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Substance: Testosterone Suspension

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Aquatest is dissolved in water pure Testosterone, without esterification. The lack of essential rest is the main difference of this drug from other forms of testosterone used in medicine and sports. The onset of action of this steroid is almost instantaneous, and during the day he is eliminated from the body so that almost can not be detected in doping tests.

Due to this feature the use of Aquatest 100 in bodybuilding and other sports is common before an event. This is one of the most powerful drugs to increase strength and mass.

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Description Aquatest

The drug is testosterone suspension. Because of the lack of essential balance Testosterone almost instantly enters the bloodstream and begins to act. In case of its esters for a similar effect sometimes you need weeks of therapy. Injection from 100 Aquatest (Balkan) may vary in tenderness, but in General, side effects occur quite rarely. Prior to injection the vial should be shaken, as Testosterone tends to settle at the bottom of the water.

Testosterone Suspension has become the world’s first steroid-anabolic, has been known since the 1930-ies. An important distinction that 100 mg of active ingredient of the drug give the body of the athlete exactly 100 mg of pure testosterone, as the various esters give less in this relationship. For example, 100 mg testosterone enanthate on a proper hormone account for about 72 mg. Rest is essential rest, which provides a gradual effect of the drug.

Selling Akvatest from balcanPharma very popular among professional athletes participating in competitions. A very rapid increase in strength and muscle mass gain, it does not read the tests, making the cost of the drug by the ratio price-quality is not so high. The effects of any testosterone similar in principle, differing only in the speed.

In quick beginning of action of the steroid lies its main advantage. The effect of taking the athlete may feel for 2-3 days course. Its fast pharmacokinetics and is responsible for its contraindications, and common side effects. High androgenetic and exposure to flavoring cause athletes the accumulation of fluids, acne, baldness, gynecomastia. In this regard, is limited to the reception of such substances by people with hypersensitivity to it, renal failure. Women use the more is not recommended.

Detailed instructions for Aquatest Balkan is posted on our Forum, where you can find a lot of useful information on admission and combinations of the drug. Liver toxicity occurs only with substantial overdoses of the drug. Lifters appreciate this drug for its amazing anabolic properties and speed of action. The disadvantages are high androgenetic and aromatization, as well as the practical inaccessibility of the purchase of the drug, but there are pleasant exceptions in the form of our shop. We must remember that in itself the drug is muscle causes. To obtain the effect you need to systematically train and observe sports diet.

How to take Aquatest

The drug injection, with a small half-life. It therefore requires frequent injections, usually daily. But when a particularly intensive course of injections and put on 2-3 times a day. The daily dosage is usually 50-100 mg Each injection must be placed in a new location in order to prevent the local side effects. Optimally pursue a course Aquatest for 4-5 weeks, not more. During this time, the effect is equivalent to or even greater than when taking testosterone esters for 8-10 weeks.

Admission Aquatest injection has a strong influence on the production of your testosterone is on the arc hypothalamus-pituitary-testes. If you need large duration of the course, it is impossible to do without taking gonadotropin. From the first day of injection, if there is a predisposition to side effects, it is necessary to combine with the intake of antiestrogens.

Often one syringe combined testosterone Suspension and other steroids water-based. Also often mixed with vitamin B12 – it reduces the pain of injection. Special sensitivity when the drug is mixed with analgesic solutions of novocaine or lidocaine.

Course Aquatest 100 often used both in power, and in demonstration sports. To enhance the effect of muscle mass you can combine the drug with equipoise and nandrolone. Women usually do not take the drug due to its high androgenetic. Exceptions are possible only in individual cases, consultation with a specialist.

Aquatest Balcan: reviews

A long history of drug and good knowledge about testosterone and its esters provide reliable feedback about its use by athletes. The vast majority of athletes is more than pretty results. Multiple reviews about the drug confirmed that in the short term there is a significant increase in muscle mass and strength. Subject to reasonable dosages and the use of anti-estrogens gonadotropin and almost everyone manages to avoid side effects.

Some reviews about the Aquatest 100 indicate a very rapid development of gynecomastia in the case of violation of the recommendations and the neglect of antiestrogens. Also sometimes there is soreness of the injection, but the efficacy of the drug covers all the physical “punishment” of the athlete.

You can read real reviews about the Aquatest logging on to our Forum. On its pages, experienced athletes and skilled professionals share their experiences and give advice to newcomers. If You only want to start taking the drug, the reviews will help You make the right decision. If You are already taking a drug, we’d love to hear Your opinion.

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