecomastia, fat deposition on the female type).

Occur while taking the antiestrogen and other useful effects/properties: it is able to significantly increase libido and improve erectile function, which is useful not only for athletes using AAS, but outside of sports, as well as have a positive impact on the quality of muscles, improving the shape and stiffness of the muscles.

And is it inherent provironos side effects? Some of the side effects when taking can occur. In particular, since it is a very strong androgen, you may let them know of androgenic side effects is acne acne, increased oily skin (greasy skin), excessive hair on face and body.

Important: apply the product to a maximum of 12 weeks, and in severe side effects to cancel the appointment.

On the other hand, tablets Provironos not suppress production of its own testosterone and not toxic to the liver in moderate doses. Which again is a significant advantage for athletes using steroid a means to improve athletic performance and development of the body/physical form.

In conclusion, the descriptions say that the storage tablets should be out of reach of Pets and of course children. Keep the medication securely and keep in a place protected from moisture and light.

How to apply tablet provironos?

Within sports practice, this drug is mesterolone is mostly used by the men. Women use of this tool is not carried out because, firstly, they do not need it, and secondly, there is a risk of manifestation of the effects of virilization (body hair on the body and face, change body shapes according to the type of men, deepening of the voice).

Men in bodybuilding and other disciplines can hold the reception Provironos with great advantage, increasing the level of free testosterone in the blood and prevent the process of aromatization are possible while taking some AAS. Note that in such cases the drug is used mainly during the steroid course (usually starting from the first or second week) at doses from 25 to 100 mg per day. To drink tablets, as a rule, on a daily basis because their activity is about 12 hours.

In some cases, the application provironos can be conducted on drying (when the desired low level of estrogen and high levels of testosterone). In General, the dosage and dosage regimen of the tool is largely dependent on pursuing goals of athletes as well as by the steroid course, and may vary.

By the way, dosing, planning a course of treatment provironos should not cause You problems. The drug is your one-stop the the concentration of active substance of 50 mg per tablet. This means that to receive the recommended dose of 50 mg You will need exactly 1 tablet or half of one for a dose of 25 mg. make a Mistake in the calculations virtually impossible.

If You are planning a year of use, we recommend first to visit our Forum. Here You will be able to get sensible advice and answers to questions, talking to advisers AthleticPharma, including, among other things, includes such experienced and knowledgeable as a coach on bodybuilding and sports doctor.

Provironos (50 tab x 50 mg) reviews

If You are interested in the opinion of the other athletes about this drug, then again, be sure to visit our Forum. Here You can find the latest reviews, to communicate with “peers” and resource consultants who will share their available information. Also on the Forum there are detailed descriptions of many used in sports steroid, antiestrogen, and not only funds, so the lack of information, You will not feel.

If you study the reviews about provironos, you will notice that these pills describe as a good working tool that can help the athlete taking AAS, to increase the level of free testosterone, improve potency, libido, and prevent the formation of side effects associated with aromatization, among them gynecomastia, increased body fat, and undue delay of the liquids in the body.

Note that as the prompt feedback on provironos from Pharmacom labs and dictates practice, it is of paramount importance in the sport are the effects of the drug, promoting it to increase the level of testosterone and blockage of aromatization. As noted above, these are highly appreciated by athletes who use aromatizing and/or lowering the level of testosterone is a steroid, and using this drug during the course.

Also note that if You already bought the antiestrogen, the feedback in this case can leave on the Forum or on its page in the store. It is important for us every opinion, so do not hesitate to speak about the ordered products and the service shop.

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