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Meltos (40 mcg/tab, 50 tab) is a drug clenbuterol manufactured by PharmaCom Labs (China). As a sports doping it is most effective and is widely used as a fat burner and anticatabolic. Has not specific on the floor of impact is therefore considered potentially effective and relatively harmless for men and for women in sport (subject to deduction of contraindications).

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Meltos 40: list of properties

Melts (active substance – clenbuterol) is not an anabolic steroid, but a malingerer, which is classified as a sympathomimetic. Original purpose clenbuterol is a prescription use in medicine (as bronholitika in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, airflow obstruction and bronchial asthma in children or adults).

In bodybuilding, not only, Meltos is actively used in courses drying athletes when the main task is the construction of dense and relief of muscle, not its maximum magnification. The drug has a pronounced anabolic or androgenic activity, such as steroids, but is among the strongest submitted to the commercial hormonal fat loss/anticatabolic.

Melts acts as a selective B2-agonists: including stimulating lipolysis, total metabolism, heat production and preventing fat storage. Here are just a few of its mechanisms of action: stimulating B2-adrenergic receptors receptors at the presynaptic membrane, increases the secretion of adrenaline and noradrenaline; stimulating B2-adrenergic receptors receptors in the Central nervous system, increases secretion of thyroxine and triiodothyronine by blocking Ca2 dependent and ubiquitin-proteasomal proteolysis of stagnating catabolism.

Meltos 40 as analogues for the active active substance is a drug with complex action, therefore, appears to be a potentially effective and in medicine (as a medication), and sports (doping).

But where there is a powerful effect, there is likely and pronounced side effects. So, Melts can cause complications concerning the Central nervous, cardiovascular, circulatory, urinary and digestive system: anxiety, dizziness, tremor, headache, impaired blood pressure, tachycardia, swelling, dry mouth, nauseam, and even vomiting frequent urination. However, most of the likely side effects of the drug easily prevented: it is enough to connect ketotifen (brand Zaditen, Ketotifen, etc.) and a beta blocker (brand name of Bisoprolol, Metoprolol, etc.) that are dispensed in pharmacies.

Meltos 40: a course of tablets

Athletes recommended dosage Maltosa, as a rule, does not exceed ≈ 120-160 mg (3-4 tablets) per day. Women in sport ≈ 80-120 mg (2-3 tablets) a day. Such quantities are quite enough for most use to achieve maximum progress on the course of drying, and not only.

The course Maltosa spend long, but without fanaticism to the side not blocked a beneficial effect. Average ≈ it as much as 2-6 weeks in connection with the ketotifen (ketotifen without a ≈ up to 2 weeks).

Ketotifen is an anti-Allergy agent, has the ability to restore the sensitivity of B2-adrenergic receptors receptors to clenbuterol. Its use not only enhances the metabolic rate (≈ 10% ), but also mitigates many of the potential side effects of “maple” (a slang abbreviation): including eliminates mental excitement, facilitates sleep and reduces tremor.

For maximum results progress preferably no abuse and the combined intake Maltose. The drug is effective combined with diverse properties sports pharmacology than willing to use sports, for example, thyroid hormones or anabolic steroids.

Example 1-monthly rate Meltos for weight loss: from 1-St to 4-th day – use clenbuterol in gradually increasing dosage if from 20 to 80 micrograms per day; 5-day ≈ the use of clenbuterol 100 µg and 1 mg of ketotifen; 6-25-e days – application clenbuterol and ketotifen in regular dosages ≈ 120 µg / day and 2 mg per day, respectively; 26-28-e days if the application clenbuterol 80 mcg and 2 mg ketotifen; 29-30-31-e days if the application clenbuterol and ketotifen on 40-40-20 micrograms per day and 1 mg per day, respectively.

Welcome to Meltos 40 passed without consequences, reviews in advance is recommended to consult, receiving individual instructions and surveyed, excluding potential contraindications. With the latest Forum will help AthleticPharma. Here are the questions visitors and customers answer who know firsthand about sports pharmacology experts.

Meltos 40: reviews of athletes

It is important that Maltos accompany the mostly positive customer reviews. Let the drug is relatively new, but its active substance for a long time and well known to domestic fans and professionals of sports. Klen has a long history of use as a sports doping, although originally it was made only as a medicine, medicinal bronchodilator agent.

Reviews online characterize Meltos (40 mcg/tab, 50 tab) as the predominant product useful over side effects (following the instructions), but advise to exclude contraindications to the use of (thyrotoxicosis, cardiomyopathy, feohromotsytoma, zakratougolnaya glaucoma, tachyarrhythmia, hypersensitivity, etc.). Otherwise, nothing guarantee the absence of consequences. The limitations also include: child age, pregnancy and lactation in women.

Keep Meltos from PharmaCom Labs should be at a temperature not above 25 degrees Celsius, in a dark and protected from moisture, which is confirmed by reviews online. Sudden changes in temperature is detrimental to most pharmaceutical drugs.

Meltos 40: buy, price

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