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Substance: Oxandrolone (oral)

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Oxandrol-10 is a steroid drug oxandrolone manufactured by the company Lyka Labs (India). To use: recommended for athletes of different levels of experience – from beginners to seasoned professionals. Structurally is a modification of testosterone, not subjected to aromatization and does not exhibit estrogenic or progestogenic activity.

Oxandrol-10 – one of the recommended drugs for drying (for the qualitative growth of muscles, increase of the density and prominence of muscles), as well as to increase endurance and strength using. Is a relatively safe steroid, at moderate doses do not cause significant side effects.

Oxandrol 10 for the athlete

Active substance – Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid with reduced androgenic activity (in comparison with testosterone 400% anabolic and 25% of the androgenic activity). Acts quickly, but short – half-life up to 8-12 hours after ingestion, so taken on a daily basis (higher dosage may be divided into several doses per day).

Oxandrol 10 of lyka labs can be called a drug medicinal purposes. Its active ingredient was originally produced for medical use, but was quickly noticed by the athletes, and to date, has a long history as a sports doping. The first is similar to the composition of the drug (in pill form on the same active substance) were released under the name Anavar in 1964 and was administered to compensate for impaired protein metabolism (even used in the treatment of HIV-infected patients).

The effect of Oxandrol-10: promotes anabolic processes and inhibits catabolic processes, quality muscle growth, fat loss, increase stiffness and relief of muscles, increase strength, endurance and performance. During use, the rise of the level of growth hormone (growth hormone). The drug is not the best choice for massonary courses because it does not contributes to the rapid increase in muscle mass, as Sustanon or Oxymetholone, but great for drying courses, not so much when the volume is important as the quality muscles.

Probable side effects Oxandrol 10: the toxicity to the liver, reducing its own testosterone, high blood pressure, headaches, sometimes loss of appetite. Side effects androgenic nature, like acne or baldness, in compliance with the recommendations is not observed, and estrogen and progestogen, as fluid retention and lipomastia/gynecomastia do not occur at all.

For sports task Oxandrol 10 can be recommend not only men but also women. This is one of the relatively safe for athletes of steroids that are not associated with a high risk of virilization. At doses of 10 to 20 mg per day is virtually harmless, with good portability can be used in high doses 30-50 mg without causing coarsening of the voice, changes in body build of male type, body hair growth of face/body, and other disorders associated with androgenization.

Contraindications to the use of the drug is children’s age (not recommended under 18 years), pregnancy in women or breast-feeding. To exclude possible risks visit the Forum and get personal advice.

How to take Oxandrol-10?

It is a drug that can be recommended almost to all the athletes, regardless of experience, to achieve quality muscle growth without water retention, weight loss, increasing stamina and strength in a short time.

Dosage Oxandrol 10 for sports task are selected individually depending on the level of experience. Dose, the recommended average is 30-80 mg (3 to 8 tablets) per day. The use of dosages higher than recommended does not contribute to a significant enhancement of the effect of the pill, but it increases the risk of side effects.

The course Oxandrol-10 can effectively lasts up to 6-10 weeks. In the short activity of the drug requires on a daily basis to maintain the required concentration. Post-cycle therapy (Tamoxifen or Clomiphene) is needed to normalize the testosterone level and consolidate the results. Taking strong antiestrogens, such as Anastrozole or testosterone boosters like Mesterolone or Gonadotropin, during the course is not usually required.

How to take Oxandrol-10, several sentences to describe. The drug is often used in combination with other steroids for maximum results. Recommended to include bundles with turinabol, trenbolone, Boldenone, methenolone, testosterone, stanozolol, clenbuterol and other substances depending on the purpose. Detailed recommendations for preparation of course easy to get on the Forum store. There are qualified specialists, including the coach of bodybuilding, who will answer any questions You might have.

Ready to buy course Oxandrolon-10 in the same section of the website – “complete courses”. For athletes from beginners to professionals here are effective combinations of drugs. In accordance with the purposes each can easily select the rate and order it with just a few mouse clicks.

Oxandrol-10: customer reviews

Detailed views of the athletes can be easily explored on the Forum. Here You can read reviews of experienced athletes about current sports and about sports pharmacology, and completely free.

If Oxandrol-10 is familiar to You, then your own reviews can leave there on the Forum, or visit the drug store. For communication on the Forum will require registration. The process is simple: complete a few aspen rows and after you confirm the information, activating an account with the specified mailbox. Or for a quick log in use your social network.

To sum up reviews about Oxandrol 10, athletes are mostly satisfied with quality of the drug and speak about visible improvements at the end of the course, from increasing strength to reduce fat. This feedback directly to confirm the information about the relative safety of the steroid, not noting side effects that interferes with normal life.

Oxandrol 10 customer reviews describe positively. Manufacturer lyka labs has long been known in sports practice and has a good reputation, so positive opinions is not surprising.

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