Drostanol-100 (2ml)

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Substance: Drostanolone Propionate

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Drostanol-100 – steroid is very popular among bodybuilders professionals, and not only, and among the newcomers. High popularity is due to unusual and even extraordinary properties of the active substance (Drostanolone dipropionate) of this drug. In fact, it is a synthetic derivative of testosterone (dihydrotestosterone), which is not subject to aromatization, regardless of the dosages. As a result, its use does not lead to the effect of increasing the level of estrogen and subsequent side effects.

Since Grotanol-100 (Drostanolone dipropionate) is a predominantly androgenic steroid, the athlete is capable of at the time of his appointment to increase the level of androgens without causing a reciprocal increase of estrogen. This provides using the abundant growth of physical performance, muscle hardness and sharpness of the bevel of the muscles.

Another reason for the high popularity of this drug among athletes is its high efficiency at the final stage of a steroid course as a means of “last push”. The bodybuilder, for example, during preparation for a competition, it is vital to achieve the minimum fat content in the body, getting thick, sculptured muscle to improve their appearance. Here is useful steroid that is used shortly before the performances.

Athletes, runners and athletes of strength sports can be very effective to use it in courses to increase power performance without a significant increase to the total body weight (not to get a heavier weight category).

Here the effect Drostanol (2ml) comes in handy more than ever, because the drug does not lead to fluid retention and a large increase in weight, but can significantly increase the strength and endurance of the athlete. For similar purposes it can be chosen in many other disciplines, such as martial arts or tennis.

The use (dosage) Drostanol-100

As specified preparation of the latest breakthrough this is an anabolic and androgen is most effective in combination with these drugs such as Winstrol, Parabolan, Oxandrolone, Primobolan (or their equivalents under other brand names). Such combination will provide the athlete not only outwardly correct form of the muscle (relief, dryness), but will greatly speed up the process of muscle building that is always true.

Average dosage of Grotanol-100 used by athletes who are on the border of 100 mg (at a frequency of application once every two days). The need for frequent injections of the drug is due to the short term of the activity of its substances and rapid excretion. This feature is a plus rather than a minus, because it provides the athlete the opportunity to take AAS just before taking a test for doping (course up until two weeks before testing).

In the case when an athlete takes a steroid as easy funds, does not lead to aromatization (as rehabilitation and stabilization of the level of androgens in the body), the standard 100 mg dosage should be taken less frequently (every three or perhaps two days). The androgenic effect is lower, however, it will gradually provide the athlete virtually all of the improvements required in full.

Grotanol: the use of women and side effects

Women almost never resort to the help of such steroids. The reason is not in the unusual properties, but rather that their use is not so justified, as in the case of men. The exception to the rule are the only athletes professional level using pharmacology in preparation for the competition.

Side effects of Grotanol-100 practically do not make themselves felt, and the drug can be relatively safe that is valued beginners, and in fact already experienced athletes. The most likely side effects include a tingling in the area of injection, rash, and periodic drowsiness. In other respects, in compliance with the dosages, minor violations and the more serious deviations usually do not occur and should not occur.

You should also pay attention to such a possibility that Grotanol from lyka labs (India) will have androgenic side effects. Especially be careful of the law, for which virilization is a very unpleasant disease. For this reason, women who dared to accept injections of the drug, in any case should not be abused, otherwise the side effects will be almost impossible to avoid.

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Grotanol (2ml): what?

Speaking out on the net about this drug can be a great help for its purchase. Almost all reviews of Grotanol-100 positive statements about its properties, qualities and achievements. Examining these statements we can conclude that the drug is a good choice not only for novice athletes or Amateurs, but for pros, it can be used effectively in preparing for the competition for best physical shape.

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