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Ipamorelin (5mg) is a peptide hormone production of the Peptides company Canada (Canada). It stimulates the secretion of somatropin (growth hormone), therefore is in high demand among athletes. In the iron sports, including bodybuilding, it is used mainly in courses of drying and massonary courses where the main goal is the construction of musculature or qualitative muscle growth respectively. Since the drug is not characteristic of a specific sex side effects (estrogenic or androgenic), we can recommend it to both men and women. Subject to the recommendations, it remains relatively safe.

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Ipamorelin (Canada): details of the properties

The basis the drug has the same name its name active substance: Ipamorelin is a peptide hormone from the group of a GHRP (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide), to which also belong hexarelin, GKHRP-2 and GKHRP-6. It can be called the most effective drug in its category, because it is the expression of than other GHRP peptides, stimulates the production of growth hormone, plus, allows you to keep the natural production of G with peaks at certain times of the day.

Ipamorelin 5mg effect on a person, simulating the effect of ghrelin in the body. The effects on the background of its application are developing as by suppressing the activity of somatostatin, and as a result enhance the emission of GR.

What improvements brings the drug? First and foremost it helps:

● Muscle growth without water and fat;
● Burning of hypodermic fat;
● Increase endurance;
● Faster recovery;
● Rejuvenation of the body;
● Strengthen immune defenses;
● Strengthening the skeletal system.

Since Ipamorelin stimulates the secretion of growth hormone, the range of its effects, if not identical, then similar to the one in GR. These active substances are even used in similar situations – when it is necessary to build muscle definition and achieve quality muscle growth without fat accumulation or fluid retention.

Note: experimentally it has not been established, do drugs Ipamorelin on insulin secretion in humans. On the other hand, the researchers found that the peptide is able to initiate the production of insulin in rats (normal or diabetic patients).

Whether Ipamorelin (Canada) cause side effects? Practice shows that within the recommended doses the drug is relatively safe: It does not increase concentrations of Prolactin or cortisol, what is its advantage over GHRP-2, GHRP-6 and hexarelin, and does not provoke the typical anabolic-androgenic steroid side effects, whether the decrease in the level of testosterone, gynecomastia, testicular atrophy, acne, increase aggression or insomnia.

How to use Ipamorelin 5mg?

The optimal dosage of Ipamorelin is chosen individually according to the formula 1mkg of active substance per 1 kg of its own weight. On average, sport is not recommended to exceed a dose of 100-200mkg. Frequency of use of peptide – 1-3 times per day.

Course Ipamorelin 5mg without consequences continue until 8-10 weeks. Longer the drug is usually not used for fear of displacement in the direction side effects.

How to breed? First, preheat the peptide vial to room temperature. Second, add inside water for injection so that it is slowly dripping along the walls of the container. Third, put the resulting solution in the refrigerator, without interfering in the process of breeding (or not rocking, gently stir the substance).

Note: in addition to the drug (minimum order 5 bottles) is bacteriostatic water (10ml). It is a liquid for injection, which protects the diluted peptide from bacteria and can prolong its shelf life. Ipamorelin liquid remains stable up to 20-25 days (according to other sources – up to 25-30 days). Do not freeze! If necessary, the analogue can be used, for example, a saline solution (available from pharmacies without prescription).

Ipamorelin (Canada) effective in the combinations, if not all, then most peptide hormones, as able to energysouth with them. For optimal effect it is better not to abuse, namely the use of the drug combination.

Consider 2 examples:

1. Ipamorelin, GHRP-6 and CJC-1295 for 8-10 weeks (masonary course). Doses of active ingredients do not differ from each other = 100mcg x 3 times a day (e.g., morning, before and after lunch). Post-cycle therapy in the usual athletes understanding is not required.

2. Ipamorelin, HGH fragment 176-191 and CJC-1295 for 8-10 weeks (rate of drying). The dosage of active ingredients: 100mcg x 3 times a day, 500mkg x 2 times a day and 100mcg x 3 times a day, respectively. Again, the conduct of post-cycle therapy is required.

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Ipamorelin (Canada): reviews and facts

I have to say, the reviews describe Ipamorelin (Canada Peptides) mainly positive. This peptide is not in vain called one of the best in its category. The same applies to the canadian manufacturer. The company though not so long ago appeared on the domestic market but already has many admirers among our bullies.

Opinions “first hand” You can always find us on the Forum. In particular, we recommend to read the contents of the topic: Subforums “Peptide hormones” and “Manufacturers of steroids”; topics on active ingredient of the drug and produces it to the company. Or simply search the Forum.

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