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Brand: British Dragon Pharmaceuticals (Thailand)
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Methanabol Tablets from the Thai pharmacological company British Dragon Pharmaceuticals is a strong steroid anabolic with moderate androgenic activity and a wide range of positive effects. During the course, it can exhibit anti-catabolic properties, increase strength, muscle mass, strengthen the bone structure, form a positive nitrogen balance and have other significant effects for the athlete and in general in sport.

The active substance found in Metanabol tablets is the steroid Methandienone (Methandrostenolone) that is widely known in sports. This anabolic appeared on the pharmacological market as far back as 1958, and over time has managed to become one of the most popular and popular sports equipment. It is in demand in the medical field, here it is used in the treatment of burns, injuries, kidney failure, fractures, as well as to compensate for protein metabolism.

Positive and side effects of Metanabol tablets

At present, the described steroid drug, despite its rich history of use in medical practice, is used mainly in sports. In bodybuilding, weightlifting, triathlon and many other disciplines, it is regularly used for a quick and tangible set of muscle mass, as well as to increase strength, appetite, bone strength and a number of other indicators important for an athlete.

Note that British Dragon Metanabol tablets are a potent anabolic. After all, their anabolic activity index is twice as high as that of natural testosterone (200% of endogenous testosterone). In turn, their androgenic activity is reduced (50% of testosterone), and the period of validity, although not the longest, is definitely not the shortest – about 5 hours from the time of use.

Important: during the course of Metanabol tablets can exhibit multiple positive properties, the most significant and valuable effects of it are:

• Acceleration of protein synthesis processes;

• Stimulation of a set of muscle mass;

• Ensuring the growth of power indicators;

• Tangible anti-catabolic effect;

• Increased appetite;

• Strengthening the bone structure of the body;

• Formation of a positive nitrogen balance.

Also remember that in bodybuilding and other disciplines, not only men but also female athletes can use Methanabol Tablets effectively. However, there are rules that must be followed. So, girls should not take doses of the drug above 2-5 mg per day, otherwise they can make themselves known to know the effect of virilization — body and body hair growth, changes in the voice timbre and other consequences.

If, in general, to list the side effects that may occur when taking Methanabol Tablets, then for starters, it is worth saying that there are not so many of them:

• Gynecomastia;

• Delay of body fluids;

• High blood pressure;

• Toxicity to the liver, etc.

In addition, many side effects of Metanabol anabolic in tablets, and more specifically, the effects of aromatization (fluid retention, gynecomastia) can be easily prevented / eliminated if anti-estrogens are included in the course (drugs Clomiphene / Tamoxifen). And some of them in general appear only when the drug is abused, that is, when it is too frequent, long-term use, or when using excessive dosages.

And one more thing for reference: storing tablets Metanabol from British Dragon Pharmaceuticals should be carried out in a dark and dry place at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius. And make sure that younger children and / or pets will not be able to get to the drug if there is a desire.

Instructions on how to take Metanabol tablets correctly?

As already mentioned, the described steroid is used mainly in sports. Bodybuilders, weightlifters and athletes of many other popular disciplines regularly use it on the course. It is used mainly for quick and noticeable increase in muscle mass, as well as to increase strength, appetite, bone strength and other indicators.

However, Methanabol Tablets rarely go solo. Usually, athletes combine it with other steroid drugs, from testosterone esters to turinabol, in order to achieve more meaningful results.

You ask how to take Metanabol tablets in combination, and with which anabolic and androgenic drugs are best combined? The question is not simple, because there are a great many effective combinations involving methandienone. However, if you primarily strive for a greater set of muscle mass, then the preparation described is best used in conjunction with nandrolone Decanoate injections.

In particular, this instruction for Methanabol Tablets Nandrolone Decanoate may be suitable for you: 1-6 week – Nandrolone at a dosage of 200 mg per week, Methandienone at 30 mg per day, 7-8 weeks – Nandrolone at 200 mg per week, 9-10 week – Testosterone Propionate (100 mg every other day) Stanozolol (40 mg per day), 11-13 week Proviron (25 mg per day) you can add Tamoxifen (10-20 mg per day).

If you want to achieve a greater increase in strength, then the use of such a pharmaceutical product can be combined with testosterone injections. For example, Testosterone enanthate (250-500 mg per week) Methandienone (about 30 mg per day) for the first 7 weeks, and then for the next 2 weeks, change enanthate to propionate ether (100 mg every other day).

In general, as the Metanabol instructions in tablets suggest, the following recommended dosages of the drug are usually used during the course – from 10 to 50 mg per day. Its reception lasts on average from 6 to 8 full weeks, and it is accepted, as a rule, on a daily basis. Such volumes, duration and frequency of administration allow to achieve significant improvements in the growth of strength and muscle gain.

By the way, the dosing of the described preparation is not complicated, because it has a convenient concentration of the active substance (10 mg per tablet). Indeed, it is very difficult to make a mistake when taking a course, because it turns out that exactly 1 tablet is needed to take the minimum recommended daily dose of this AAS (5 mg per day) – 5.

Important: go to our Forum, you will find more information about how to take the course of the use of Metanabol tablets. Here, on the Forum, you can talk with the consultants of AthleticPharma (sports doctor, bodybuilding trainer and other specialists) and get really useful recommendations.

Facts and reviews about Metanabol tablets in sports

You can find out what other athletes think about the qualities and properties of the described steroid drug without leaving our resource. In particular, you can read reviews about the Methanabol Tablets issue of the British Dragon by visiting our Forum. We have never limited and do not limit the desire of visitors to communicate, so on our resource there is no shortage of useful information for studying.

By visiting the AthleticPharma Forum and reading the reviews on Metanabol tablets that are available there, you will find out that it is an effective steroid endowed with high anabolic activity (200% of endogenous testosterone) and moderate androgenic effect (50% of testosterone). At the same time, it also boasts, albeit not the longest, but definitely not the shortest activity period – about five (three to five) hours from the moment of use.

What other advantages does this product have? As they say reviews of tablets Metanabol, multiple and very different. So an example, the advantages of the drug include a convenient concentration of the active substance (10mg / tab), which allows for easy dosing and generally avoids errors during the course. In addition, with the content of the active substance, as suggested by buyers, this tool becomes quite practical, because even with the use of the maximum recommended doses of one of its packaging is enough for 20 days.

Also, statements on the Internet suggest that the described drug is endowed with a wide range of positive effects. During his course, it is possible to significantly increase muscle mass, increase appetite, increase strength and strengthen the body as a whole (increase bone strength). All these properties are critical and extremely important for an athlete, capable of a positive impact on sports results and achievements.

Price Metanabol tablets where to order the drug?

It is possible to purchase the described preparation, if you have such a desire, quickly and easily in our store on the Internet. In addition, to order such a tool from us can also be profitable, and most importantly reliable. But it is better not to run so much ahead, but to tell about everything in detail and point by point.

First, by deciding to buy Metanabol tablets in our store, you can be sure that you will receive a drug from the original British Dragon. The fact is that all pharmacology on the shelves of AthleticPharma comes straight “first-hand,” in other words, from companies and from manufacturing plants, without the outside participation of third parties. So do not worry about the “originality” of the goods ordered.

Secondly, making orders in our store, you can save well. In particular, the price of Metanabol tablets and other purchased drugs will decrease if you place an order for a large amount. If details are needed, be sure to visit the site’s FAQ. There is a detailed list of all the information necessary for buyers.

Third, by choosing our site to buy Metanabol tablets from British Dragon, you automatically protect yourself from leaking sensitive information. For the safety of visitors and ensuring complete anonymity of work, we have long established a reliable ssl connection. So nothing to worry about.

Fourth, we provide a convenient service, so you can order Metanabol tablets in our store with delivery to the nearest post office. Orders are sent to almost all small and large cities. We provide quality service for buyers from domestic countries. The list of work directions will definitely expand with the advent of new features!

Is there any guarantee that the ordered anabolic will be delivered? There is also the main one – our reputation. Read customer reviews on the website and forum, read the opinions of athletes from groups on VKontakte and you will understand that we work reliably and at the same time honestly, taking care of the interests of users.

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