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Substance: GW1516

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Hennos 10 – drug gene doping from PharmaCom Labs (China). It is available in oral form (tablets with a concentration of active substance of 10 mg/tab) and is intended for oral use (by mouth). It is a nonsteroidal drug, so most typical anabolic and androgenic steroids as androgenic side effects (from acne to body hair face and body), estrogen (from fluid retention to estrogenovmi gynecomastia) and progestogenic (from suppression of libido to progestin-only gynecomastia), passes him by.

It is important that the manufacturer PharmaCom Labs a system for protecting its products from counterfeiting. To ensure the authenticity of the bought drug brand just! This is enough to enter the unique verification code (in the case of tablets is on the box, on the sticker under the protective layer) on the official website (www.pharmacomlabs.com/code):

Hennos 10: description of the properties

The drug has an active substance GW1516 (also known as GW-501516 or mardarin). Initially, it was synthesized by GlaxoSmithKline (UK) and Ligand Pharmaceuticals (USA) as medicines. Was created for the treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, however, due to the potential Carcinogenicity GW1516 manufacturers were forced to stop testing. Fortunately, a promising development has picked up numerous informal company subsequently issued on its basis as preformed and injectable products.

The mechanism of action Hennos 10 (GW1516) is carried out at the gene level, unlike most common today in sports doping means. The drug is an agonist of receptors excited by is a peroxisomal chervyachey, δ subtype. It affects the metabolic pathways activated by exercise, causing increase stamina, energy levels and fat burning.

In connection with the specific effects of Hennos 10 or Hennos Oral 10 take in those sport disciplines where the need for high-level endurance athletes and in other sports it is mainly used as a fat burner on drying (solo or in combination with other topical for weight loss pharmaceutical drugs, peptides and/or steroids).

Hennes 10 (Hennos 10) is expressed affects the process of energy release: (allegedly!) a substance that promotes the oxidation of fat cells and speed up the metabolism, provokes increased use of fat as an energy source, which is mutually beneficial for athletes. Also assumed improvement: normalization of blood pressure and strengthening the cardiovascular system applying.

It is important that Hennos Oral 10 (GW1516) has no specific impact on the floor, so is considered relatively harmless for men as for women in sport. The risk of developing androgenozawisimae of virilization (the formation and accumulation of secondary male sexual characteristics in women) is missing even with prolonged use of high doses of the product.

Hennos 10: course

As GW1516 belongs to a new market of sports pharmacology type of doping, gene doping, while only assuming that its products can develop athletic performance even without training. However, it is known that optimal progress with their help, manages to reach it in the exercise of an active lifestyle: through a combination of product applications, physical exercise, proper nutrition and recovery.

The correct application Hennos 10 in accordance with the recommendations provokes an increase in endurance, faster metabolism and improved blood pressure, and also increases the process of fat-burning, which is used by the body as source of energy.

The average recommended dosage Hennos 10 is 5-20 mg per day, which most use quite enough for visible development results, with no critical health effects.

Course Hennos 10 can effectively last up to 8 whole weeks, like peptides, steroids and other things relevant in sport doping drugs. Last longer if used at a high level of experience in sport and familiarity with the substance. Working optimally choose dose, frequency and duration of individually, depending on need and tolerability.

10 Hennos Oral drug is poorly studied, therefore ensure your course application has passed without consequences in advance is recommended to be surveyed, eliminating the contraindications, and consult, receiving individual instruction. With the latest Forum will help our online store. Here the questions of regular customers and ordinary visitors to meet the highly qualified specialists.

Contraindications to the reception of the product there may be cardiovascular disease and abnormalities in the nervous system. Hepatotoxicity, he does not possess and in General, the risk of side effects is considered minimal. As a consequence, post-cycle therapy (at least after the solo of course) is not required.

Hennos 10: customer reviews

Gene doping, as AICAR or GW1516 is a new phenomenon for athletes, therefore, information about its properties is still specified, and details about the courses are established. Similar products should not be viewed as a test, using at your own risk.

Reviews Hennos 10 accompany mostly positive, so we can conclude that the presence of a predominant useful over side effects. In fact, athletes who taking pills, seeing an increase of endurance of muscles, a positive impact on training intensity. And describe the progress in fat burning and improve the cardiovascular system.

Mixed reviews about Hennos Oral 10 if there are, then among athletes, picked up the wrong dosage or incorrect formed the pattern of use. In such cases are recorded of digestive problems, from vomiting to nauseam.

Hennos 10: buy, price

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