Phelibol-100 (10ml)

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Brand: Lyka Labs
Packing: 10 ml (vial)
Substance: Nandrolone Phenylpropionate

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Phelibol-100 (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate) from Lyka Labs (India) is an anabolic steroid that has a fairly quick and relatively mild effect. Its action is primarily aimed at high-quality muscle growth (without excessive water retention or accumulation of excess fat). Therefore, in the iron sport, it is more often used as a basis for drying courses, less often as a component of mass selection courses.

It is important that you can recommend Felibol-100 (10ml) not only to experienced amateurs or sports professionals. It is also a good choice for beginners and even women in sports. True, the latter must adhere to the minimum dosing range to avoid serious problems.

Properties Phelibol-100

Nandrolone as a commercial drug appeared in the middle of the last century. It was first described in 1957 and presented for medical use in 1959 (Phenylpropionate, Decanoate went on sale a few years later). Since then, the steroid has consistently been in high demand, both in traditional medicine and in iron sport. Note that it is peculiar to nandrolone Phenylpropionate and Decanoate esters are analogues. The main difference between them is the ether chain (half-life and duration of action, respectively). The first is a short broadcast, the second is a prolonged steroid.

Characteristics of the drug Phelibol-100: half-life – 2-3 days, the duration of 3-4 days; anabolic effect – about 150% (compared with testosterone), androgenic effect – about 30% (compared with testosterone); progestogenic activity – yes (moderate); aromatization (estrogenic activity) – no or minimal; hepatotoxicity (toxicity to the liver) – no or minimal; decrease in testosterone synthesis – yes (moderate).

Effects of the course Phelibol-100. Confirmed: increased muscle due to hypertrophy, increased strength, increased physical performance, reduced fatigue, burning subcutaneous fat, strengthening the skeletal system, joints and ligaments, enhancing immune defense, anti-inflammatory effect. Due to the nature of the effects, nandrolone esters are widely used as doping agents. To restore and develop physical fitness, they have been used for more than 50 years.

Side Effects of Phelibol-100. Potentially, androgenic, progestogenic or estrogenic side effects may be known: water retention, increased aggression, acne, decreased libido, gynecomastia, baldness, or testicular atrophy. In a difficult course, when a high dosage is used for a long time, the concomitant use of mesterolone (Proviron or other brand) and cabergoline (Dostinex or other brand) may be required to minimize the risks.

Storage conditions Phelibol-100 (10ml): the steroid barrel should be kept closed at a temperature not exceeding room values ​​(in a dark and dry place), protected from children and pets (for their own safety).

Course Phelibol-100

The drug is available with a concentration of the active substance of 100 mg per 1 ml, as indicated by the name, and is intended solely for parenteral use (mainly intramuscular injections). Any other methods of reception are potentially ineffective or unsafe.

The optimal dosage of Felibol-100 (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate) is selected individually, taking into account various factors. Among them: tolerability of the active substance, experience with sports pharmacology, gender and age. If you give the average values ​​(for men), then it is 100 mg, which is set every 2-3 days. That is, to achieve results, the drug requires a systematic introduction.

The duration of the course Phelibol-100 can reach up to 6-8 weeks. Longer steroid is usually not used, for fear of shifting action in the direction of side effects. Yes, and the standard 6-8 weeks in most cases is enough for the manifestation of “phenyl” (slang contraction) of the full spectrum of action.

The main method of taking Phelibol-100 for sports is combined courses. It is no secret that Nandrolone is effectively combined with sports pharmacology of various properties, from steroid hormones to sports fat burners. The only exception is progestogen preparations (Trenbolone, its esters and mixtures of esters, is particularly prominent among the active substances).

Consider a specific example of a combined course:

Felibol-100 (lyka Labs, India), Testosterone Propionate (Testo P or another trademark) and screaming Turinabol (Turanabol or another trademark) for 6-8 weeks. “Phenyl” and “prop” are used throughout the whole cycle, and “turik” is used for no longer than 6 weeks, which is due to its hepatotoxicity. Post-course therapy (for 2-3 weeks) in this case involves taking an estrogen receptor blocker, in particular clomiphene citrate (Clomed or another trademark).

This course pursues the goal of quality muscle growth (without water retention and accumulation of fat), and is designed for beginner or intermediate athletes. Detailed information about the properties, features and combinations of sports pharmacology, see our Forum. Experienced specialists work for visitors there and you can get individual advice.

Reviews Phelibol-100

The drug may be new to lyka Labs, a manufacturing company, but its active ingredient, Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, has been well known to athletes around the world for a long time. Steroid appeared on the pharmaceutical market more than half a century ago and since then has always been in high demand as a drug or doping agent.

What exactly do the reviews say about Felibol-100? If we summarize a few statements, we can conclude that this is a high-quality and working steroid drug. It shows itself perfectly as a basis for drying courses, and is also effectively used as a component of mass preparation courses. Here a lot depends on the tasks of a specific pitching. By itself, “Phenyl” has a complex effect, therefore it is widely used for various tasks.

As well as individual consultation, you can get detailed reviews on the Forum.

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