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GW1516 (also – GW-1516, GSK-516 or GW501516) is a relatively new product for Ukrainian athletes belonging to the category of gene doping. In the application it can activate in the human body mechanisms, the effect of which is recorded during intensive physical exercises, including PPARb and 5 AMP-activated protein kinase. His production deals with pharmaceutical companies St Biotechnology Co (China), known in athletic circles due to its peptide products.

Important: the drug is designed for oral administration like tablets or capsules.

The description of the drug GW1516

Gardarin (another name of the active substance) only recently went on sale in the pharmaceutical market. Its fundamental difference from conventional doping (stimulants, anabolic and androgenic steroids, peptides and so on) is the impact on the gene level, which start to occur important for an athlete improve:

• Increased speed, endurance and strength;
• The reduction of tiredness and fatigue;
• The effect of burning fat;
• Improve metabolism;
• Adaptogenic effect.

First, it has been empirically demonstrated that the drug GW-1516 enhances the ability of muscles to work without fatigue (increases endurance, prevents fatigue), which in turn contributes to the development of results in bodybuilding. It is especially effective with regular training loads. Note that the closer the athlete gets to the limit of their capabilities, the more noticeable becomes the effect cardarine.

Second, the mechanism of action GW1516 is directly connected with the production of additional energy. It can promote the formation of first, and then the oxidation of fats, which are important energy source during exercise. In addition, the active substance affects the metabolism of carbohydrates, plus increases the velocity of blood flow, which contributes to a more stable transportation of lipids to their cleavage.

Third, gene doping GW-1516 is able to regulate fat burning, based on a number of widespread mechanisms, among which:

• An increased expression of genes involved in the preferential use of lipids;
• Increase glucose uptake in skeletal muscle.

The first change directs the metabolism towards burning that is fat for energy, not protein or carbs. By the way, GW1516 has been tested as a drug to fight obesity. It is considered to be potentially effective, as this can lead to burning of fat without risk of increasing catabolic processes.

Note that in connection with the specific action of the drug has a number of contraindications: in diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems of the body, since it is connected with their irritation. On the other hand, in recommended doses it is practically not typical side effects and after applying not be required to PKT.

GW-1516 as a sports doping before the Olympic games in 2008 attracted the attention of anti-doping organizations. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that WADA (World anti-Doping Agency) was closely involved in the development of methods of detection, and in 2009 did include the active substance in the prohibited list for athletes.

In conclusion: gene doping GW1516 production Biotechnology Co St should be stored in dark and dry place at the temperature from 2 to 6 degrees Celsius. Also as a precaution it should be protected from children and domestic animals (for their safety).

How to take GW1516?

One of the features of the use of this drug is that it begins fully to exert its action only during regular training. Given the lack of appropriate physical activity in this period, the final improvement would be negligible. In other cases, the use of GW-1516 allows to achieve a significant development of physical forms of lead in the increase in strength, endurance, and speed, the burning of body fat.

How to take GW1516? Recommended to accept the dosage is from 30-50 mg and 100 mg daily (after a meal). The duration of the course is chosen individually for each athlete and determined the objectives.

Note that for better results, athletes often combine receiving GW1516 and another means of gene doping AICAR. This combination, among other things, allows you to quickly burn excess fat and effectively “work” without fatigue. For the observed synergistic effect. Again, a prerequisite for the success of the course is regular exercise.

Note: by visiting the Forum of our site You will be able to understand how to use GW-1516 within sports practices. Here you can ask questions of experienced consultants. The consultation is free, but chatting not answer the question. For this is a specially created theme where communication occurs.

IMPORTANT: we strongly recommend not to abuse the drug. Because the effects of GW1516 is still not fully understood, a higher dose could potentially lead to critical health consequences (in particular the active substance assumed to have carcinogenic properties at doses of 3-10 mg per 1 kg own weight or above).

Gene doping GW-1516: reviews and facts

Reviews and information about this drug, not so much because not so many athletes, who had to order it and experience the practice. However, You can always go to the Forum AthleticPharma where there is a live discussion of the training, nutrition and fredderick in bodybuilding.

What the reviews say about GW1516 how about sports doping? They are, as these studies confirm that katarin can be effectively used for the development of physical fitness.

Indeed, various effects and actions that are useful to the athlete in this preparation is enough. So, in messages customers distinguish its ability to increase performance, stamina and endurance, reduce fatigue and speed recovery. On the other hand, when used in recommended doses it is almost not peculiar side effects (but that’s no reason to abuse Katarina, because until the end it is unknown what consequences for health or appearance can lead to abuse his dosage, frequency or duration).

GW1516: where to buy, what price?

To buy this drug is not a problem. This can be done easily and quickly in our online store. Why have we got? There are my reasons, starting with the ease of ordering and ending with the profitability of purchase. But better not get ahead of ourselves, and to tell me every detail.

First – we have You can buy GW1516 with convenient delivery. After ordering, the medication will be delivered promptly to your nearest post office. This applies to all pharmaceutical products sold in the online store AthleticPharma.

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