Androbol-300 (10ml)

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Androbol-300 (10ml, Lyka Labs) is a very powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid which also has quite a smooth and long action. Its effect is primarily expressed in muscle growth and increase strength. It is therefore not surprising that it is widely distributed in bodybuilding. The hallmark of the drug is the composition of 5 (!) active substances: Testosterone Acetate short, quick Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate medium, long and prolonged Testosterone Cypionate Testosterone Decanoate.

Origin and properties

For the beginning of origin. The mixture of testosterone esters (from 2-5 active ingredients) first went on sale in late 70s of the 20th century. Initially they were developed purely for medicinal use (traditional medicine). And they still have multiple indications, such as in muscular dystrophy, delay of growth or sexual underdevelopment, effectively showing itself as a means of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Further about the properties. Androbol-300 on the one hand has a strong effect, the other – smooth and long effect. Index of anabolic-androgenic activity of the drug is at least 100% of endogenous testosterone and half-life on average comes up to 5-7 days. After execution of the first injection, the work included short ether acetate (12-24 hours until half-life), followed by own activity shows fast ether propionate (1-2 days before half-life), then the average air phenylpropionate (2-3 days before half-life), then long ester cypionate (5-7 days to half-life), and the last extended ester decanoate (7-9 days before half-life).

The most valuable for athletes effects Androbol 300 are considered to be a quick set of muscle mass and a pronounced increase in muscular strength. But the effect of the steroid is not the end. With regular admission it also helps to increase appetite, improve performance, accelerate recovery, muscle pumping (the pump), and strengthening bones, joints and ligaments, even the growth of aggression and increased libido. Almost all of this significant for trainee improvement.

But not so easy, because Androbol 300 is also characteristic of the androgenic and estrogenic side effects. Potentially (in the predisposition of the organism or the abuse of the dosage) on yourself can let you know side effects, like excessive water retention, acne, headache, sweating, alopecia, gynecomastia and testicular atrophy.

In severe course to minimize risk, often requires the use of related drugs, namely, anastrozole (1mg Anastroged and analogues), mesterolone (Proviron-25 and analogues), or even human chorionic gonadotropin human (Choragon and analogues). They are also in stock and available for purchase in our online store.

Storage conditions Androbol-300 (10ml, Lyka Labs): the barrel must be kept closed in a dry and dark place at a temperature not higher than room temperature, away from children or Pets for their safety.

The course and dosage

Potentially Androbol-300 is effective in any physical sport. However, as the doping medium, it can recommend not all and not always. In particular, it is not the best selection of sports pharmacology for beginners and women in sport. For both the first and the second action may be excessive. Girls especially should be wary of virilization, which develops due to the high androgenic activity of testosterone (deepening of the voice, acne, sweating, hair on the face or body and some other symptoms).

Optimal dose Androbol 300 are selected by the athlete individually, taking into account multiple factors: for example, your own gender, age, experience with sports pharmacology and tolerability of active ingredients. If the average lead value, is 150-300 mg (equivalent to 0.5-1 ml) every 3-4 days or 300-900 mg (equivalent to 1-3 ml) per week.

High frequency is not required, because thanks to the ingenious composition of active substances Androbol-300 has a fairly smooth effect. Usually, to obtain quality results just 2-3 weekly injections.

And the duration of the drug can reach up to 8-12 weeks (2-3 months), which is usually enough for the manifestation of the full spectrum of testosterone action. Next is probably the abuse that is associated with the formation and accumulation of androgenic or estrogenic side effects.

The main way to use Androbol 300 sport is a combined courses of varying difficulty. Esters testosterone easily blend with other steroids, but also with various hormones or peptides, is widely used by athletes.

Consider the example of a popular combination (power and masonary course):

● A mixture of testosterone esters (Androbol-300 or equivalent) with nandrolone Decanoate (Deca-Durabolin or equivalent) and tablets methandienone (Danabol or equivalent) for 10 weeks. 11 to 13 a week out (on a short ester testosterone and drostanolone Propionate or dipropionate). From 14 to 16 week – FCT (first 1.5 weeks – Clomiphene citrate, the next 1.5 weeks – Tamoxifen).

Individual advice on the properties and use of the drug you can get on the Forum AthleticPharma where visitors experienced professionals, familiar with sports pharmacology, whether it’s steroids, fat burners, peptides or anti-estrogens.

Customer reviews

Androbol-300 and other mixtures of esters of testosterone became widespread in the iron sports, from powerlifting to bodybuilding. This can be explained by a combination of their low cost, high efficiency and relative safety. Really, if you follow recommendations (dosage, frequency, length of treatment), serious problems like baldness or gynecomastia, is unlikely to have an effect. In turn, positive for the athlete’s results, such as high availability and rapid recovery, can be quickly expressed and visible. Esters testosterone is not without reason that popular among domestic and foreign bullies.

Exactly what the reviews say about Androbol-300 (10ml, Lyka Labs)? To sum up, the drug often receives a positive evaluation. It effectively shows itself as the basis or as a component on the power and massonary courses. Probably trying, you can find negative opinions. But our experience suggests that in most cases they are the result of mistakes made in the preparation or conduct of the course.

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