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Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
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Substance: T3 (liothyronine)

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Citomed Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a hormonal drug that has a wide sports use for weight loss and drying. Characterized by a powerful fat-burning effect, superior to even many of the sports fat burners. Also notable for a quick activity after application and a high degree of absorption: the effect is felt in the first days of use of pills/tablets and continue the course only progresses.

The drug cytomed has the active ingredient liothyronine (T3). This artificially produced hormone of the thyroid gland, the levorotatory isomer of triiodothyronine (T3), is identical in properties and biological action. Initially it is prescribed for replacement therapy drug, but in recent years has received wide sports application in view of the efficiency in the use for weight loss.

cytomed sports drug

The first drugs based on thyroid hormones (thyroid hormones) appeared at the disposal of physicians in the 19th century. It was not complete in the modern sense of drugs like today’s tablets or injections, and primarily extracts (extracts of thyroid glands), however, have sufficient efficiency to be used by man.

Closer to the analogues of modern production Citomed Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova) became available only after the mid-20th century. It was already convenient for the production and use of tablet medication, which quickly gained popularity in medicine for its intended purpose, and in Amateur and professional sport as doping.

cytomed is the same and even more effective thyroid hormone preparation. Triiodothyronine, which is a type of active substance liothyronine, is a biologically active form of thyroid. In humans, the vast majority of thyroid hormones released into the bloodstream in the form of inactive thyroxine (T4). And only then converted to have a major impact hormone triiodothyronine (T3 aka liothyronine).

In bodybuilding cytomed regarded as a powerful and fast acting fat burning drug. In the controlled technique, he has a pronounced fat burning, and also moderate anabolic effect, stimulates differentiation and growth, and enhances basal metabolism (metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates). Effectively compensates for a deficiency of thyroid hormones in the body (which mainly applied in medicine). Register restorative effects attributable to the function of the cardiovascular and Central nervous systems, increased energy metabolism, the kidneys and liver.

Possible side effects cytomed: disorders of the cardiovascular, digestive and Central nervous systems, allergic reactions, increased catabolic processes, the abuse, the development of suppressing production of TSH and disorders of thyroid function in overdose. Treatment of overdose is symptomatic, is carried out under the supervision of a physician.

In fact a natural origin (triiodothyronine is natural for the human body hormone) the drug is not completely safe to use especially in excessive dosages sports.

How to take cytomed?

Drug use in sports purposes (weight loss on drying), usually carried out at a dose of 25 micrograms, but not more than 200-400 mg per day. The course is recommended to start with the minimum dose (one half of tablet – tablet) and then gradually working to increase the dose to determine an individually effective.

The course Citomed duration can reach up to 6 whole weeks. Inflated the length of treatment is fraught with the development of immunity to the substance suppressing production of TSH and impaired thyroid function in General.

For therapeutic medicinal purposes dosage liothyronine (T3), which is from Balcan cytomed Pharma gets more moderate – in the framework of 5-100 mg per day for the same duration. Dose determined by the doctor depending on the purpose and condition of the patient. Indications to the drug application are: hypothyroidism (primary or secondary), cerebrohepatorenal disease with a hypothyroid condition, sporadic or endemic goiter, hypothyroid obesity, cretinism, myxedema, and even cancer (thyroid cancer).

The main contraindications to the drug is individual hypersensitivity to the substance or the components included in the composition is not cured hyperthyroidism, dysfunction of the cardiovascular system (tachycardia from to myocardial infarction), diabetes, pregnancy, old age.

Cytomed Course in sports, including bodybuilding, can effectively be implemented in combination with other drugs, including fat burners as clenbuterol, and anabolic steroids are popular for drying. Detailed advice on drugs in sports and about sports pharmacology is easy to get on the Forum of our online store. Experienced consultants as a sports doctor is not familiar with pharmacology and will answer any questions You may have. For communication on the Forum will require registration. Consultations are carried out for beginners, seasoned athletes and girls/women in sports.

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Even if the appointment is a medical drug, but in practice is also one of the strongest fat burners available. Few people know, but almost all of the popular sports pharmacology was originally developed for medicine, whether anabolic and androgenic steroids or peptides (prohormone). Therefore, the fact of medicinal purpose of the drug does not have to scare the athletes, but instead talking about the relative safety of application in compliance with the recommendations.

Reviews athletes on cytomed note that the tablets are effective for not only beginners and experienced athletes as well as girls/women for losing weight. The basis of preparation is an analogue of the natural hormone of the thyroid gland, not having exclusive contraindications for women, minus the period of pregnancy or lactation. Liothyronine is not a steroid drug and has no androgenic activity, which could serve as a limitation to the application.

For reviews cytomed seems to be a powerful fat burner, but the statements mentioned that the pill in any case should not be abused. More pharmacology isn’t better, and higher doses will not lead to a visible improvement of results, but on the contrary can provoke catabolism and increase the risks of side effects to various body systems.

On our Forum You will be able to examine detailed customer reviews Citomed (50 mcg/tab, 20 tab). Or write your own opinion after purchase. Customer reviews are not censored, if you do not violate the basic rules of the resource.

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