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Proviron-ver is a predominantly androgenic steroid action, is actively used by athletes, bodybuilders and weightlifters. The immediate effect of the substance is aimed at blocking the aromatase increase free testosterone in the blood and increase the rigidity and topography of the muscles.

Description Proviron-ver: properties and side effects

The active ingredient of the drug is Mesterolone, a derivative of testosterone. A distinctive property of matter was its high androgenic activity, allowing athletes during drying to burn fat more rapidly.

Medical science has, since the 1970s years, explores what Proviron, oral steroid, which from and what is its effect on the human body. The first research was conducted in the field of treatment of depression in men, and were later opened mesterolone anti-estrogen properties and its positive effect in the treatment of infertility in men.

Today in bodybuilding Proviron-ver (50 mg/tab) is the best drug for the purpose of blocking the conversion of steroids into estrogen. So, Mesterolone protects the athlete from negative side effects of anabolic steroids, such as gynecomastia, water retention and fat deposition.

Side effects from Proviron, oral steroid, which, following application method and dosage recommended by the manual, appear only rarely. If you exceed the optimum doses can appear acne, increased greasiness of the skin and increased growth of hair.

Tablets Proviron-ver and its analogs on the active substance do not affect directly the body’s production of testosterone. But the drug is actively working with the globulin that binds sex hormones, and due to this, the concentration of free testosterone in the blood of the athlete increases.

Guide to Proviron-ver propagating with the drug, for the athlete-bodybuilder carries little useful information. Therefore, to obtain all the necessary data about way of taking the drug and the recommended dosages for athletes it is better to seek the help of professionals or athletes with experience. Our Forum contains a lot of information about these pills, here interact and share opinions with many athletes. So if You seriously come to taking steroids and care about your health, do not hesitate to visit us and ask your questions.

It should be noted that the cost of this equipment is not low, and the pharmacy to purchase it without a prescription almost impossible. The perfect solution to this problem is the Internet-shops, where the price of Proviron-ver below and purchase it does is not difficult. In the course of drying Mesterolone would be a good ancillary steroid, which, moreover, will prevent gynecomastia.

This product is completely non-toxic drugs to the liver and does not cause high blood pressure. Its anabolic activity is very low, less than half of the anabolic activity of natural testosterone. After the use of Mesterolone is detected in the blood for two months.

How to take Proviron (, oral steroid, which)

The drug is produced in tablets of 50 mg, his technique is not dependent on the time of day and eating. High androgenic activity makes use of this agent for women is highly undesirable: quickly manifest Vasilissa effects. If the athlete is strongly in need of admission mesterolone, you should limit dosage to 25 mg a day. When the manifestation of side effects, the drug should be discontinued immediately.

In our Forum You can easily learn how to use Proviron-ver men. Thus, experienced athletes recommend, depending on the power of anabolic steroids on the course, the dosage from 25 to 150 or even 200 mg a day. Most athletes are more than enough 50 mg a day, divided into two doses. The duration of the course mesterolone should not exceed 12 weeks.

Course from Proviron, oral steroid, which has the property to increase libido, therefore, it is highly advisable course of steroids reduces the potency or having the effect of deca-dick (Nandrolone, Trenbolone).

For completeness, antiestrogenic effect, you can combine intake of Proviron-ver with tamoxifen. These drugs are not equivalent in their mechanism of action and complement each other. Mesterolone is necessary to use a during the course of steroids, and not after it, as the actions on the secretion of testosterone by the body he has not. The feasibility of using mesterolone in post-cycle recovery therapy is not justified, although often found the opposite opinion.

Course Proviron-ver well be carried out before competitions, as it gives the muscles of the athlete additional relief and stiffness. Thus, starting to take Mesterolone at the second week of the course aromatizers anabolic steroid, athlete will increase the effectiveness of the course and reduce the chance of side effects.

Proviron-ver: reviews

Ideal platform for the study of the opinions serious athletes about this drug is the Forum of our online store. In General, the reviews about Proviron, oral steroid, which, posted on the Forum, noted the high effectiveness of the drug as an androgen and the antiestrogen. Athletes use Mesterolone, do not face problems gynecomastia and low libido. Reading the statements, often there are comparisons with tamoxifen. And Mesterolone wins, largely due to the lower cost and availability.

You haven’t had a Mesterolone or want to leave feedback about Proviron-ver (, oral steroid, which)? Nothing could be simpler: our Forum is open for everyone. Whether You are a beginner or a Pro, You can leave your opinion about drugs and to get acquainted with the views of other athletes.

Reviews about Proviron-ver real people — the main support for the novice athlete in the absence of official information. From them we can deduce the optimal dosage of the drug. It is also important that the Forum has not only statements about this tool and its substance, but also employs professional consultants are always ready to answer any of Your questions.

Where to buy Proviron-ver

In order to buy Proviron, oral steroid, which we do, takes only a few minutes and in no time the drug will be sent to the address specified by You in almost any locality for various domestic countries (details in “FAQ”).

Our online store guarantees high quality of all medicines and full confidentiality of the customer. If you decide to buy Proviron-ver us, You will get the best price on the medication than anywhere else. Our online shop cares about its customers. That’s why we try to purchase the medications directly from manufacturers or through their direct distributors. This allows You to solve the question of where to make the purchase with a minimum mark-up and quality assurance. In addition, we are testing all the drugs and check their effectiveness.

The athlete who wants to protect themselves from the side effects of steroids, buy Proviron, oral steroid, which is a must. It will be a good assistant on the course of anabolic steroids, inhibits the conversion of steroids into estrogen, and will give Your muscles additional terrain and density. With mesterolone You secure victory.

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