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Substance: L-carnitine

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L-carnitine – vitaminoterapie substance that is present in the human body (synthesizes and increases the speed of fat digestion and positively affects the activity of the cardiovascular system). The shortage in the human body or the absence of such substances are virtually impossible becomes effective breakdown of fats. Cause obesity and sudden weight gain in most cases is a disadvantage of this keratin in the body.

Also L-carnitine is a potential fuel for production of energy (transport fat cells into mitochondria).

* The drug can lower the level of cholesterol in blood and triglyceride levels;

* L-carnitine is a dietary Supplement and not as a drug;

* This is one of the few substances that can boast the complete absence of side effects. The use of carnitine is completely harmless for your body;

* L-carnitine – a substance the lack of which in the body is almost impossible to detect (from a lack of L-carnitine suffer from most of the population of the planet)

* Increases the resistance of the body – the immune system;

* Helps men in fighting age-related problems genital organs;

* L-carnitine – a substance that stimulates quick weight loss (burns fat deposits)

* This substance is able to increase physical strength and stamina of the athlete;

* It also helps the athlete to reduce or remove training and post-workout muscle pain, promotes lean muscle mass;

* When taking L-carnitine increases physical endurance of the athlete; summary: to combat fatigue;

* The drug is able to normalize blood pressure and stimulate the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system;

* Saturates the muscle cells with oxygen;

* This natural substance for its effect and action similar to natural vitamins;

* Fights cell aging (slows aging), increases the level of functioning of the body in old age;

The properties of L-carnitine and its functions are scientifically proven fact. The medium was repeatedly subjected to the tests, therefore, there was so much detailed information about him in various sources.

Recommendations for use L-carnitine:

Take 5-10 grams (1-2 teaspoons) for 2 hours before and immediately after training.

Pack of 20 servings.

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