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Substance: Clenbuterol

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Clenoged 0.04 mg is a fast acting, non-steroidal fat burner, the drug for weight loss production company Euro Prime Farmaceuticals. It is effective for the purpose of constructing dense and prominent muscles, consequently gets used in the courses of drying. Most prized in bodybuilding, but potentially effective in any other physical sport: from athletics to martial arts.

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Clenoged details about the properties

The first and only scope clenbuterol (active ingredient in based product) has long remained a traditional medicine. Only in the last decade it became in demand among fans and sport professionals who want to get rid of extra pounds and get slim figure. Maple (a slang abbreviation of “clenbuterol”) has the following indications for man as a medicine: COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), bronchial obstructive syndrome, bronchial asthma, other.

Clenoged (Russian. Clenoged) the structure relates to chlorinated derivatives of phenyl-beta-amino alcohols. Peculiar is a beta-2-agonist, with selective action. Effect due to selective excitation of beta-2-adrenergic receptors.

Clenoged (clenbuterol) is not a steroid hormone, as some wrongly assume. It has no androgenic activity, one can be moderately weak anabolic activity, as evidenced by the succession of clinical trials and the practice of receiving in bodybuilding.

The positive effect Clenoged 0.04 mg:

Burning and obstruction of accumulation of subcutaneous fat;
Increased secretion of adrenaline and noradrenaline;
Increased secretion of thyroid hormones;
Suppression of muscle catabolism.

Note: the anti-catabolic action clenbuterol long remained unconfirmed, but today its availability is not in doubt. I think that the effect is due to blocking the ubiquitin-proteasomal and Ca2 dependent proteolysis of.

Side effects Clenoged has a passing character. The probable complications of the form of sweating, tremor of the limbs, insomnia, anxiety, heartburn, nauseam, diarrhea, loss of appetite, high blood pressure and heart palpitations, to prevent some of which are on the course connect ketotifen and beta-1-blockers.

Storage conditions: at a temperature of 25-27 °C, dry and dark place; away from children and Pets.

Clenoged 0.04 mg: how to take?

Application Clenoged cyclic. Usually, it is taken short courses – on average 2-4 full week, because otherwise develops immunity of the body and the priority of the action is shifting towards side effects.

The optimal dosage Clenoged from EPF is chosen individually, depending on tolerability use. Average not recommended to exceed the daily dosage of 120-140 µg (3-3.5 tablets). This is the dosing range for men.

At the first acquaintance with the drug it makes sense to start the course with a minimum dosage (20-40 mg), then gradually increased, leading to the optimal level (120-140 mcg), and towards the end to reduce – up to full cancellation. This approach minimizes risk and side effects. If violations arise, independently or passing to remove.

Solo course Clenoged 0.04 mg is not popular. To maximize the positive effects of the drug combine with different, but identical end-effect active substances, including peptide hormones, thyroid hormones and steroid hormones: from liotironina and to oxandrolone trenbolone Acetate and somatotropin.

Clenoged long-term use (longer than 2 full weeks) must accompany the use of ketotifen. Ketotifen is an antiallergic drug not only minimizes the side effect of the maple, but also increase the susceptibility to beta-2-agonists.

Before taking Clenoged from EPF for sporting purposes it is necessary to exclude the official contraindications: hypersensitivity, pregnancy, thyrotoxicosis, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, tachyarrhythmia, other.

Who can recommend Clenoged? If not abuse, then clenbuterol potentially effective and relatively safe to both men and women. However, women should be limited to a reasonable dosage of up to 80-100 micrograms (2-2.5 tablets) a day.

If You have any questions, be sure to visit the Forum Here you can find reviews on sports pharmacology “first hand” or to get personal advice. Registration is online our online store is very simple and very quick – will not take longer than 5 minutes.

Clenoged from EPF: the reviews on the net

Reviews about Clenoged (0.04 mg/tab, 50 tab) from the EPF (Moldova) is rare, at least in Runet, because the drug is not so long ago appeared on the domestic market. However, they are, and most importantly allow us to conclude that the product Euro Prime Farmaceuticals at least not inferior to direct competitors from other brands.

Reviews are mainly positive. Clenoged effective as nonsteroidal fat burner anticatabolic and, therefore, gets high marks from athletes. In a positive step no doubt, but side effects remain invisible or does not appear, if we exclude the contraindications and not abused.

Products Kishinev Pharmaceutical Factory Euro Prime Farmaceuticals as a whole enjoys good demand, which again hints at its effectiveness. You can see the views of the athletes on our Forum.

Clenoged: where to buy?

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