Brand: St Biotechnology Co
Packing: 1 mg (vial)
Substance: HGH

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MYO-29 is a pharmacological agent, the main action of which is aimed at blocking myostatin and its action. Myostatin itself, also known as growth differentiation factor – 8 or GDF-8, is a protein synthesized in the human body. It inhibits the growth and differentiation of muscle tissue, slowing or suspending the skeletal and muscular development of a person.

Myostatin, which is opposed by MYO-029 and its analogs, is synthesized directly in the muscles, then, after entering the blood, the protein binds to the receptors of the ACVR2B group (active type II receptors), as a result of which its action on the muscle tissue is activated. In the human body, myostatin is encoded in the MSTN gene.

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