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Hygetropin is a recombinant growth hormone which is the complete analogue of the natural somatropin human. It is made by pharmaceutical company Zhongshan Hygene Biopharm Co. (China) and can effectively be used not only as a drug in medicine, but also for sporting purposes.

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Growth hormone highgetropine

The active ingredient of this tool is identical to natural growth hormone that have a corresponding effect. G man is a polypeptide produced by the anterior lobe of the pituitary (secreted and peaks may be reduced with age and under the influence of various factors). In our body, it performs multiple functions, including those involved in the processes of growth and development, beginning in the womb.

highgetropine created is actually based on it, is a powerful hormonal drug. He is able to exert pronounced anti-catabolic and anabolic effect, inhibiting protein breakdown and increasing its synthesis, helps reduce fat, increase fat-burning processes and improve the ratio of muscle mass to fat. Also among the effects should be allocated to hyperplasia of muscles, improving the absorption of calcium by bone tissue, involved in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism and some immune-boosting effect.

highgetropine as a means of doping in bodybuilding and other sports can have an effective application to set of lean muscle mass, weight loss and reshaping of muscles and to strengthen individual structures of the body and treatment of traumatic, and not just damage. These are just some potential reasons for starting its use in sports practice.

Young people, adolescents and children who have not yet closed growth zones in the bones, the drug can be stimulated linear growth (in length). It is feasible mainly due to the development of long bones in the limbs.

However, in some cases highgetropine able to provide and side-effects for use, especially in the predisposition or the violation of the recommendations. Among the possible side effects in connection with its use include: carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure and fluid accumulation. Also the possible risk of hyperglycemia and the suppression of thyroid function. Abuse of the drug will lead to displacement of its effects towards side effects.

How to store undiluted HGH Hygetropin? The recommended operating conditions are a temperature between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, dry and dark storage place. As a precaution, the hormone must be protected from children and animals.

If you want a more complete description of the properties and actions of the drug, the required information can be found on our Forum. You can get detailed descriptions of many pharmacological agents used in sports practice.

highgetropine: method of application

In sports drugs HGH for women for weight loss and other improvements, and by men for a variety of tasks. The effectiveness of GR is unquestionable and has long been proven not only by the reviews or research, but long practice.

For athletes the use of highgetropine recommended long. The approximate course length is about 3 months. Perhaps a few less or more depending on the needs of the athlete. Much individually.

Too long duration of hormone does not bear practical use, because the body tends to get used to its effects. On the contrary this can lead to the manifestation of undesirable consequences.

Stay after the course was completed highgetropine recommended to make appropriate. In other words, if the course lasted about 3 months, then a break needs to go at least 2-3 months to restore the sensitivity to GR.

The dosage of the drug for sporting purposes are recommended about 10-15 IU per day. The dosage used may vary in smaller or larger side depending on the experience or goals of the athlete. Course in any case, you should start with a minimum dosage and then gradually increase the amount of drug used to needed.

How to breed? First, as a solvent to be used is either water for injection or bacteriostatic water. The second most recommended in a couple of hormones and peptides, as it can protect prepared solutions of bacteria and prolong their shelf life. Second, to introduce the solvent carefully with a syringe, the liquid slowly running down the inside of the bottle. Thirdly, it is not recommended to shake the container to accelerate the breeding process (usually a drug put in the fridge, waiting for the process to take place naturally).

Course Hygetropin has some contraindications, when to conduct it prohibited. This is, firstly, observed cancers, and secondly, severe infection, shock, and use with closed epiphysis. Women G not recommended during pregnancy and the lactation period.

With caution the drug should be used in hypothyroidism, intracranial hypertension, and diabetes.

To choose the most effective way of receiving highgetropine, to know what drugs it can and should be combined, please contact our consultants. The Forum are experienced experts who will provide the necessary guidance.

highgetropine: reviews about the drug

What about this tool, they say in the sports field? The opinion of the athletes on our website can serve as a confirmation of the efficiency of the hormone.

Reading the reviews on Hygetropin, You will be able to make sure that this original product. That is a real drug produced in China. After the purchase you can also get official confirmation, as described at the beginning. According to statements, the preparation and work gives the necessary effect to treat or strengthen the body, and for the development of sports form, depending on the purpose of admission.

If You want to speak personally, then this can easily be done directly in the store (no registration required). Well as reviews of highgetropine You can keep visiting our Forum. We listen to customers like about our work and the products displayed on the website for purchase. Therefore unable to speak freely.

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