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Naposim – a steroid with well-known to athletes active ingredient – Methandienone. It is a modification of testosterone, with reduced androgenic properties and a more pronounced anabolic activity.

The main effect this has on the anabolic process of protein synthesis, increases muscle mass, strength, increases appetite and strengthens the skeletal system. It is a powerful anabolic, two times more powerful than testosterone, it is easy to aromatize, and toxic to the liver. Its androgenic properties exactly half lower than that of testosterone.

Description Naposim

In 1956 the American company Ciba was synthesized substance Methandienone. But the free market of the drug was released only five years, and used to accelerate tissue repair after burns, and to a General increase of tonus in women. And after a fairly large amount of time in half a century or more anabolic properties and the cost of Naposim (, oral steroid, which) appreciated by athletes, particularly bodybuilders and power lifters.

Today Methandienone is the active substance of a number of drugs like injectable and oral. For example, Naposim Danabol or actually analogues of each other. In the same series included is an Anabolic steroid, Methandrostenolone and others. Therefore, athletes often call these drugs often shortened to just “methandienone”, denoting the active substance.

The drug speeds up the protein synthesis in the body, which directly affects the growth of muscle mass. Also the stimulation of the metabolism of calcium, it in larger quantities in the bone tissue, strengthening the musculoskeletal system. In General, the use of Naposim solo contributes to the arrest of many important trace elements (phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, sodium) and to increase the erythropoietin level in the blood.

The absorption of the drug through the gastrointestinal tract occurs very rapidly, the substance is bound to globulin and is not destroyed in the liver, interacts with cellular androgen receptors. For novice athletes, and professionals of this drug will be useful. You can gain up to 10 kg raw muscle mass over the cycle of taking these pills, the Forum of our site reviews easy proves it.

Some disadvantage is the accumulation of water, but this is easily remedied by supplementing the course with appropriate drugs. Emerging side effects when taking Naposim disappear after cessation of the course, recovering endogenous testosterone production. Most importantly, do not neglect the intake of antiestrogens, and then You don’t have to worry about it.

When you use such strong steroids as tablets Naposim, is not so important how much is the drug and more important to make a competent course for the best effect and minimize side effects. The most common side effects of methandienone acne, increased blood pressure, gynecomastia in men and masculinization in women. At high dosages severely reduced domestic production of testosterone, occurs irreversible gynecomastia, and destroyed the liver. So strictly follow the recommended doses of the drug, detailed instructions for Naposim, oral steroid, which from there in our Forum, in the package You will not find it. The average detection time of the drug in the blood is 5 weeks.

Naposim: how to take

For athletes the dosage is 10-50 mg per day, for a course lasting 6-8 weeks. Since the half-life of methandienone is equal to 3-5 hours, the daily dose is divided into 2-3 reception. This ensures maximum effectiveness of the drug.

Application Naposim (10 mg) is not recommended for women due to the high aromatization and androgenic activity of the drug. But some experienced athletes take the drug, and if You decide to follow suit, a day to drink not more than 10 mg. For women, are not sensitive to reception of androgens, this drug will not bring harm. But for a usual organism there is a high risk of masculinization.

Some athletes, not knowing how to take Naposim, mistakenly believe that the increase in dosage will lead to better results. The increase in dose has no direct relationship with the speed of recruitment of muscle mass, but there is a dependence with growth of frequency of side effects.

If You are a beginner, doses of 20-30 mg per day for the entire course Naposim is more than enough for the emergence of tangible results. For the more experienced athlete already taking such drugs, the dose may be higher, but in reasonable limits. In any case, deciding how to drink this remedy and drink it if at all, it is necessary to consult with an experienced person as the individual dose depends on many factors.

This drug can be used individually on the course, or in combination with other steroids for maximum results. The most popular combination with nandrolone, winstrol and oxandrolone. If the goal is maximum weight, then a combination with testosterone and sustanon.

Naposim: reviews

Most of those who used the drug, notes the good growth of muscles, arachosia only some kickback after a course. Some stopping increased appetite, complicating adherence to the diet. Thanks to the popularity of the drug and, despite the recent fame reviews, it is easy to find. Forum our online shop provides a platform for discussion of drugs for both seasoned athletes and beginners looking for advice.

Of the side effects of Naposim athletes noted the frequent appearance of acne, greasy skin and decreased libido. But almost all the remarks in the network characterize the drug in a positive way. No problems with it does not occur if in the course include the antiestrogens tamoxifen type.

In the first week of muscle gain is 2-3kg, especially during respective physical exercises. Reviews about Naposim say about the need for dieting and exercise regimen for best results from the drug. In General, even athletes notice a General improvement in health and well-being.

Real reviews about Naposim (, oral steroid, which) You can read on the Forum and ask any questions about the drug.

Where to buy Naposim

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Naposim: price

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