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Follistatin 344 (Canada) is a peptide recently appeared in the sale in the pharmaceutical market. Despite the novelty, it can be attributed to a number of popular athletes drugs. All thanks to the unique effect: it inhibits myostatin, thus, causes a set of lean muscle mass, improve power performance, and increasing stamina. Potentially myostatin blockers can equally effectively be used by both men and women in the sport.

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What is Follistatin 344?

Structurally and in origin it is an autocrine glycoprotein produced in various tissues of the animal organism and encoded by the gene FST. It was first obtained by American scientists under the direction of Dr. si-Jin Lin School of medicine Johns Hopkins (Baltimore). Peptide isolated from follicular fluid (hence the name). It plans to use in the treatment of muscular dystrophy in men and women.

The same characteristic of Follistatin 344 is a myostatin blocker, similar drugs ACE-031, and MYO-29. For information: myostatin is a natural peptide hormone which inhibits the growth and differentiation of muscles.

What is the effect Follistatin 344? First and foremost it helps:

● Increase in lean muscle mass;
● Growth of power indicators;
● Increase efficiency;
● Faster recovery.

Also on the course can register improvements, enhanced appetite and boosting metabolism.

These effects have received confirmation not only in practice but also during laboratory tests. Scientists first found that in mice Follistatin drugs cause muscle hypertrophy and increase muscle strength, and progress in physical form was observed in healthy and dystrophic animals (regardless of age). Second, the researchers received identical results in the experimental monkeys. These experiments were conducted in the period from 2000 to 2010.

And what is the side effect of having Follistatin 344? Unfortunately, the issue of security of the peptide is not fully studied yet. It is believed that the injection can cause local reactions (redness, discomfort and pain at the injection site) or reaction identical to allergic (rise in body temperature to General weakness of the body).

For women Follistatin 344 potentially dangerous due to their influence on folliculogenesis.

In other words, the drug no side effects proven, but only because he has not yet passed clinical trials. However, it is not exactly typical for anabolic-androgenic steroids estrogen or androgenic side effects (including pending character).

How to make the Follistatin 344?

Average dosage in which Follistatin 344 (1mg) from Canada Peptides (Canada) used for sporting purposes, is 100 mg per day. Higher doses usually do not use due to risks of side effects and risk of development of tolerance to the active ingredient.

Course Follistatin 344 may be no health effects to last up to 10-20 days (2-3 weeks).

For maximum results it is better not to abuse the peptide and combine it with other sports pharmacology: known cases of effective application of Follistatin 344 in conjunction with anabolic-androgenic steroids and peptide hormones (but specific examples we can not because of the lack of details).

Where and how to inject Follistatin 344? The preparation is designed for parenteral administration (usually subcutaneous, rarely intramuscular injection). Orally (by mouth) or in other ways is not accepted. To prepare a liquid solution in the kit (when you buy 5 or more drums) is bacteriostatic water. Is water for injection, which most other solvents recommended in a couple of peptides. All because it protects the diluted preparations from bacteria and can prolong their shelf life.

Recommendations for breeding: first, preheat the contents of the vial to room temperature; secondly, insert a water for injection so that it is slowly dripping along the walls of Tara; thirdly, you can stir the resulting solution, but do not shake it, or put a barrel for a while in the fridge (not freezing!), waiting for natural breeding.

Another important solvent for the preparation of liquid forms of the peptides is sodium chloride 0.9% (saline), which is freely available from pharmacies. But in the case of myostatin blockers it has no particular advantages over the bacteriostatic water, at least, such was not identified. In addition, use of bacteriostatic water recommends itself a canadian company.

Note: it is unknown how safe the course is Follistatin 344, therefore, acquiring the drug, You use it at your own risk.

Follistatin 344: reviews and facts

As the reviews online describe Follistatin 344 from Canada? In short, the drug is accompanied predominantly positive assessment. According to information from foreign resources, the local athletes managed to gain 6 or more kilos of lean muscle mass over the course of treatment is no longer than 2-3 weeks. In General, the peptide has been praised for its effectiveness. He will be safe only when the excluded contra-indications (if unsure, please consult your doctor lechashim).

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