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decabol is an is 300 is a modern, efficient steroid drug, active substance of which is Nandrolone Decanoate. It is mainly applied in sports practice, in particular in bodybuilding. Athletes Usually use it for long courses to achieve increase in muscle mass and strengthening the body.

It is important that it is easy to ensure original the bought drug. The manufacturer has provided a verification system of protection of production from fakes to check the originality of the steroid, enter the verification code (located on the barrel) on the official website (at You will definitely get a positive message about the originality (similar as shown in the example):

The description of the drug is decabol is 300

The active substance of this drug, Nandrolone Decanoate, was developed in the mid-20th century. On the market this steroid was first introduced in 1962-m to year. In that period it was produced under the trade name deca durabolin and was used primarily for medical purposes. To date, Nandrolone was probably one of the most common and popular steroids in sports practice, and all thanks to a pronounced anabolic activity and relatively low incidence of side effects.

Note that the drug is decabol is 300 is made by British Dragon (codes) – is first and foremost a strong enough anabolic. The index of the anabolic activity is 150% of endogenous testosterone that much. Androgenic activity at the same time, he reduced and is equal to 30% of testosterone. Effect of injection lasts for about 15 days since the last application. So too often you enter it, there is no need (usually injections are one to two times a full week).

Effects decabol is 300 is suitable for use on the course, the following:

• Pronounced muscle mass gain;

• Improvement of oxygen transportation;

• Strengthening of the immune defense;

• Elimination of joint pain due to improved lubrication;

• Strengthening of the skeletal system of the body.

The drug is decabol is an is 300 is a smart choice for athletes in bodybuilding and other disciplines that aspire to a significant increase in muscle mass, improvement of joint function and overall body. However, it is understood that its reception may be associated not only with beneficial effects and improvements, but with some side effects.

In particular it is known that decabol is an is 300 from British Dragon Pharmaceuticals (IDs) is able to reduce production of its own testosterone, which is fraught with consequences, including decreased libido. The reason is that the solely steroid is a long time in the human body, and its long-lived metabolites endowed with progestogenic activity.

On the other hand is almost 300 decabol is not typical side effects of aromatization including gynecomastia. These variations can disturb the athlete only in case of the prolonged use of high doses, i.e., doses above 400 mg per week. Androgenic side effects (acne, body hair body and face, greasy skin, loss of hair on the head) during his admission doesn’t usually arise.

In conclusion, the descriptions will add that this steroid should be carried out in a dark and dry place at room temperature. This is a steroid drug recommended is reliable to hide and keep out of the reach of children and Pets.

The use of the drug is decabol is 300

This drug is used primarily to recruitment of muscle mass. While it is usually the reception is held in combination with other AAS (in combination with other funds steroid, methandienone stanozolol before, in order to get the best results).

How to take the drug is decabol is 300 in combinations, and what kind of steroids should be combined? Really effective courses of this drug you can make and spend a lot. However, it is important to understand that the choice of a particular combination depends on pursuing your goals, experience, as well as your financial possibilities.

Decabol is Course is 300 and methandienone can be effectively used by those athletes who want to more increase in muscle mass. Regimen of the following: this drug is 200 mg a week, Dianabol-30 mg every day, at the output – 100 mg Testosterone Propionate every 2 days, for PCT – Tamoxifen 30 mg per day.

The same joint course decabol is an is 300, turinabol and stanozolol injectable form will give good results to the athletes, whose main goal is to gain quality muscle mass and increase strength. Dosage you can use the following: this drug is 200 mg per week, Stanozolol, 50 mg daily, Turinabol at 40 mg daily. For post-cycle therapy here need Clomiphene citrate or Tamoxifen again.

In General, the application 300 athletes decabol is is usually taken in a dosage of 200 to 600 mg per week (respectively, 0.7 – 2 ml). It is recommended to accept the dosage. To put it too frequently, there is no need because he is sufficient long-term activity – about 15 days (in most cases, injections are made once or twice full week). Courses with the participation of the anabolic long, on average lasting about eight weeks.

Women, if spend the use decabol is an is 300, in smaller volumes in comparison with men. Them to receive advice only a low dose of around 50 mg, maximum 100 mg per week. The use of beautiful flooring, large doses may be associated with the occurrence of adverse effects, including the effects of virilization.

It is important to note that visiting the Forum AthleticPharma, You will be able to fully understand all the nuances of using this anabolic androgenic steroid for the sport. The fact that you can communicate with the resource consultants who will share their recommendations and experiences on the application of this and many other pharmacological agents. One of our consultants, by the way, includes such professionals as a trainer of bodybuilding and the master of sports on weightlifting.

The reviews about the drug decabol is an is 300

To know the opinion of athletes who have already ordered and have experienced the drug, You can not leave our site. In particular all necessary information and feedback about the products of different companies You can find by just going to our Forum. Here in a relaxed atmosphere to talk with the consultants of the resource, or “peers”, who will share their opinions and experiences. What exactly do you think about this steroid athletes means?

Reviews about decabol is 300 is referred to as a working and fairly effective drug, comparable in effectiveness with the Indian analogue, nandrolone Decanoate from B. M Pharmaceuticals. Athletes emphasize that using it on the course, it is possible to achieve a significant increase in muscle mass, improve the function of joints and in General a good idea to strengthen the body.

Reviews about decabol is an is 300 note that combining the drug methandienone is possible to get great results in muscle mass. They observed a synergistic effect, i.e., improvements will be more significant if to take them along on the course. It is possible, as prompt feedback, to combine this drug with other AAS, stanozolol before from testosterone esters. The choice of the particular combination is determined by the purpose to which You aspire.

Overall, if you examine the reviews, this injectable AAS appear to be of sufficient quality and effective drug steroid origin. Proper use can help to achieve significant results in the development of physical forms of lead in the muscle mass, strengthening the immune system, improve joints, and also strengthen the bone structure.

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