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Androbol 300 is an injectable anabolic steroid drug, active substance – Testosterone decanoate 100mg, Testosterone propionate 50mg, Testosterone cypionate 50mg, Testosterone phenylpropionate 50mg, Testosterone acetate 50 mg, the concentration of the active substance 300 mg/ml. the Drug is characterized by a high anabolic activity with high androgen action.

This steroid stimulates protein synthesis, resulting in intense muscle mass growth. The drug promotes the wakefulness by stimulating blood (increase red blood cell count). Testosterone esters in this combination complement and potentiate their action.

Androbol combines the best effects of the various derivatives of testosterone. The drug takes effect very quickly, within the first hours after injection, and lasts up to three weeks.

Androbol 300 description, positive action, side effects

The product provides a balanced effect of the most effective testosterone derivative, and a uniform distribution of their level of concentration during the period of action of the drug. Athletes have long known the effectiveness of each of the esters if you take them individually. Collected in a balanced “cocktail” consisting of this steroid they have the greatest anabolic effect, it promotes rapid growth of the popularity of the drug among bodybuilders and powerlifters.

Positive reviews about Androbol confirm that this drug is already many athletes have helped to make a qualitative leap in improving athletic performance. It helps increase the production of red blood cells, which transporterowych oxygen. The blood oxygen saturation also increases strength and muscle endurance.

A high degree aromatize the active ingredient in the steroid leads to increase in the concentration of estrogen. Therefore, one of the main side effects gynecomastia. In addition, Androbol 300 inhibits the production of own testosterone, so the increase of dosage and duration of the course beyond the recommended level does not lead to the growth of sports achievements and health problems. In the recommended amounts of the drug is not toxic to the liver, but prolonged use can cause dysfunction of the liver and kidneys.

In packaging instructions for use Androbol no, but a detailed description can be site on our forum: steroid profile, pharmacological action, use, contraindications, possible side effects. To eliminate the side effects that can give such a drug in sport, how to take, explain, experienced athletes.

The drug is made by the underground company Lyka Labs, which has long earned a good reputation among athletes due to the high efficiency of drugs and their decent quality.

Androbol: how to take, what to combine

The mixture of steroids should not take more than 1 time a week for the duration of the course of 6 weeks, the maximum duration of the course is 10 weeks. The dosage can be set in the range of 300-750 mg. Novice athletes is not recommended to exceed the dose of 500 mg.

Upon completion of the course Androbol increase muscle mass often is 10 kg. If controlling the growth dynamics of their performance, You see that don’t come out at this rate, it is not necessary to increase the dosage. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention not to how much to take, and in General to take the drug. Most likely, it’s not a low dose, but in an unbalanced or insufficient diet, unhealthy schedule of training, compliance with sport mode and relaxing.

To increase muscle can you buy Androbol 300 and in a combination to add Dianabol and strombafort. Effective combination with the preparations based on nandrolone decanoate. Smaller growth, but better quality muscles give the combination of this mix with winstrol and parabolan. To eliminate adverse effects on the course used Proviron, Tamoximed and other similar antiestrogens.

Before to put on such a course of steroid medication, visit our forum, read the guidelines more experienced athletes. On the forum You will find lots of useful information about this injectable agent, as well as reviews of more experienced athletes. Many appreciated the effectiveness of its actions, and can share their own successful experience. If You do not find the information of interest regarding this medication, you can always ask a question that is sure to follow a comprehensive answer: what kind of effect it gives, how to use injection, what to combine, how to get rid of side effects.

Androbol reviews

Those who take Androbol 300, sometimes there are consequences in the form of acne, and skin rashes have significant symptoms. But such reviews usually indicates excessive dosage and arbitrary combination with other steroids, which to combine it is not recommended, or required the introduction of additional drugs to eliminate side effects.

Discontinuation of the side effects usually pass without needing medical intervention. In General, many statements about this drug evidence of its high effectiveness for muscle growth. And thanks to the high anti-catabolic effect of the recoil phenomenon is practically not observed.

If You successfully use it as a course and how to increase the effectiveness of training You can tell a beginner athletes. For this, you can leave your feedback on the website, or participate in the discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the drug on the forum.

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