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Substance: Oxymetholone (oral)

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Androlic is one of the most effective and strongest oral steroids, developed on the basis of oxymetholone. He has a strong anaboliceski property and contributes to the rapid increase of body weight and muscles.

Androlic: the effect of the drug

Steroid has powerful androgenic effect, intake of androlic allows athletes in record time to achieve great gains in muscle mass and strength. Athlete taking these pills for two weeks can gain up to 5-7 kg.

Course this means the athlete’s body accumulates a lot of water in addition to muscle tissue, which leads to fast increase in weight and muscle volume. The reviews on the Internet are evidence of its high effectiveness and quick results.

Androlic helps to pull water, the muscle cell, which leads to increased accumulation of water in the course of the drug. This steroid drug does not quality gain of muscle tissue, and provides a purely quantitative one. But steroid “lubricates the joints”, which is important for athletes suffering from joint pain and working with large weights.

It also increases red blood cells, due to which muscles get more oxygen. Athletes who use Androlic 50, you feel a huge burst of energy and do not feel tired during training. Overtraining when taking these pills excluded, as the substance creates conditions for high bodily regeneration.

The active ingredient of the drug – Oxymetholone – was developed by Syntex in 1960. Means with this active ingredient several times removed from production and re-released under other brand names.

Androlic: dosage and combinations

In the beginning of the drug, athletes recommended daily dosage androlic – 50mg, which gradually should be increased. After a week the dose should be increased by about half (to 100 mg). Pills in General should be consumed during meals in the morning and evening. Reasonable, to take the drug in the amount of 1mg per 1kg of body weight, or about 1-3 tablets of 50 mg per day.

The maximum dose of reality is considered to be 3 tablets and receive a 4-x is not recommended even for experienced athletes, since, judging by the reviews of experienced athletes, it is likely the strongest side effects.

Athletes, body which is intimately familiar with steroids may on the third week of admission to bring the daily dosage up to 150mg. The same schema can stick to athletes, weight category over 100 kg.

Pretty high price androlic with a vengeance kompensiruet tangible effect of taking the drug. However, it should be remembered that the course of steroid should not exceed more than 3-4 weeks, as during the reception there is a rapid saturation of the receptors. In General it is not recommended to take more than 8 weeks.

Good results achieved by those athletes who combine this drug with sustanon or testosterone enanthate, then switch to short esters and Stanozolol. This combination helps to prevent muscle loss after a course of treatment with steroids. Combined with parabolan helps to achieve a significant increase in muscle mass. This combination in turn is popular among professional athletes and allows them to achieve high results.

These pills are often combined with Nandrolone decanoate. This bundle can also be used for rapid muscle building. In addition, the reception androlic 50 is recommended and athletes who suffer from joint diseases. It is significantly accumulates fluid not only in muscles, but also increases the amount of natural lubrication of joints.

Androlic: reviews athletes

The steroid recognized as one of the most effective oral drugs for athletes today. He is very popular among athletes who need to increase strength. He is also widely known in bodybuilding as it allows for the minimum time to build large muscle mass.

If to take into account the reviews of Androlic, it is possible to say that bodybuilders consider this drug is irreplaceable and with his help they manage to achieve incredible results. The bodybuilders taking these pills, say a rush of blood to the muscles (a great pump training), which increases their performance and endurance.

The numerous reviews about Androlic show that this drug is the best for athletes diet and do not want to lose the current muscle mass. Many athletes take it to the last weeks before competitions, and water retention in the body eliminate with the dewatering means and antiestrogens.

Use of such pills is not recommended for women with a high likelihood of side effects such as virilization. Negative manifestations including can wear irreversible and lead to baldness, lowering of voice timbre, the deterioration of the skin.

Androlic can also cause women increased hair growth on the face, feet and hands. The reason for these negative phenomena is that it is too strong androgenic drug for the female body, but in spite of this, some athletes take it carefully to achieve incredible results.

Androlic 50: side effects and contraindications

Anabolic therapy in some cases may have a negative impact on the body. If You want to buy Androlic, You should know that this steroid is one of the most harmful drugs. It is toxic to the liver, which is manifested in the violation of its functions.

Incorrect dosage Androlic 50 or prolonged use provoke subsequent serious liver damage. Side effects of the steroid can also occur in the form of yellowed nails, eyes, hands and skin.

The active ingredient of the drug causes significant fluid accumulation, which may cause an increase in pressure in the blood stream. The reviews are proof that sometimes causes headaches and nausea. In some cases, the course, among other things, can trigger hair loss and acne on the skin.

Contraindications to Androlic (50 mg) from British Dispensary is similar to other oral steroids. It’s not teenagers, pregnant women, people with diseases of the heart, liver and kidneys. Also it is contraindicated to cancer patients, plus the elderly.

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