HGH 176-191

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Brand: St Biotechnology Co
Packing: 2 mg
Substance: HGH

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HGH Fragment is a fragment of the molecular structure of growth hormone that underwent stabilization, from 176 to 191 amino acids, inclusive. This peptide activates the process of burning fat is twelve times more effective than the growth hormone itself, in addition, it blocks the formation of new fats, without having a negative impact on the human body. Plus, this fat burner in its effects is much cheaper than injecting growth hormone and most other drugs for weight loss.

The peptide, called HGH 176-191, is a discovery by researchers from the United States. But the drug was most widely used in sports pharmacology only after its production was mastered by the largest Chinese pharmaceutical companies. Today, this tool is universally used, both in fitness and heavy sports, and in medicine (it is one of the most effective means for treating obesity).

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