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Substance: Oxandrolone (oral)

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Anavarged (10mg) from Euro Prime Farmaceuticals (EPF) is a drug oxandrolone, an anabolic steroid, possessing a relatively rapid and mild effect. In the iron sport, it is used mainly in course of drying, when the task is to achieve qualitative muscle growth without water retention or accumulation of fat. He also often gets used on strength and massonary courses, but as a component and not the main steroid.

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Properties Anavarged (EPF)

Oxandrolone, the active ingredient of the drug characteristic is a non-aromatizing anabolic steroid, structurally derived from testosterone modified to increase anabolic and androgenic activity declines, as well as for oral administration. To Oksana (a slang abbreviation) is not destroyed in the liver, was produced by methylation in the 17 position.

Steroid profile Anavarged from EPF: the conversion to estrogen (aromatization) – not available; toxicity to the liver (hepatotoxicity) – Yes, but minimal; (suppression of testosterone production (decrease HPTA function) – Yes, moderate; duration of action 8-12 hours detection time – at least 3 weeks; anabolic index is 400%, the androgenic index – 25%.

What action has Anavarged from EPF? When properly plotting a course for sports are usually complex and pronounced:

Burning of hypodermic fat;
Improved relief of muscle;
The development of stiffness of the muscles;
Building lean muscles;
The increase in endurance;
Increase power performance.

Note: the effect of steroid has direct and indirect characters. Direct – through its own anabolic and androgenic qualities, mediated – as a result boost the concentration of somatotropin.

Side effects Anavarged (EPF) subject to the recommendations do not appear or are mild in nature. Probably androgenic side effects and also complications type of high blood pressure, headache, nausea, and heartburn.

Note: the first modern analogues of the drug anavarged 10mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals appeared on the pharmaceutical market in 1964. Specifically the very first product oxandrolone on sale under the trademark Anavar, which eventually became a household word, and was intended for medicinal application in the osteoporosis, muscular dystrophy and other whitening and men or women. That is, the relative safety of the steroid hormone was confirmed in the middle of last century as a result of laboratory and clinical studies.

How to take 10mg Anavarged from EPF?

The drug is taken long courses that can relatively safely and effectively take up to 6 weeks. Longer it’s not used because of the danger of the displacement action in the direction of side effects, in particular due to the toxicity of the active substance to the liver.

Optimal for ingestion dosage Anavarged from the EPF is selected individually. If you give the average volume, it is 20-80 mg (2 to 8 tablets) per day consumed at one time or divided into equal doses at different times of the day. This is the dosing range for men. Women, as a rule, are not recommended to take more than 10-20 mg (1-2 tablets) per day. Otherwise blame themselves if they were confronted with virilization symptoms.

Drugs oxandrolone as Anavarged 10mg from EPF and its analogs on the active substance, although considered to be relatively safe for both sexes, but still not completely harmless. So, in the predisposition of the body and abuse of dosage is not excluded side effects of androgenic nature, including masculinization the female body.

Next, let us examine two examples of the combined course. Why is it important? Because of the combination constitute the primary way of receiving Anavarged (EPF) for sporting purposes. The drug is effective combined with the different mechanism of action and the ultimate effect of sports pharmacology, from anabolic steroids to peptide hormones than willing to use domestic and foreign athletes.

Example 1: Anavarged from EPF Testosterone Phenylpropionate (choose brand) Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (choose a brand). This course is suitable for quality muscle growth or drying, and is designed for athletes in elementary and middle experience levels. Moderate dosage: 40-50 mg / day, 100-150 mg every 3 days and 100-150 mg every 3 days (≈ 6 weeks). FCT typically involves receiving clomiphene (3 weeks) or clomiphene (1-2 weeks, daily 50-100 mg) tamoxifen (3 week, every day 20-30 mg).

Example 2: Anavarged (EPF) Methenolone enanthate (choose brand) Boldenone Undecylenate (choose a brand). Similar to the previous example, this course is designed for practicing primary and secondary levels of experience, and his goal – drying and quality muscle growth. Dosage also moderate: 40-50 mg a day, 400 mg a week, 600 mg per week (≈ 10 weeks). PCT – Tamoxifen (3 weeks, 20-30 mg daily).

Reviews Anavarged (EPF)

If You are interested in reviews of “first hand”, then they are on the Forum of our online store. Here anyone can leave their own opinion about the purchased product, you only need to register which will not take longer than 2-5 minutes. Also on the Forum You can get advice on an individual basis, asking questions to the consultants, who know firsthand about oxandrolone, manufacturer of Euro Prime Farmaceuticals (Moldova) and in General sports pharmacology.

To summarize the reviews about Anavarged 10mg (EPF), the opinions about it mostly positive. It is more often praised than criticized, describing as a working, effective and relatively safe drug for oxandrolone.

Where to buy 10mg Anavarged from EPF?

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