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The drug Andropen 275 is a doping product which is a mixture of 5 testosterone esters of different lengths of action. At its core are: Testosterone Decanoate, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Propionate and the short live – Testosterone Acetate. Used this tool mainly in the framework of the sports practice, in particular in bodybuilding, to put on weight and increase strength.

The manufacturer of this drug is a steroid company British Dragon Pharmaceuticals (IDs), which provided a system of protection of production from fakes. On the barrel of the injection locate the verification code and enter it at (official website) to obtain confirmation of originality (similar as shown in the example):

The drug Andropen 275: properties

The active ingredient in this drug has five testosterone esters. This mixture in itself is a powerful course and maintain a uniform level of testosterone for a long period of time. For reference: the validity of Andropen 275 is about 24 days after use, which saves the host from the necessity of frequent administration of injections and at the same time is a major plus for athletes, for one reason or another are intolerant pricks.

After the drug Andropen 275 was applied first in the case enters the acetate ester. It kicks in almost immediately after the injection (has the smallest half – life is about 1 day). Followed by Testosterone Propionate. It is the testosterone ester, the half-life of approximately two days.

This effect Andropen 275 is not the end, because for propionate should Phenylpropionate, which boasts twice the half – life of about 4 days. The last two are, respectively, Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Decanoate (the longest ester in the mix), which are gradually involved in the work. Their half-lives is: Cypionate – around 8 days Testosterone Decanoate is approximately 12 days.

Note that in practice the effects of the steroid usually starts to really be felt in the 2/3 week of the course. It was then with proper reception and holding of appropriate exercises and nutrition there are first meaningful to the athlete improve as gains in strength and weight, which eventually develop.

And whether to show Andropen 275 side effects? It could happen. In particular the host of an athlete may disturb androgenic side effects such as, acne, acne, loss of hair on the head, sebaceous skin or excessive hair on the face and body. About myself I can let you know estrogenic side effects including gynecomastia and excessive accumulation of fluids in the body.

And one more thing: the athlete using Andropen 275 British Dragon (code) in bodybuilding or some other discipline, may face a reduction in their testosterone production. To avoid the decline in results caused by the deviation, is recommended for post-cycle therapy to use Tamoxifen or Clomiphene citrate. In conclusion, we note that the storage of this steroid injection for security should be out of reach of Pets and of course children. Securely hide it from them and store in a dark place out of contact with light and moisture.

The use of the drug Andropen 275

Within sports, in weightlifting, bodybuilding and other disciplines, this drug can be effectively applied primarily for muscle growth and increase strength. To use it is mostly experienced male athletes, knowledge of sports pharmacology.

Women use Andropen 275 for improving athletic performance is usually not carried out. The reason is that this steroid means peculiar to a sufficiently high androgenic activity, which can lead to virilization (body hair body and face, increased fat and even skin changes, body of male type).

How to use Andropen 275 men? Recommended intake dosage of the drug is 275-550 mg per week (respectively 1-2 ml per week). Too often the introduction is not necessary (period of activity lasting about 24 days), injections are usually placed once a week. Courses based on it last approximately 6-8 weeks.

It is important to say that the course of treatment of such steroid preparation itself is quite powerful and effective because it is a mixture of as much as 5 testosterone. However, it can be combined with other funds from the AAS in order to get the best results. What? It all depends on your goals, experience and Finance.

Excellent results can help to achieve the course Andropen 275 with methandienone and nandrolone, which is considered a classic combination for mass gains. A combination with turinabol and/or Stanozolol (in oral or injectable form), you can choose to increase the density and improve the quality of muscles. You can combine taking it with trenbolone. Overall, there are plenty to choose, because this drug is well combined with different qualities and properties of steroid drugs.

If You are planning to buy this steroid and conduct application, be sure to visit the Forum AthleticPharma. Here the most experienced consultants (it and professional coach for bodybuilding, and practising sports doctor, and even the master of sports in powerlifting) will give useful tips and advice on the use of steroid in sports practice.

The reviews about the drug Andropen 275

If you want to know about this drug, and the testosterone esters in its basis, I think other athletes, then again, visit our Forum. On the Forum You will be able to freely communicate with “peers” and last but not least consultants who will share their available information and considerations regarding this steroid means.

Ask exactly what the reviews say about Andropen 275, and what is the opinion of customers about it? The majority of reviews describe this drug as a potent anabolic with a corresponding androgenic activity, which has a long-lasting effect. According to the statements, it can be a good approach with experience athletes wishing to achieve the maximum increase in the weight and strength indicators.

Note the comments about Andropen 275 British Dragon production (with codes) and that the action of the drug is not only long, but also quite smooth. The right combination of five testosterone esters in its base that provide a relatively uniform activity, the results of which, according to reviews, it is possible to feel at 2-3 week course.

If You have already ordered and used the drug Andropen 275, you can leave feedback by going to the Forum and/or directly on its page in the store. Consumer feedback is extremely important for us, therefore, also unable to speak freely about the service and work AthleticPharma. Your opinion if it is not against the rules, be sure to see other visitors.

The purchase of the drug Andropen 275

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