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Amino acids – substances included in the composition of the protein (its components) that is used by our body for building and developing muscle mass. Multiple studies have shown that only one type of amino acids (branched chain amino acids BCAA’s) are able to maintain the maximum received muscle mass during severe stress or heavy training. It also became clear that these substances increase the endurance of the athlete.

Amino acids BCAA: leucine, valine and isoleucine belong to the group of “essential” amino acids, i.e., these amino acids cannot be synthesized by the organism (leucine, isoleucine and valine we get in food and supplements). It should be noted that these substances make up a third of the skeletal muscles of our body.

The main feature of the BCAAs is that they are getting into the human body, did not go to the liver to digest, but straight to muscle tissue. They are pushing the human body to develop extra muscle tissue, i.e. synthesize muscle development (which affects the metabolism). Also, BCAAs can be used by the athlete for more energy during workouts, in particular, help our bodies in protein synthesis and muscle tissue repair.

Amino acids chain BCAA can reduce muscle breakdown, stimulating insulin synthesis in the human body (it has been proven that insulin is able to prevent the destruction or disintegration of muscle tissue).

Some of these substances, namely leucine, have the effects characteristic of anabolic – a chemical reaction that increases the protein synthesis in the body. In fact, our body focuses on the anabolic effects uses free amino acids for the production of protein and lean muscle mass. So do not forget that to obtain the maximum possible effect of taking from supplements, you also need and protein (protein Supplement).

Amino acids BCAA are devoid of any side effects, they can be used anytime and regardless of your physical condition. However, the best complex manifests itself during a reception before training, because the peak activity of the drug falls on the peak of activity of your body during a workout. The average dose is 7-10 mg of BCAAs.

Recommendations for use:

Take BCAAs at any time of the day, preferably on an empty stomach. Best option is to eat before exercise. The serving size is 7-10 g. (2 teaspoons).

Packaging 20-25 servings.

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