Drostanol-100 (10ml)

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Brand: Lyka Labs
Packing: 10 ml (vial)
Substance: Drostanolone Di-Propionate

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Lyka Labs Drostanol-100 10ml is a steroid drug endowed with high androgenic and moderate anabolic activity. In addition to strength, it is remarkable for its almost complete harmlessness: it does not aromatize on the course, it does not have a toxic effect and only in rare cases does it show androgenic side effects.

A steroid is used predominantly by men in heavy and power disciplines, as well as in bodybuilding. In sports, he is primarily valued for his ability to significantly improve the quality of muscles, increasing the relief, density and stiffness of muscles. Therefore, athletes regularly resort to his help in the course of drying. Also, this steroid drug can increase the physical indicators of the athlete, in particular, strength and endurance (often used by professional athletes and amateurs who are seeking to increase strength without increasing mass).

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