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Anastrover is a non – steroidal antiestrogen drug of the third generation (an aromatase inhibitor) produced by infamous pharmaceutical company, oral steroid, which SRL (Moldova). The main field of application is the practice of sports, where it is used to minimize/eliminate gyno, water retention in the body and other estrogenic side effects (take the drug is recommended only on prolonged steroid courses with high dosages).

Note that Anastrover from, oral steroid, which is one of the most powerful and effective antagonists of estrogen, used to prevent feminization. Activity and productivity it is even greater than the beloved Tamoxifen, as it relies on a completely different principle of interaction (blocking aromatization, estrogen).

Description Anastrover: its properties and action

The active ingredient of this drug is an antiestrogen (estrogen antagonist) Anastrozole. It is the aromatase inhibitor of the third generation, which appeared on the pharmaceutical market relatively recently – in 1995-the year. Then began selling it.

Initially, Anastrozole, on the basis of which the drug Anastrover was solely a medicine: it was used in malignant breast tumors with increased activity of estrogen receptors in tumor tissue. Subsequently, however, he came to the market of sports pharmacology, where he enjoyed and enjoys the highest popularity.

By the way, in medicine Anastrover (Anastrozole) is designed primarily for use by women during menopause. The reason is that many forms of cancer of the breast develops under the influence of estrogen, but Anastrozole is able to reduce the amount in the blood thereby slowing the process of formation of the disease.

In bodybuilding and also other sports Anastrover is used mainly to prevent gynecomastia and prevent the accumulation of fluids in the body. Note that its application though it is fully justified (even a single dose of 1 mg can reduce the concentration of estrogen at 80%), however, is only recommended for advanced and professional athletes, conducting courses of heavy anabolic and androgenic steroids.

How does Anastrover? Everything is simple: unlike drugs Clomid and Tamoxifen that block only estrogen, Anastrozole inhibits the process of aromatization (under its influence in the body cease to be produced and synthesized estrogens). But it is not always good, since it is known that complete blocking of estrogen can lead to certain undesirable consequences, in particular, to suppression of the synthesis of “good” cholesterol. Therefore, Anastrozole and preparations based on it are not recommended for use by people who have faced or are facing heart problems.

Can use of this antiestrogen, Anastrover to occur and other side effects. In particular, the use of high doses about yourself can let you know these diseases and deviations, such as nausea, diarrhea, hot flashes, headaches, lethargy etc. Therefore it dosing should be approached with the utmost seriousness.

At the end of the description, however, how is the storage Anastrover (1 mg) production, oral steroid, which:

• Keep the drug out of the reach for sunlight and moisture;

• Securely hide it from Pets and children for their own safety;

• Make sure that the storage temperature does not fall and does not rise, respectively, below and above room indicators.

Recommendations and instructions for use Anastrover

In sports practice Anastrozole is recommended mainly for experienced and professional athletes who use prolonged courses and high doses of much-aromatizers anabolic and androgenic steroids.

The intake of this antiestrogen in sports is contraindicated for the fairer sex. And all because women athletes, performing application Anastrover may experience a significant disruption of the natural level of hormones in the body. Another thing is medicine where Anastrozole is regularly assigned to the girls for therapy/treatment of breast cancer.

Note that taking this anti-oestrogenic drug in a sports practice in several ways. The first is the reception Anastrophe from the beginning of the course of steroids at therapeutic dosage. Second – when the first signs of aromatization and/or its effects (gynecomastia, retention of liquids, etc.) at a dose of 0.25 to 1 mg per day.

To calculate the dose of this means that You know what dosage You need, simply. This drug is your one-stop the concentration of active substance – 1mg/tab so any problems with dosing should not occur. So, for receiving the maximum recommended dose (1mg), You will need exactly 1 tablet of the drug, and for the minimum-recommended (0.25 mg) – quartered, etc.

Those who do not know how to take Anastrover correctly and how to take pills, advise that the use of this antiestrogen is best on an empty stomach. So, he most fully and quickly absorbed from the digestive tract (gastrointestinal tract) into the blood stream. By the way, the maximum concentration of a substance in blood is reached after two hours after administration, so that results and actions for a long time will not have to wait.

Also remember that the rate of use of such substances is usually lasts no longer than 10-14 days. This period is sufficient to get rid of side effects associated with the use of hard anabolic and androgenic steroids (doses above 1 mg is not recommended for too long time).

Important: to thoroughly understand the application of this tough anti-estrogenic drug, visit our Forum. Even the most detailed instructions to Anastrover will not give the knowledge that I can share our consultants (sports doctor, wizard, various sports, etc.), to communicate with visitors on the Forum.

The reviews about the drug Anastrover

To know about the qualities and properties of this medicine think other athletes – no problem. After all, there is our Forum and here at any time to check Anastrover reviews left by buyers have already experienced it in practice. Why our Forum? It’s simple: first, we never limited the desire of the visitors to socialize and share ideas; second, on our resource is not observed, and in principle has never been observed, the lack of useful and relevant information “first hand”.

Going on the Forum and read the existing reviews of Anastrophe from, oral steroid, which, You know that this anti-estrogenic drug is one of the most effective and most powerful in its category (only one dose of 1 mg can reduce estrogen levels by 80%): according to the responses of productivity, it beats even the most popular Tamoxifen.

The drug very quickly gets down to business. As the reviews say about Anastrover, the maximum concentration of active substance in blood is reached after two hours after taking pills/tablets. So the results and effects of the antiestrogen for a long time will not have to wait. Besides, he has a short period of activity (half-life of 40 to 50 hours, which for many drugs antiestrogenic action).

Another significant advantage of the drug is its practicality. What are you talking about? Of course just about every concentration of active substance in 1 mg per tablet, which the reviews say about Anastrover, oral steroid, which makes it easy to calculate the amounts required for admission. For example, the maximum recommended dose of 1 mg need only 1 tablet of the drug for high doses (0.5 mg) is a half of one, and for minimally recommended – just quartered.

The dosage, by the way, should be treated with the utmost seriousness. Because of an overdose of this powerful pharmacological agent could lead to not very pleasant consequences. In particular, as suggested by the opinions in the Internet, prolonged use of high doses or when taken excessive dosages of an athlete may harass side effects such as drowsiness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, fevers, etc.

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