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Gonadorelin is a natural hormone produced in the human body. It is also known as Gonadorelin and GnRH (Gonadotropin-releasing hormone). This hormone affects the production of gonadotropin FSH and LH, which are responsible for the production of natural testosterone in the body of a man. Currently, it is not difficult to find a synthetic analogue of the hormone on the market of sports pharmacology, – peptide Gonadorelin 10mg, which has similar effects and has an identical effect on the human body.

This drug is actively used in medical practice and strength sports, particularly in bodybuilding. In modern medicine, the drug is prescribed for confronting such ailments as uterine fibrosis, prostate cancer, infertility, and for the treatment of certain other diseases. In heavy sports, such a peptide agent can be taken as an effective replacement for gonadotropin (chorionic Gonadotropin), to stimulate and normalize the production of natural testosterone.

Gonadorelin, both as a hormone and as a drug, is well studied from a medical point of view. All of its side and positive effects were confirmed during laboratory and clinical research. In heavy sports, the drug is used not so long ago, so its effect has not been thoroughly investigated.

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Gonadorelin 10mg: description and properties of the drug

The impact of the drug is pulsating. In other words, LH and FSH, which helps to further produce the drug, enter the body in waves with a frequency of one to two times per hour. The very schematic of the effects of a substance is rather simple. It affects the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, causing it to produce the necessary gonadotropin, namely LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), which in turn are responsible for the amount of sex hormones synthesized by the testes.

For maximum effect, including on the synthesis of hormones, it is necessary to use Gonadorelin 10 mg. The fact is that the drug is poorly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract). In addition, injecting peptides to athletes is prompted by the relatively short half-life of the drug. During the first ten to forty minutes after application, the effect of Gonadorelin (10 mg) reaches its maximum, after which the effectiveness of the drug begins to decrease. By the way, after the collapse of the tool is displayed in the form of inactive metabolites through the urinary tract.

Speaking of the positive effects of the drug, the effects that Gonadorelin activates in a 10mg barrel, which is applied correctly, are:

• Normalization and increase of testosterone concentration;

• Stabilization of genital organs;

• Increased libido and overall improvement in sex life;

• Increased endurance.

A feature of this peptide is the course of its use. In particular, the power of certain effects will depend on the scheme with which you will administer the drug. So, at the moment we can distinguish two main methods by which Gonadorelin uses 10mg in bodybuilding and is used to hang the secretion of sex hormones. The first method is the use of the drug in waves, i.e. a course with periodic use of peptide and rather long pauses. The second option is a continuous course.

The first method of administration will provide you with a constant high secretion of testosterone with minimal risk of “side effects”. The second scheme will also significantly increase the level of the secreted male hormone, but at the same time there may be side effects. In other words, if you inject shots too often for too long, you will most likely encounter the negative effects of the drug. For example, the sensitivity of pituitary receptors may decrease, as a result, the peptide will no longer have an effect on your body.

There is also a possible third way of how to introduce this peptide hormone. It is about combining it with steroids, presumably at the end of the AAS course. However, this is not the best option if you care about your health. Because, by using Gonadorelin 10mg peptide together with steroids, and not after a course, you may face such a problem as lowering the secretion of natural testosterone in the body. The reason lies in the fact that the hormone in combination with anabolic steroids is able to suppress the chain of HDG, which is largely responsible for the production of male hormones.

In general, the side effects possessed by Gonadorelin 10mg are not multiple, however, there are quite serious illnesses among them:

• Recurrent headaches and general weakness;

• Pain in the bones, less often in the joints;

• Diarrhea, nausea;

• A sharp increase or, on the contrary, a decrease in potency in men;

• Suppression of the HGH axis (hypothalamus – pituitary – testes) if the recommendations for use are not followed;

• Soreness, in rare cases, swelling of the mammary glands.

There is nothing “fatal” or anything that any additional funds on the course can handle, there is no such thing in the list of side effects. However, given the fact that during the period of use of the drug can also appear allergic reactions, it becomes unpleasant.

It is worth noting that even though this hormone and its peptides, such as Gonadorelin 10mg, have been used for many years in medicine, both for treating women and for men, but still a lot of their effects remain a mystery. Many effects of the hormone are not fully understood, and some are simply not confirmed or not known at all. For example, it is impossible to say with absolute certainty that the use of the hormone in women will have an extremely positive effect. At the disposal of athletes and athletes there is no information about how he will behave, if the girls will take it in bodybuilding, for example, to increase endurance or muscle growth. For this reason, women athletes are advised to use other, more reliable pharmacological agents if they want to improve their athletic performance without worrying about health.

Keeping Gonadorelin in a 10mg barrel is a simple process. A closed preparation, if it is a short term – about 1-2 months, is best kept in a dry and dark place at a temperature of about 4 degrees Celsius (do not disturb the tightness of the barrel when the preparation is stored closed). At a temperature of –18–20 ° C, the powder can be stored up to several years (for reliability, the storage temperature is recommended to be lowered even further down to minus 40 ° C).

Gonadorelin 10 mg: instructions for use of the drug

Taking this drug will not take you much time, and you will not need specific medical knowledge. The only thing you have to remember is how to dilute Gonadorelin (10mg), in what dosages, and with what frequency it should be taken.

Breeding this peptide hormone is a fairly simple process. To get started, before you take Gonadorelin from a 10 mg vial, you need to decide which solvent for injections you will use. There are several options and they are all unique in their own way.

The first substance on which your course Gonadorelin 10mg can be based is physical. solution or 0.9 percent sodium chloride. You can buy it in almost any pharmacy and in different quantities. It is remarkable that the solution obtained with its help can be frozen for up to one month. The second option is water for injection (odorless sterile liquid, color and taste). When used, the solution remains stable throughout the week.

The third solvent of many is bactericidal water. This substance, which can be based on the use of Gonadorelin in a 10 mg barrel, has its significant advantages. In particular, it is known that benzene alcohol, which kills any bacteria, is the basis of this fluid. If you plan to use bactericidal water, then remember that the solution based on it will remain stable for at least a full week. And one more thing: the finished solution should be stored at a temperature of 2 to 4 degrees Celsius, up to 8 degrees, in a dark and dry place.

How to dilute Gonadorelin 10 mg? There are a few rules to listen to. First, before cooking, heat the keg to room temperature (hold it for half an hour in a dark place outside the refrigerator). Second, let air into the barrel (in a few minutes oxygen will not harm the powder, and it will not have any effect on the solution). The third is to dilute gently, the liquid for injection should gently flow along the walls of the barrel, not directly on the powder. Fourth – do not shake the drug for the fastest dissolution, it is better to put it in the fridge for a while, so that everything happens by itself.

Dosages – the second most important issue on the agenda of the athlete. Doses of Gonadorelin (10mg) are selected individually for each person. At the heart of peptide dosing is the formula – 1-2 µg of the drug per 1 kilogram of your current mass. Thus, with a weight of one hundred kilograms, your dosage of the substance should not be less than 100 and greater than 200 micrograms. Prick drug is not worth more than four times a day. A high frequency of administration will not increase the effectiveness of the drug, but the risk of side effects is likely to increase.

The course of Gonadorelin 10 mg lasts for 30 days. Exceed the duration of the course is not worth it, because it can develop immunity of the body to the effects of the drug. The reason for its occurrence may be too frequent dosages, and too large amounts of injected peptide. The instruction will not tell you about this, but after the course the athlete must make a pause of 2 weeks duration without fail. Then, if necessary, the course can be renewed.

Important: taking Gonadorelin 10mg, if you are using a drug to increase testosterone, you should not combine it with the use of other pharmacological agents. Its combined use in combination with steroids or peptides can lead to quite serious side effects. So, the combined reception of this tool, for example, with steroids, can cause the suppression of YHT or a decrease in potency.

Reviews of Gonadorelin 10mg and the effects of the drug

This peptide is not included in the list of the most common drugs on the pharmacology market; however, this does not prevent it from being actively accepted by athletes in hard sports. For this reason, it is not difficult to find opinions about the drug, its effects and impact on the Internet.

If you are looking for specific reviews about Gonadorelin, then welcome to our Forum. Anyone can speak here, leaving his opinion about this or about a hundred other drugs. At the same time, reviews of Gonadorelin can tell you how best to take this drug, in what dosages and how often. Experienced athletes who regularly visit the Forum of our site will not leave a beginner in trouble and will be sure to tell you what the subtleties are in the use of certain pharmacological agents. In addition, at the Forum, you can ask your administration questions, specifying something about the ordering process, delivery and so on.

In general, studying reviews of Gonadorelin 10mg on our website or outside, it becomes clear that this drug is extremely effective, no matter who said what. Indeed, the peptide is regularly taken both in medicine and in sport, and this indicates, at least, its efficacy and relative harmlessness.

Speaking of harmlessness, as far as the list of side effects of the drug is known is not the largest, but not the smallest. However, if you read the reviews on the peptide Gonadorelin 10 mg, you can come to the conclusion that almost all side effects occur only when the drug is misused. If you strictly follow the recommendations and instructions for use, without violating the dosages and duration of use, then the “side effects”, most likely, you will not be disturbed.

Speaking about the positive effect of the drug, reviews of the peptide Gonadorelin 10mg suggest that it is most often taken to increase the production of natural testosterone. It doesn’t matter if sex hormones are degraded due to steroids or if a disease is caused, this hormone will correct the situation anyway and normalize testosterone testicular synthesis. In addition, as customers say, this hormone has other equally beneficial effects, for example, it can increase the amount of endurance or normalize the work of the genitals.

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