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Bactericidal water is the substance used for the preparation of liquid forms of drugs. Each milliliter of solution contains 0.9 percent sodium chloride (sodium chloride 9mg/1ml) and 0.9 percent benzene alcohol (benzyl alcohol 9mg/1ml). This drug is available in various volumes (in this case 30ml).

What is a bactericidal water: description and properties as a solvent

Most often, this “solvent” is used in sports practice and in medicine. There it is used for preparing an infusion or injection solutions, with the goal of providing optimum conditions for compatibility and efficiency of substrates and water.

In sports, in particular bodybuilding, sterilizing water can be useful for cultivation of auxiliary pharmacological agents, such as peptides. In medicine with its help prepared drug solutions.

Of is bactericidal water, and are deprived of its analogs (sterile water, saline, etc.) in the first place is to highlight the presence in its structure the benzene alcohol (benzyl alcohol destroys all known bacteria, protecting the solution from contact and distribution). Piercing the rubber cap of the vial You can put in liquid bacteria that are very quickly to multiply in the usual sterile water. Injection well exposed to the bacteria that can cause abscesses and infections of all kinds.

A significant advantage is the ability of the tank. water to extend shelf life and biological activity divorced from her using substances. For example, if bactericidal water for injection was used for dilution of the peptide GHRP-6, it will extend its efficacy up to 30-35 days. Also do not forget that water in any form has a high biological activity. Therefore, the use of drugs in liquid form leads to their rapid absorption and more rapid activation effects.

Note that the use of this fluid women and men in the sports or medical purposes is absolutely safe. In other words, anyone can use a tank. water to create an injectable solution for subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, without fear of consequences. It can also freely apply in order to clean the wound, or moistening dressings.

Technically, this solvent has no shortcomings. The only more or less serious drawback is the inability of free purchase the tank. water in the pharmacy. “Bacteriostatic water” is usually dispensed by prescription, even if it is not a drug.

Important: bactericidal water has no harmful effects, side effects while using it do not arise. To use it is not necessary, only if the user of the drug indicated another substance to prepare the solution.

The last advantage, which has a bactericidal water for injections, is the ease and duration of its storage. The private drug is not lost its effects for at least 12 months. Open the same solution can be stored up to 28 days. The storage of this liquid is in the refrigerator. The average storage temperature is 2-8 degrees Celsius (liquid not recommended to freeze and subjected to extreme temperatures).

A bactericidal water, method of application and instruction

As already mentioned, the solvent is great for making injection solutions with a view to their introduction subcutaneously or intramuscularly. The instructions also bactericidal water notes that to apply the liquid to moisten dressings or for washing wounds.

The method of using bactericidal water largely depends on the drug that will divorce based on it (the dose of the solvent and retention of fluid can vary from substance to substance). So, if you dissolve the peptide GHRP-2 or Gonadorelin storage time will be 30-35 days. If the use of this fluid was carried out to dissolve the peptide Selank, the storage time will be limited to 30 days. But in any case this is more than the normal sterile water or saline solution.

Speaking specifically about breeding, it is worth noting that virtually all pharmacological agents there is no universal instruction for use antibacterial water that makes it easier. To start, take a cotton ball, dip it in rubbing alcohol and wipe the containers with a “solvent” and the drug. Then use an insulin syringe, enter the required amount of liquid for injection into the vial with the drug. Ensure that water for injections evenly and slowly flows down the inside of the bottle. Wait until the dissolution of the farm. of the drug and “solvent” (not recommended, shake or stir the solution to speed up the process), then you can safely put the injection.

Bactericidal water: reviews, opinions and facts

More and more athletes beginning to realize that this “solvent” has a number of advantages over similar tools. Therefore, statements about a liquid for injections are more and more often, and it is growing in popularity, without exaggeration, with each new day.

Look for opinions and facts about the given fluid do not have long. So, by accessing our Forum, You will find reviews of bactericidal water for injection, left by visitors of the website experienced athletes with years of experience. To summarize presented information on the Forum, you can come to believe that 0.9 percent sodium chloride in combination with the benzene alcohol is perhaps today’s best solvent for injection, certainly if You plan a course of peptides.

Because as they say reviews on antibacterial water and as evidenced by the data presented in this manual, it is only able to prolong the time effectiveness of pharmacological agents and to protect them from exposure to bacteria. To ensure maximum safety and effectiveness of injections.

Besides, do not forget that in itself the tank. water is absolutely harmless. Contraindications to its application do not exist as such, and the manifestation of side effects or allergic reactions it does not. Importantly, this right to dissolve the drugs and then make feedback about “Bacteriostatic water”, You have nothing to fear.

If You still have doubts about the use of the substance or there are some questions, You again can visit the Forum and get rid of them, after consulting with the opinion of the “colleagues”.

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