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Substance: Oxandrolone (oral)

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Anavarged the production of Pharmaceuticals, Golden Dragon (China) is a steroid drug with a high anabolic and minimal androgenic activity, the active ingredient of which is Oxandrolone. It is used mainly in the sport for drying, build quality muscles and increase strength.

Active substance Anavarged, Oxandrolone was originally developed for medical use. Structurally, it is a modified version of testosterone, which in the second position instead of a carbon atom was added to the oxygen. Properties of this steroid provide several times greater than compared with the endogenous testosterone anabolic activity and at the same time minimal androgenic activity. In bodybuilding and in General, in sports in our days it is known as an anabolic steroid, almost free from risk of side effects.

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Description what anavarged 10 mg

The production of this drug has been the company Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals. In the domestic market the products of this manufacturer appeared not so long ago, in the summer of 2013 year, but has already managed to catch the fancy of many athletes and become popular. The reviews mostly describe the preparations from GD as well working.

anavarged their production in the first place is the steroid drug with a high anabolic activity (400% of testosterone), exhibiting virtually no side effects. He is not peculiar to any progestogenic or oestrogenic activity (androgenic side effects are also almost never show up).

At the same time Anavarged enough quick action, though not the longest. Its activity can be felt almost immediately after consumption and lasts for 8-12 hours. By the way, because not very long expire to take the drug you need on a daily basis.

What are the effects anavarged 10 mg from Golden Dragon, important in bodybuilding and other disciplines, may be, if used correctly:

• First, the development of strength athlete;

• Second, the building lean and hard muscles;

• Third, a significant fat burning effect;

• Fourth, the increased production of growth hormone.

However, as already noted, these tablets exhibit virtually no side effects. In their application, of course, there may be some side effects (decreased libido, sometimes a loss of appetite, increase in pressure or headaches), however, gynecomastia and other estrogenic and progesterone side effects it is absolutely not typical. Important: the drug has weak toxicity to the liver.

Against this background, it is worth noting that Anavarged 10mg Golden Dragon in the framework of the sport can effectively use both women and men. Recommended dosage for female athletes is somewhat lower than for male athletes (10-20 mg per day for women, 20-80 mg per day for men), however, due to the small risk of side effects, women can increase the applied volume.

And something else significant: anavarged tablets should be stored out of reach for Pets and children to ensure their safety. Keep the steroid in reliable, protected from moisture and from exposure to light, at room temperature.

The Anavarged 10mg

In sports the drug is used mainly for long courses in combination with certain steroid means to achieve such goals as increase of strength and quality muscle, dry and raised. In this case to apply not only to men but also women. The drug little androgenic activity and therefore the risk of manifestation of the effects of virilization is small.

Recommended for men in sports anavarged dosage is 20-80 mg daily. The need for frequent reception of tablets (each day) due to not a very large period of activity of the drug – about eight to twelve hours. For women, in turn, the recommended dosage is 10-20 mg a day (due to the low likelihood of adverse effects the dose could be slightly increased, but within reason).

How to take Anavarged in combinations, and with what drugs AAS it can be effectively combined? Effective courses, taking for the basis of this steroid remedy, you can make a lot. The choice of a particular combination for the course should be based on the objectives pursued by the athlete, his experience in the application of pharmacology and sport and on financial opportunities.

The course of the drug Trenbolone enanthate Boldenone Undecylenate is a good choice for having the experience of athletes seeking to quality to increase muscle mass. To apply steroids can according to this scheme: 50 mg oxandrolone per day, 600 mg Boldenone per week, 300 mg trenbolone a week. This course should also take Proviron (daily, 50 mg from the first week) and Gonadotropin (500 units from the second week). The DCR can be used, Tamoxifen (40 mg per day for 3 weeks).

In turn, the course Anavarged Stanozolol injections may be well suited to novice athletes (and not only) who want to increase strength. The preparations used according to the following scheme: 50 mg oxandrolone every day, 50mg stanozolol injections a day for 6 weeks. For post-cycle therapy of 20 mg tamoxifen per day for 2 weeks.

If there is a desire to thoroughly understand how to take anavarged (Oxandrolone from Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals) and make your course, we recommend you to visit the Forum AthleticPharma. Here our consultants, including the trainer on bodybuilding and master of sports in powerlifting, give recommendations for use relevant in the sport of drugs.

Reviews of anavarged 10 mg from Golden Dragon

What about this drug I think the athletes who have already applied it? You can find it on the Forum. Here You can find a detailed description of its active substance (the properties, how to take) and to communicate with the resource consultants and other visitors who will share their experiences and, if necessary, will give you a good advice.

First reviews about anavarged note that this work is a steroid drug. People are already using it say that using this anabolic correctly can lead to significant development of physical forms. In particular, to increase strength or, for example, to carry out an effective course for drying.

The reviews Anavarged emphasize that the drug can come to the reception as novice athletes just getting acquainted with sports pharmacology, and seasoned pros for whom steroids are no longer a mystery. It is a relatively safe and effective, and goes well with other steroid tools, which makes it effective to apply it to athletes of various experience and qualifications.

If You have already bought and used Golden Dragon Anavarged 10mg review can leave on the store page or by visiting our Forum. Your opinion is important to us, so don’t be afraid to speak up. Perhaps your review will help other athletes to choose the right drug.

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