Aquatest 50

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Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Packing: 1 ml (amp)
Substance: Testosterone Suspension

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50 Aquatest (testosterone Suspension) is a brand new product, which is originally developed by Balkan Pharmaceuticals. This Testosterone has a strong androgenic effect and a less pronounced anabolic. It is a white liquid, the chemical composition of water Suspension of pure hormone. According to the developers is a way to protect the steroid molecule from degradation and avoid the destructive action on the liver. The hormone enters the bloodstream unchanged, that is to say that the drug contains the free active Testosterone. This makes it different from its fellow oil esters, which can’t brag of it: enanthate, propionate, cypionate. The quality of this tool is very interesting for experienced athletes, in order to reduce the level of harm the steroid course, where their dosage is not small.

As Akvatest 50 is an aqueous suspension of testosterone, so this drug should be done more often than injections of analogues of oil-based. The duration of the course sufficient to achieve the desired result, is 6-8 weeks. To combine such a drug for sports tasks is useful with danabol Stanazolol, nandrolone, primobol.

As for the side effects Aquatest 50, it should be noted the likely high blood pressure, palpitation, rashes on the body, hair loss, increased hair growth on the body, sexual hyperstimulation, increased aggression. This possible violation, especially if not followed. To prevent these phenomena will help anti-estrogen drugs: Provimed, Clomed and Tamoximed.

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