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High-quality milk protein complex.

A constant flow of amino acids into muscle tissue.

Protein is long-acting.

It shortens the time needed for muscle recovery.

Casein is a protein complex of milk. Is a high quality protein because it provides sufficient amounts of essential amino acids that are not synthesized by the body. A distinctive feature of it is that it is absorbed slower than other proteins. This is a very useful property, since the rapid flow of protein into muscle tissue is needed immediately before and after a workout, and the rest of the time is preferable to a slow saturation of protein. Another indispensable feature of this tool is that it leaves after taking a full feeling of satiety. Physiologically this is due to the slight pressure that the protein has on the stomach wall. Consequently the stomach signals to the brain that is filled with and may stop eating.

Athletes and bodybuilders seeking to build quality muscle mass, Casein also helps to reduce recovery time and avoid muscle breakdown in the catabolic phase. The improvement in sleep quality – another valuable quality of this product sportpit, which is a serious motive to purchase. It is necessarily included in the Arsenal of sports nutrition professionals.

Recommendations for use of Casein protein:

Mix in a shaker or other containers 300 ml of milk, can of water or juice and two tablespoons of the product. The resulting cocktail should be taken during the day two or three times, between meals and prior to bedtime. After a workout to take Casein is ineffective, because its fission rate is slow.

Research Casein:

One of the most interesting studies of this protein, the study of Bwari showed that this protein is 35% increases protein synthesis and reduces catabolism by approximately 38%. But the most important quality is that it contributes to the preservation and maintenance of positive nitrogen balance within 7 hours after ingestion.

Another extremely useful study described the effect that has the protein Casein, when it was used in the program 14-week weightlifting program. All the participants were divided into two groups, in each group, subjects adhered to a balanced diet, which includes about 70-75 g of additional protein per day. Between groups was the only difference in the origin of the source of ingested protein: the first experimental group drank protein shakes based on whey, the second group – dairy protein isolates. By the end of the study the second group (milk protein isolates), lost more the second (7 kg vs. 4.2 kg) and have built up more muscle mass (4 kg vs. 2 kg), as the group using this tool ahead in power terms the group using whey.

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