Ansomone 10IU

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Brand: Anhui Anke Biotechnology (Group) Co
Packing: 10 IU
Substance: HGH

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Ansomon is a human recombinant somatotropin (growth hormone) for injection, manufactured by Chinese pharmacological company Anhui Anke Biotechnology (Group) Co. One of its main remarkable features is a global and diverse effect: it can help reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, and strengthen the body, simultaneously normalizing its work.

Ansomone growth hormone is used mainly in medical and sports practice. In sports (bodybuilding, weightlifting, and so on), it is used primarily to increase muscles, burn fat and strengthen the body (improves immune defense, increases endurance and bone strength, provides the fastest recovery). In medicine, it is prescribed mainly for children and adolescents with insufficient physical development, caused by low levels of growth hormone in the body. It is also often used to treat injuries and burns.

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