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Boldoged is a steroid drug strong anabolic effects and moderate androgenic activity. Its active ingredient is Boldenone Undecylenate, created in the mid-20th century, a large pharmaceutical company Ciba. One of the main advantages Boldoged is minimal chance of the manifestation of androgenic side effects that include: acne, increased greasiness of the skin, loss of hair on the head or their excessive growth on the body etc.

Today, this reality is mainly used in sports practice. In particular the drug Boldoged regularly used in bodybuilding and strength sports for a quality gain in muscle mass and strength increases. Although Boldenone create was conceived as a pharmacological agent for veterinary purposes, because it can be used to enhance physical performance and appetite not only in humans but also in debilitated or sick animals.

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Description: what is the steroid Boldoged?

The basis of preparation, as already noted, is steroid Boldenone Undecylenate. It has a 100% anabolic and 50 percent androgenic activity of endogenous testosterone. During the course, built for sporting purposes, Boldoged 250 exhibits the following action and effects:

• He quickly increases the concentration of red blood cells in the blood, which leads to improvement of the bleeding;

• Significantly increases the strength of the athlete;

• Anabolic and improves the transport of oxygen in muscle;

• The drug provides a quality gain of muscle mass;

• Increases appetite.

Boldenone Undecylenate is valid, and, therefore, the drug to 15 days, which leads to the recommended frequency of its introduction – usually the injections are once a week. To detect this anabolic during anti-doping tests within 5 months after application.

Verify that the undecylenate ester of Boldenone, which is based on the drug Boldoged is designed for the maximum allocation of the active substance and the prolonged release. It is also important to understand that the activity Boldoged is not immediately, but while taking anabolic has a smooth and uniform effect on the human body. Therefore, the athletes in most cases build a long enough courses of the drug (usually 8-10 weeks).

If we talk about negative effects, here, as in the case of positive activity, Boldoged, produced by Golden Dragon, is very reliable and trustworthy tool. It is not toxic, so, in the time of his admission does not occur and should not cause problems with the liver. He has a weak flavoring, and only in rare cases can lead to such abnormalities, such as gynecomastia or delay of fluids in the body. Besides, the drug Boldoged almost not typical androgenic side effects: acne, increased oily skin, baldness and others.

To take this steroid on the course can both men and women. Injectiona women, of course, happening in smaller doses. For instance, women are advised to limit the dosage 50-100 mg per week, while men can consume and 800 mg in the same period.

Storage conditions that should be respected by all the athletes who bought Boldoged from Golden Dragon:

• Storage preparation is closed from light and dry place;

• Storage temperature should be room;

• Anabolic should be securely hidden from children and domestic animals.

The most efficient rate of application Boldoged

In the course of taking this drug can be, both in solo and in combinations with other steroids for greater efficiency. If we talk about goals, in most cases, the use of such an injectable preparation is for a set of quality muscle mass, increase physical performance and appetite stimulation.

Dosage Boldoged that are recommended for the course is 200 – 800 mg of steroid per week. Boldenone Undecylenate has a long period of activity (about 15 days), so frequent use of the drug little sense. Generally reception of anabolic is produced with a frequency of once a week. A course with this steroid drug lasts on average 8 to 10 full weeks. This is sufficient for noticeable development of muscles and growth of power.

It is important to clarify that the concentration of the active substance of this drug is 250 mg per 1 ml. That is, to apply Boldoged in the maximum recommended weekly dose (800 mg), You need to type in a syringe for injection of 3.2 milliliters of the drug. By the way, when using such dosage and administration of the drug with the usual frequency of one barrel with a volume of 10 ml will be enough for 3 weeks.

If You plan to pursue a joint course of medication, you should know that the use of Boldoged is combined with the use of stanozolol, trenbolone enanthate, testosterone Propionate, oxandrolone and other anabolic steroids, varying in properties and characteristics.

For example, for more noticeable muscle development and to maximize the power You can combine the course Boldoged and receive stanozolol. This course will also lead to a significant increase in appetite, to strengthen bone structure and improve endurance.

For more information about the properties and use of this steroid can contact the Forum AthleticPharma. Here our qualified and experienced consultants, including the master of sports on weightlifting, sports physician, master of sports in powerlifting, coach on bodybuilding and other professionals who will answer all with the questions You have and give good advice.

Facts, opinions and reviews about Boldoged in bodybuilding

On the Internet opinions of the athletes about a particular anabolic quite common. You will not be difficult to find and reviews of this drug in the injection, because it is Boldenone Undecylenate, is very effective and popular in sporting circles steroid, was developed in the middle of the last century.

If You don’t want to waste your time in a long, languid search for authentic sources to read reviews about Boldoged, then just go to our Forum. Here athletes, having a simple registration, can communicate freely with each other and Express opinions. Therefore, statements about steroids and the many other tools used in sports practice are sufficient to explore the number.

By the way, after reading the reviews of Boldoged, You will know that this drug has considerable amount of positive properties and effects on the human body. So, it promotes quality muscle growth, significantly increases strength, provides a better oxygen delivery to the muscles, increases appetite and red blood cells in the blood, thereby stimulating the bleeding.

Plus, as the reviews say about Boldoged, and that is proved by practice, this anabolic for maximum efficiency can be combined with different steroid drugs. For example, You can combine the intake of Boldenone and stanozolol or Boldenone and Oxandrolone to achieve more significant results by the end of the course. The steroid is also excellent combined with testosterone, with trenbolone enanthate and other means.

In all of this, as many suggest taking it, such AAS manifests practically no negative impact, because it is not toxic to the liver and is not peculiar to him androgenic side effects (acne, alopecia, and others). Yes, Boldenone is a bit prone to aromatization, but in fact, such effects of high levels of estrogen in the blood, such as gynecomastia and delays fluids during its application occur only in isolated cases.

If we summarize the information that can be emphasized by studying the reviews about Boldoged from Golden Dragon, it turns out that this is incredibly useful in sports anabolic, with a strong positive effect and almost free from negative properties.

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