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BodyPharm Nandrolon is an effective drug steroid with high anabolic activity, which equals 150 percent of endogenous testosterone and minimal androgenic activity (30% of testosterone), during the course of the increase in muscle mass, strengthening bone system, eliminate joint pain and other improvements. Also, this steroid means it is noteworthy the relatively low frequency of side effects and prolonged effects, lasting about 15 days since the introduction of the last injection.

Nandrolone from BodyPharm is used mainly in sports practice in bodybuilding, triathlon, weightlifting, arm wrestling and many other popular nowadays disciplines. He is used primarily as a means to increase muscle mass and strengthen the body. However, he described the drug be useful in the framework of the medicine, because its active substances the following indications in this area: chronic infectious disease, anemia in chronic renal failure, severe injuries, and others.

Properties and effect BodyPharm Nandrolon

Active substance in this way, the AAC of the drug, is the most famous in sports steroid Nandrolone Decanoate. This anabolic chemical. name 19-testosterone, were developed in the mid 60-ies of the 20th century, presumably for medical purposes. However, over time due to a pronounced anabolic activity (anabolic its capacity is 150% of endogenous testosterone, with androgenic activity, only 30% of testosterone) and with a low incidence of side effects, he became the most in demand in the sport.

In addition to these benefits, the steroid being the Foundation of BodyPharm Nandrolone, also boasts a long, prolonged action. It is known that the period of his activity comes to 15 days after the last injection of that much. The effects are the same and positive qualities that he has shown during the course are as follows:

• Contributes to pronounced muscle growth;

• Strengthens the skeletal system of the body;

• Eliminates joint pain by improving lubrication;

• During the course enhances immunity;

• Improves the transport of oxygen in the body.

However, it is understood that BodyPharm Nandrolon can be not only positive, but also some side effects. In particular, its use can lead to decreased production of own testosterone (due to the progestogenic activity of a steroid and a long stay in the body) that is fraught with consequences. On the other hand, the almost steroid is not converted into estrogen (about 5 times less than Testosterone), so you can say that he was not actually estrogenic side effects, such as delay of liquid and/or gynecomastia. Androgenic same “side effects”, including acne acne, loss of hair and increased greasiness of the skin, at the time of his appointment hardly occur.

Against this background, it is important to clarify: in sports aims to apply BodyPharm 250 Nandrolon can not only athletes, but female athletes. However, despite the low likelihood of “side effects”, the girls are encouraged to carefully consider his or her use. In particular they should not go beyond the minimum dosage of the drug in the region of 50 mg (maximum 100 mg) per full week.

Storage conditions after the purchase is quite simple. Keep the drug out of reach of light, dark, and dry place at a temperature within the bedroom of indicators; also it should be safely hidden from Pets, if any, and the younger children for their own safety.

Instructions on how to take Nandrolone from BodyPharm

This steroid within sports is used mainly to gain muscle mass and also to strengthen the body (for better transportation of blood and joint function, strengthening immunity, etc.). In this technique almost never takes place in solo, it is usually combined with other anabolic and androgenic steroids in order to achieve greater efficiency rate.

What were the specific means of AAS and how to take BodyPharm Nandrolon? Possible effective combinations a lot, but if You primarily seek to increase muscle mass, then can you recommend a joint course of the described product and sustanon, held as follows: Sustanon – 250-500 mg per week, described the drug – 200-400 mg per week. Also, at the exit of the course You will need the steroid Stanozolol (daily 40 mg), the first course of the drug Proviron (25 mg daily the first week), and the DCR – Clomiphene or Tamoxifen.

If You have the priority is more quality muscles, then good results can help to achieve the common course BodyPharm Nandrolon, steroid turinabol and stanozolol injections. The scheme of use is this: week 1-6 – described drug for 200 mg a week and Turinabol daily 40 mg; 5-8 week – Stanozolol to about 50 mg per day; PKT – Clomiphene or Tamoxifen.

In General, during the course it is recommended to use a dosage BodyPharm LTD Nandrolon from 200 to 600 mg per week. Because of the rather long exposure (about fifteen days after the last use) to put the injection too often, no need. The average duration of the courses, with the participation of the described drug – about 8 full weeks. This frequency, duration and volume in most cases is sufficient to achieve significant improvements.

Incidentally, when the application of Nandrolon 250 from BodyPharm, dosing usually does not cause problems, because it has a convenient concentration of the active substance is 250 mg per 1 ml. And really to make a mistake is practically impossible, because it turns out that to receive doses of 200 mg have exactly 0.8 ml of the drug, for dose, 400 mg – 1.6 ml 600 mg – 2.4 milliliters, and so on.

Important: by accessing our Forum and communicate with consultants resource, You will be able to learn the nuances of the use of this drug. By the way, consultants AthleticPharma – these are qualified, as a trainer in bodybuilding, a very experienced sports physician, master of sports in weightlifting and many others.

Reviews about BodyPharm 250 Nandrolon in bodybuilding

To know about described a steroid drug think other athletes, who had to buy it and experience the practice, not necessarily to go far, because there is a Forum AthleticPharma where reviews to BodyPharm Nandrolone and information about other relevant in sports media (peptides, fat burners, growth hormone and thyroid, anti-estrogens, etc.) is more than sufficient to explore the number.

Visit our Forum and examine reviews about BodyPharm Nandrolon, that there are, You will know that it is a steroid drug with a pronounced anabolic activity and minimal androgenic activity. If more, then the index of its anabolic power is 150% of endogenous testosterone, while androgenic activity it has only 30% again from testosterone. Also, this tool boasts a prolonged effect, lasting about 15 days after administration.

What kind of effects it manifests during the course? As the reviews suggest, the effect of Nandrolone BodyPharm multiple and diverse. Its application according to the recommendations and muscle mass to contribute, and the body strengthened. In particular it can be used to improve transport of oxygen, elimination of joint pain (due to better lubrication of joints), as well as strengthen the immune system and skeletal system which is important not only in sport but beyond.

The statements customers have to say about this as the injectable anabolic drug with a low incidence of side effects. He, judging by the reviews, virtually no inherent estrogenic side effects (delayed liquids and/or gynecomastia), and androgenic ailments about yourself during the course practically does not give (acne acne, greasy skin, etc.). Of course, the likelihood of side effects, though small, but there (may decrease production of its own testosterone by the body and so on), so to receive the described drug in any event should be approached with the utmost seriousness.

Price and where to buy BodyPharm Nandrolon

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