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Substance: Nandrolone Decanoate

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Libol 100 anabolic drug (steroid) with the active ingredient nandrolone Decanoate, which is somewhat similar to methandienone or testosterone (is to increase muscle mass and strength).

Steroid has a strong anabolic effect, but compared to testosterone is characterized by a low androgenic activity. It promotes protein synthesis, improves the ability of regeneration of muscular and bone tissues. Also characterized by minimal aromatization and minimal toxicity to the liver.

Libol 100 production Lyka Labs stimulated the growth of muscle mass with a moderate pullback, strengthens bones, promotes healthy joints. It increases the production of red blood cells, which increases the blood oxygen saturation. Also it enhances the overall immunity of the body and rarely causes side effects when following the recommendations for use. Side effect, don’t abuse the dosage and duration of application, is mild.

Due to these properties the drug is one of the most effective means for muscle mass, which can be recommended not only to experienced athletes but also for beginners, beginners to familiarize themselves with steroids.

Libol 100 is not the most expensive drug, the price is affordable, even in comparison with the expensive counterparts from other manufacturers. Its cost makes it available to a wide range of athletes that require a increase in power, the General strengthening of the body and increase muscle mass.

Libol 100: application and dosage

Libol 100 gives a pronounced effect and provides the opportunity to achieve a significant increase in muscle mass, but not sharp, and “on the rise” due to the prolonged action of the active substance. The activity it manifests gradually, by the end of the course, ensuring optimal results and noticeable even to the naked eye the improvement.

The use of Lobola usually lasts longer than drugs with shorter esters of the action. Accordingly, if You are the other steroid means chose exactly this course of its administration plan, given the circumstances (about 6-8 weeks, and possibly longer if allows experience and there is a need).

Before taking can visit our Forum to get advice on this subject or ask other questions. Here experienced consultants provide the necessary resource to everyone recommendations on sports pharmacology.

Recommended/estimated amount of Lobola for athlete’s average level is about 400 mg per week. At this dose the drug is most effective for weight. If you do not force things and not to take excessive doses, the side effects are virtually eliminated or can be neutralized. Novice athletes is not recommended to exceed a dose of 200-400 mg per week.

The optimal dosage of this injectable steroid for sports task is calculated based on weight using physical indicators, the total period during which the use of this drug and other steroids. Average to calculate the weekly dose takes a simple formula – 3-5 mg per week for 1 kg of weight, but beginners may be sufficient 2-3 mg per 1 kg of body weight respectively. Should not be abused!

Excess dosage of the steroid leads to a higher risk side effects!

Optimal duration of a course of Libya is about 8 weeks (in accordance with the training level and physical abilities). During this time, the reality can produce an increase in muscle mass on average from 4 to 8 kg.

Athletes Libol host 100, reviews, recommendations, and leave comments on relevant forums, where you can always count on effective assistance in the use of all drugs that improve athletic performance. As already noted, in our Forum You can always get detailed advice.

Libol: effective combination

For accelerated muscle growth the anabolic combined with danabol (Methandienone), sustamed (testosterone blend), or strombafort (Stanozolol). Those explosive combination with a suitable steroid by means of a monthly application gives a terrific increase to an average of 10 kg of muscles. Mandatory after such combined courses is post-cycle therapy and often requires the admission of auxiliary protective drugs in the courses themselves.

For fixing muscle mass course of Libala you can complete clenbuterol, which prevents the catabolism and creates relief by burning fat and removing excess fluid from the body. There are other options “exit” depending on the preference of the athlete, for example, Stanozolol and/or Testosterone Propionate.

If you take not for treatment, and to improve athletic performance Libol, the instruction to the drug is of little use, as it is primarily a medical tool, and the instruction manual in the box describes its use for medicinal purposes.

How to take Libol 100 to accelerate muscle growth You can find on our Forum where experienced athletes share their knowledge and can answer Your questions. On the forum You’ll find information for the course, a description of the action of the steroid, possible negative consequences and ways of elimination of the “side effects” that it can cause. If You are an experienced athlete, Your advice will be invaluable to aspiring athletes. Tell us about your results and ways to achieve success.

Libol: side effects

This anabolic steroid is not harmful to the liver and cardiovascular system, and in the right dosage and following the recommendations of experienced professionals nandrolone Libol shows no side effects at all, or are so insignificant that do not represent any problems (the exception is the predisposition to the manifestation of those or other side effects when using steroids, particularly nandrolone).

At high dosage, and overall violation of the main recommendations of the drug can cause headaches and stomach pain, irritability and increased blood pressure. The decrease in testosterone levels can lower sex drive, which is recovered in about one month after the end of the application.

Oppression of sexual activity that can cause Libol 100, athletes characterized as the most serious side effects if overdose. It can also cause gynecomastia, and a slight increase in fat layers due to the intensification of production of Prolactin. However, all these troubles can be avoided by taking Nandrolone with Bromocryptine or Levodopa.

Reviews about Libre

Statements in this network anabolic steroid are a great help for its purchase. Why? It’s simple: Libol 100 reviews, almost entirely positive, which proves the effectiveness of the drug for use in sporting purposes.

Having studied at least some of the statements buyers can come to the conclusion that it is a great anabolic, able to provide pronounced results, if not immediately, but during the course of progress will be felt to the end of the application will be visible even to the naked eye. Thus, according to the statements, the risk of side effects of steroid is practically absent. At least if you followed, and really serious side effects usually do not occur.

The reviews also confirm that LIBOR 100 is an excellent tool for combined use. It can be effectively combined with the drug methandienone, testosterone with ether or mixture of ethers and, of course, with stanozolol in injection or tablet form to choose from.

This drug is effective for use in a variety of sports and disciplines ranging from bodybuilding, and ending with hockey or weightlifting.

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