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The main value of this product is to increase short-term athletic and sports performance and results (sprinting, power sports, heavy lifting).

creatine is useful for athletes so-called jerk sports is a sports discipline associated with running, jumping and abrupt and short-term efforts, finishing the jerks, lifting weights. In the phase of the jerk or acceleration is multiplied the intensity of stress on the body, in the moment described the substance used by the body as a power source, which under normal circumstances is impossible.

Feeding the athlete of the supplements will benefit if the athlete alternates between exercises and high intensity workout with rest or lower load classes. Creatine is also useful for athletes of team sports: hockey, football (because the athletes alternate rapid pulse load with rest or less intense exercise) or sports, which is characterized by explosive muscle contraction: tennis, some martial arts and others.

creatine as an additional source of water will help the athlete in a grueling and long training. As the growing intensity when training muscle contribute to the development of the muscle tissue in the long term. This has been proven by numerous studies. In most of these studies average dosage of the product was 20-25 grams of the drug, this dosage is the assurance of scientists is helping to support at high level feeding the body with additional energy. The phosphate is able to inhibit the increasing of content of ammonium in the blood (high concentration of ammonium can lead to slower physical activity).

creatine: three main ways of use

Method 1 – download: first week is taken five grams of supplements four times a day, then for two and a half months or six weeks, take two grams once daily; after a course mandatory rest period (from two weeks to one month), then you can resume the course.

Method 2 – acceptance of creatine without loading: from one month to six months, adopted by three-five grams of product; then to be at least a month.

Method 3 – weekly download: a week it’s taking five grams four times a day, then a week of rest and again a week five grams four times per day (course boot intake alternating with the rest).

In the package 10-20 servings.

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