PharmaDro-P 100

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Packing: 10 ml (vial)
Substance: Drostanolone Propionate

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PharmaDro-P – is a steroid of the anabolic effects of moderate and strong androgenic activity. One of its main advantages is the almost total harmlessness: it does not aromatize, not toxic to the liver and so on.

Used steroid PharmaDro-P mostly by men in power and heavy sports, including bodybuilding. Here it is valued primarily for its ability to improve the quality of muscles, that is, in most cases it is used for drying. It is also known that the drug helps to reduce fat and offers other not less useful effects that can be useful in sports, and beyond.

Please note: in 2014 year, the company PharmaCom Labs again changed the design of their packaging. Now the shelf life of the drugs in the injections is not on the box, as it was before, and on the Bank. Plus, it introduced a system of protection of products against counterfeiting, involves the introduction of a verification code. Code can be found either on the blister or on the Bank (located on a sticker under the protective layer). Note that this protection is only on the last production batches, earlier batches it was not.

Scratch off the protective layer and enter the code on the company website (at this address: If You bought the drug from PharmaCom Labs in our store, you will receive a confirmation that it is original:

PharmaDro-P: description of actions during the course

The basis of the drug is a steroid Drostanolone dipropionate. It is a derivative of testosterone, exhibiting strong androgenic activity and mild anabolic activity. This steroid does not aromatize, and therefore, is not subject to aromatization even in case of prolonged use (it is on the contrary endowed with antiestrogenic activity). Plus, it is known that Drostanolone are able to join the globulin that binds sex hormones, which leads to increased concentration of free testosterone in the body.

Acts PharmaDro-P 100 2 to 3 days. That frees an athlete from having his daily use. Usually steroid injections are every third or every second day.

On the course he has shown multiple positive properties, mention of only the following effects, which can be useful in sports practice:

• Improving the quality of the muscles (increasing the density and hardness of muscle tissue);

• The fat-burning effect (the drug reduces body fat);

• Increase the level of free testosterone in the blood;

• Antiestrogenic activity;

• Improved power performance of the athlete.

It is important to say that Drostanolone and tools based on it, including the drug PharmaDro-P 100, are among the most harmless steroid hormones on the market of sports pharmacology. In particular, as already noted, this steroid does not aromatize, which means that at the time of his admission does not occur gynecomastia without the accumulation of excess fluids in the body. Plus, it has no toxic effects and is completely harmless to the liver. In fact, only in isolated cases when using this AAS may occur such androgenic side effects like acne, loss of hair, excessive body hair growth and others.

However, despite the relative safety of the steroid, it is recommended to use only men. The use of female athletes because of its strong androgenic activity occurs only in the most minimal amounts, for example, at a dose of about 25 mg three times a day, no more and no more.

Storage conditions are: store the drug in a dry and inaccessible to light, at room temperature. Make sure that before the steroid if you can’t get children or Pets.

Course PharmaDro-P sport

Taking this steroid drug is primarily recommended for those athletes who seek to improve the quality of muscles and increase strength without weight. It is also worth noting that the application can pass as a solo program or in combination with other pharmacological agents.

More specifically, the course reception PharmaDro-P is combined with the following effective steroids: Stanozolol, Testosterone Propionate, Oxandrolone, Nandrolone, Boldenone, Primobol. For example, to improve the efficiency of drying, you can use the common course of this anabolic drug Winstrol (Stanozolol). Or to improve the muscles you can try a combination of drostanolone 100 mg a day and testosterone Propionate, 100 mg twice a day. Steroid lasts such a course of 8 full weeks after graduation to start of PKT, namely the drug Tamoxifen 30 mg for three weeks.

Recommended, and at the same time, the optimal dosage PharmaDro-P, which may be based course is 300-500 mg per week. Steroid injections are every other or every third day. That is, to accept the reality be not more often than three times a week. Used steroid courses 6(8) – 10(12) full weeks.

Important: the barrel of this steroid contains 100 mg of active ingredient per 1 ml. of the nominal amount of barrel – 10 ml. this means that if you hold a reception “PharmaDro-P 100” in the maximum weekly dose is about 500 mg, the drug will be enough for at least two full weeks. If you use minimal doses – a little more than three weeks.

If You still have any questions about how to receive injections or whether You want a personal consultation, welcome to our Forum. Here skilled specialists (sports physician, master of sports in weightlifting, master of sports in powerlifting, coach, bodybuilding, etc.) as quickly as possible will give You the desired tips and advice.

Reviews about PharmaDro-P: opinions of athletes

Opinions and statements about the qualities of this steroid means the Internet is not so much. However, having examined the existing reviews about it, you can come to the logical conclusion that it is an effective drug to improve the quality of muscles and other indicators, it is almost devoid of negative effects.

In truth, athletes, leaving feedback about PharmaDro-P, note the absence of steroid aromatization, as a result of gynecomastia and fluid accumulation in the body and also negative effects on the liver and other consequences. In fact, this drug can only be minimal androgenic “side effects”, which may include: acne (acne), hair loss or excessive hair growth on the body. Other abnormalities or diseases during its use usually does not occur and should not occur.

If to speak about the positive impact here, as the reviews say about PharmaDro-P 100, he is worthy of all praise. Because this drug not only improves the hardness and density of muscles, but also shows other useful properties and qualities during the course. For example, the drug leads to increased concentrations of free testosterone, increase strength, decrease body fat, and so on.

Moreover, as prompt feedback, it is in combination with other steroids. Efficiently, and most importantly relatively safe to combine it with a lot of drugs to nandrolone stanozolol. Moreover, during joint use steroids will experience a synergistic effect-that is, together they will have a much more powerful positive effect than applying in turn.

If You want to read reviews of PharmaDro-P 100 personally or look for a more detailed description of the steroid, to find both is not difficult, by visiting the Forum of our shop. Here on the forum, contains the latest information about drugs used in sports practice. Besides, on the forum You will be able to obtain specific advice on the use of this and not only the steroid after talking with our professional consultants.

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