Clenbuterol (20tab)

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Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Packing: 20 tab
Substance: Clenbuterol

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clenbuterol Balcan in a package of 20 tablets is 2-beta – sympathomimetic, not a steroid hormone, as many believe. However, many of the criteria it is still similar to steroid drugs. First, he, like steroid hormones, has a powerful anticatabolic effect (reduction in the number of decaying protein in muscle, after taking anabolic drugs). Perhaps it is to preserve the maximum of the total physical forms a large part of the experienced athletes prefer to buy it as a preparation for the final stage of a steroid course. It also is an excellent fat burner for sports use.

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For many athletes, the question remains whether clenbuterol Balcan (20tab) anabolic drug?! After all, during the experiments was proved that it has some anabolic properties. However, what properties, and what possible anabolic effect of this drug, completely unknown until now. According to numerous statements of opinions on this subject differ.

Application clenbuterol (40mcg/tab, 20tab) from Balcan

Recommended dosage – 20-100 (120) micrograms per day (usually divided into two doses). Also note that the reception is usually initiated with minimal doses, that is, with 20-40 mcg per day, and then the number of tablets gradually increased to the optimum response, which is observed at a dosage of 100-120 mcg.

The average rate of reception clenbuterol from Bakan pharmaceuticals for reviews is 3-4 weeks for drying or for those wishing to maintain muscle mass recruited during exercise when taking steroid drugs. Experienced athletes can do longer cycles, but do not forget about the possible consequences.

Side effects from clenbuterol Balcan

The main side effects during the pill – shiver (tremor) of the hands, palpitations and excessive sweating. Other side effects are minor and do not have much impact on the training of athlete (periodic nauseam, anxiety). All of the above applies to temporary effects, the longest of them lasts no more than 6 weeks. It should be noted that all adverse effects were recorded during clinical trials, during which the substance was enrolled in a group chemically harmless means.

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