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Methomax BM is an effective steroid drug, active substance is Methandienone. It is made by pharmaceutical company B. M Pharmaceuticals (India), and is used mainly in sports as a means of facilitating a rapid increase in muscle mass and increase strength.

Can similar the reality is to have a medical use, because its active ingredient was originally used exclusively in this sphere (for faster recovery and treatment of patients with burns, and even to improve the overall vitality of women). It is then steroid is widespread in sports practice and began to be used by professionals and athletes Amateur as doping. Incidentally, Methandienone and preparations on its basis is very often prescribed for the treatment of humans.

Description Methomax BM from B. M. Pharmaceuticals

Methandienone (Methandrostenolone) is a steroid developed in the mid-20th century. In selling in the pharmaceutical market (in the US) he first appeared in 1958-th year. Then it was produced under the trade name “Dianabol” in the form of tablets of 5 mg, and up to the mid 60-ies of doping was not considered (have not been banned for use in sport).

Note that pills Methomax BM thanks to its active substance can boast of high anabolic activity, which equals 200% of endogenous testosterone. Androgenic activity they have reasonable – 50% of testosterone.

Action Methomax BM fast enough, though not the longest (period of activity – about six hours after the last use). In the framework of the activities this medication is typically applied daily and allows you to achieve the following improvements:

• Acceleration of the processes of production of protein;

• Rapid increase in muscle mass;

• Increase in power performance;

• Increased appetite;

• Strengthening the bone structure;

• Inhibition of catabolism.

Important: possible when receiving Methomax BM and some side effects. Particularly when it is prolonged use there is a risk of decrease in the production of own testosterone by the body. In addition, the athlete can disturb such estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia and delayed fluids (to prevent their development or to eliminate, athletes commonly used tools antiestrogen Tamoxifen or Clomiphene citrate). Can bother and other side effects because of these pills: high blood pressure, acne, liver toxicity, hair loss on the head or testicular atrophy.

Note that the drug Methomax BM can apply not only men but also women. That’s just the fair sex is recommended to use only small dosage is 2 to 5 mg per day, otherwise the effects of virilization is almost inevitable. For comparison: the recommended daily dosage for men in sports that are considered relatively safe, is 10-50 mg.

How is the storage of this product is pharmacology? This drug should be stored in a dark and protected from moisture. As a precaution, it also must be secured to hide and keep out of reach of Pets and children.

How to take Methomax BM effectively?

By using this medication properly, an athlete can achieve solid gains in muscle mass and a corresponding increase in physical performance, in particular power. Please note that the use of Methomax BM can take place both in solo and in combinations: usually athletes combine Methandienone with other anabolic steroids, from testosterone to stanozolol to the end, at the end of the course, to obtain more expressive results.

How to take Methomax BM, and what were the specific anabolics and androgens it can and should be combined? Effective joint courses of this drug you can make a lot. However, it is understood that the choice of any particular combination depends on the goals, experience and financial possibilities.

More muscle mass can you recommend a joint course of tablets and the steroid Nandrolone Decanoate. Regimen following: Nandrolone is from 1 to 8 a week in a dosage of about 200 mg per week, Dianabol is taken from 1 to 6 week dosage of about 30 mg per day, 9-10 week – Stanozolol and Testosterone Propionate respectively at 40 mg / day and 100 mg a day. For post-cycle therapy using the drug Proviron (25 mg/day), you can also add receiving tamoxifen (10-20 mg/day).

In turn the joint course Metamax BM and testosterone enanthate can be chosen by athletes seeking to gain greater power performance. For example: Testosterone enanthate in a dosage of 250 to 500 mg a week and Dianabol at a dosage of 30 mg per day for seven full weeks, then, in the next two weeks is testosterone enanthate used Testosterone Propionate (dosage – 100 mg of the steroid every other day).

In General, the rate of application Methomax BM is typically done in doses of from 10 to 50 mg per day. This is the recommended dosage for men (for women less than 2 to 5 mg per day). The average duration of drug intake up to 6-8 weeks, to drink tablets, as already mentioned, on a daily basis. Note that to take them after eating, this is due to the presence of toxicity to the liver in the oral form of methandienone.

It is important to say that to find out more on how to take Methomax BM how to build a course and what doses to use, You can by going to our Forum. After talking with consultants AthleticPharma, You will receive useful tips and recommendations for the use of this and many other relevant in the framework of the sports preparations. Incidentally, one of our consultants include professionals such as master of sports in weightlifting qualified coach on bodybuilding and experienced sports physician.

Pills Methomax BM reviews and facts

If You want to know about steroid drug think other athletes, then you know that you can do it again on our website. In particular, go to the Forum, You will be able to easily find reviews about Methomax BM, as well as useful information about many other drugs regularly used within sports (from steroids to peptides), and not only.

What the reviews say about Methomax BM, and as the drug production B. M Pharmaceuticals perceived by the athletes? It is well perceived, in other words, almost all reviews about it are positive. Athletes are praised a variety of effects that allow you to achieve significant improvements within sports practices, in particular the increase in muscle mass and strength indicators.

Well as reviews of Methomax BM highlight the ease of use. The drug is available in tablets of 10 mg, who drink on a daily basis. Note that the used dose of this steroid means can vary from 5 to 50 mg (depending on the course), the application is recommended after eating (due to toxicity to the liver), and preferably 10 mg at a time (since the half-life of methandienone is about from 3-5 hours).

According to many statements in the Internet that this drug doesn in combination with other drugs AAS. Among other things, to achieve more significant results by the end of the course the athletes often combine Methandienone with different anabolic and androgenic steroids, nandrolone stanozolol before.

How and where to buy Methomax BM?

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